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Howitsee is a vast platform that comprises thorough information on Animal Groups, Science, and other feeds. Here, impassioned biology background students who love to read the latest research on animal groups and undertake various interesting projects share their knowledge at best.

How It See primarily concentrates on how various species visually glimpse their surroundings. Many animal lovers or pet owners, at some point in their lives, must have wondered how that particular life form sees the world. Therefore, to answer the various queries of these fascinated people, we have come up with Howitsee[dot]com.

Editor’s Story-


Hello everyone, my name is Abhi. In addition to my love for anime, I’ve always been fascinated by the wonders of the natural world by watching Nat Geo and Discovery Channel to learn more about various animal behaviors and intriguing battles for survival.

One fateful day, while watching Discovery Channel, I was awe-struck to learn about how frogs perceive their surroundings in the darkness and was shocked to know that they can also see colors in the dark.

This revelation piqued my interest, and after delving deep, I understand how tapetum lucidum plays a significant role in animals’ lives, granting them the ability to see in the dark.

Motivated by this newfound knowledge, I embarked on a journey to share my discoveries with the world, giving birth to the concept of “HowItSee.” However, after initially covering a wide array of animals, I reached a creative roadblock, unsure of the next steps for my platform.

One day, while sitting at home, I encountered a black and white jumping spider on my wall. Immediately, I captured a photo and attempted to identify its species through online research. Hours passed, but my efforts were in vain.


This led me to share the spider’s image on Reddit, where I learned that it was an Adanson’s House Jumper (Hasarius adansoni). I acquired knowledge of multiple black and white spiders with unparallel hue patterns during my research.

Inspired by this incident, I realigned my focus on “HowItSee,” aiming to provide a comprehensive resource covering countless species with diverse colorations. So curious fellows like me will always find something exciting to read on my website.

To enrich the platform further, I extended invitations to knowledgeable writers with a biology background, fostering a collaborative environment that allowed us to cover an array of topics—from species-specific queries to animal guides and the intriguing relationship between colors and botany. The aspiration is that each article on our website offers readers a wealth of newfound knowledge about the many fascinating species that inhabit our world.



Editorial Guidelines

Every post on HowItSee is based on in-depth research across the web (e.g., research papers, forums, the actual source) along with independent testing to ensure its quality, accuracy, and relevancy. In addition, older posts are frequently updated to maintain their freshness and to ensure that they are always up-to-date.

If you found an article that needs to be improved (e.g., misleading/inaccurate information, grammatical mistakes), or if you have feedback on one of our articles, feel free to contact us at theinterestingfeeds@gmail[dot]com.

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Meet Our Team

Abhi, Founder


Meet Abhi, the visionary founder of How It See. Being an engineering student, he’s fueled by an insatiable curiosity about the world around him. He is captivated by an eclectic correlation between animal groups, science, and nature, and this fascination drives his quest for understanding.

After completing his degree, he’s set on a mission to delve deep into the realm of nature, accumulating knowledge to share with you through his writing. In the meantime, he loves to watch anime and read anime.





Sahil Das (nickname Monty), Author & Editor

A zoology student turned writer. Nature has always been a magnet to me, and to unearth some of its secrets through my articles is my prime intention.

If not engaging myself with nature and anime content, you can always find me going through some Bengali classics or filling the air with some soulful Tabla beats.

An artist, trying to throw some colors to my blank canvas of life.



Rinki Saini, Author


Hello, I’m Rinki, and I’m an avid animal enthusiast, Zoology student, and content writer. I’ve been interested in the magnificent animals that dwell on our planet since I was a child, and I’d like to share my enthusiasm with you through my blog.

On this site, you’ll find stories, facts, suggestions, and thoughts about many sorts of animals, from household pets to wild creatures, birds to reptiles, mammals to insects.

I also enjoy capturing the beauty and personalities of animals through photography and love to go on field trips. I took part in a lot of field projects during my undergrad, which made me more interested in this field.

My goal with my animal-related content is to educate and entertain you, as well as inspire you to care for and protect the animals that enhance our lives. Join me on my animal journey, and let’s explore the amazing world of animals together!




Shawna Rose George, Author


I’m Shawna, a third-year biotechnology student. I joined this course out of sheer passion and love for the diverse flora and fauna our world has to offer, as well as the exciting possibilities that genetic engineering offers to enhance it.

Besides my biology-centric pursuits, I wholeheartedly enjoy diving into various other activities, including dancing, singing, playing the guitar, reading, cooking, and even writing.

My passion for writing has led me here, and I strive to deliver the best to my readers. Let’s embark on a journey to explore and unravel the mysteries of the world, one article at a time.



Anjali Prasad, Author


Anjali Prasad, a B. Pharm. graduate who works as a content writer for HowItSee, is based in Delhi. Except for her, not many people take the typical road from healthcare to writing.

Her love of writing stemmed from her involvement in the college literature society and her early journaling at the age of 7. Hence, the love of learning and the spirit of exploration are what drew her to this career. You can find her at






Janvi, Author


Hi everyone, I am Janvi, a college student who caught up with my interest in content writing when I wrote a news column during my schooling.

Moreover, my passion for analyzing, researching, and exploring different niches through the written word drives me to continuously learn and share my experiences and knowledge with you.

After all, writing is not just a profession for me; it’s a heartfelt effort to connect with readers and set their curiosity on fire, just like mine. Join me on this journey, and let’s explore the wonders of life together through the power of words.