True Spiders that look like Scorpions

Mimicry is quite a common phenomenon among insects. Often, an organism mimics another organism which may or may not is related, to reap the benefits of the latter's behavior or appearance.

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Many spider species try to look like their distant cousins, the scorpions. And here, we are going to talk about some true Spiders that look like Scorpions.

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1. Scorpion-Tailed Spider

Scientific name: Arachnura higginsi Size: 2-16mm Location: Australia

2.Cheliferoides longimanus

Location: the United States

3.Hentz Jumping Spider

Scientific name: Hentzia palmarum Size: 4.7-6.1 mm Location: North America, Cuba, Bahamas

4. Black Tail Spider

Scientific name: Arachnura melanura Size: 3-17 mm Location: India, Japan


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