300+ Animals that start with “Th” (Pictures & Facts 2023)

In today’s article, we are going to discuss those Animals whose names begin with ‘Th.’ There are more than 300 names, and out of them, we have carried out the ten best animals and mentioned some interesting facts about them. So without further delay, let’s begin with the article, Animals that start with “Th” (Pictures & Facts 2022).

1) Thrasher

Image Source: eBird

The first animal in this list of Animals that start with Th is the Thrasher. They are small birds and are spread over more than 17 species. Thrashers are quite noisy birds and forage in dense thickets and on the ground. Various kinds of songs comprise their calls.

Interesting Fact: The Brown Thrasher is a terrible defender and can strike intruders and draw out blood.

Type of Animal: Bird

Location: North and South America

Diet: Species-dependent, but mainly nuts, insects, and berries.

2) Thrush

Image Source: eBird

Divided into 174 species across 18 genera, Thrushes are tiny to medium-sized songbirds with slender bills that are plump and soft-plumaged. They prefer to live in woodland regions and frequently forage on the ground. 

Thrushes range in size from 5 to 12 in (13-30 cm). They often don’t have vibrant colors, although many of them have bright yellow, red, or blue spots on otherwise dull plumage.

Interesting Fact: The Thrush was one of the first songbirds ever recorded.

Type of Animal: Bird

Location: Worldwide

Diet: Insects, snails, and sometimes berries

3) Three-toed Kingfisher

Image Source: eBird

The Three-toed Kingfisher, also known as the Oriental dwarf Kingfisher, is one of the smallest species of Kingfisher, measuring 12.5-14 cm in length.

This bird species bears some brilliant colors, with a coral-red color bill, and a fuschia-red crown. Its wings and back are dark blue, and its underparts are light orange. The forehead has a dark mark, and the side of the neck has blue and white spots.

Interesting Fact:

Type of Animal: Bird

Location: Endemic to Indian Subcontinent and Southeast Asia

Diet: Primarily insects, fish, crabs, and sometimes small reptiles like lizards.

4) Thread Snakes

Image Source: iNaturalist

Next up on this list of Animals that start with Th, we have the Thread Snakes. Divided into 3 families, Thread Snakes are small non-venomous animals, with blunt heads, cylindrical bodies, and short tails. The scales are smooth and quite polished.

Interesting Fact: The Barbados Thread Snake is the smallest in the world.

Type of Animal: Snake

Location: Africa, Asia, North and South America

Diet: Termites, Ants, and their larvae.

5) Thick-Billed Parrot

Image Source: eBird

The medium-sized, vivid green Thick-billed parrot has a broad, black bill and scarlet forecrown, and similar color shoulder, and thighs. The apple-green tint of the thick-billed parrot makes it easy to conceal it among the forest’s pine needles.

It is 315–370 g in weight and 38 cm (15 in) in length. These birds have strong wings and can frequently elude larger raptors.

Interesting Fact: Thick-billed Parrots, also known as Snow Parrots, prefer high elevations.

Type of Animal: Bird

Location: Northern Mexico

Diet: Pine seeds, buds, and sometimes acorns.

6) Thick Knee

Image Source: eBird

Stone-Curlews, also known as Thick Knees, are medium to large birds with enigmatic plumage and sharp black or yellowish black beak.

They also have enormous yellow eyes that give them a reptile-like appearance. Thick Knees get their name from their protruding joints in the long, yellow, or greenish legs.

Interesting Fact: The Water Thick Knee is the bravest bird in the world.

Type of Animal: Bird

Location: Asia, Africa, and Australia

Diet: Insects and small vertebrates, like frogs, lizards, etc.

7) Thresher Shark

Image Source: EDGE of existence

The next animal on this list of Animals that start with Th is the Thresher Shark, with only 3 extant species. Thresher sharks are aggressive predators; they use their tails as a weapon to shock victims.

They derive their name from their extraordinarily long, thresher-like caudal fins (which can equal their body length). The Pelagic Thresher is the smallest species (3 m), while the Common Thresher is the largest at 6.1 m.

Interesting Fact: Thresher’s Sharks’ tail may even exceed 3 m.

Type of Animal: Shark

Location: Worldwide distribution, but species dependent

Diet: Fish, Squids, etc

8) Thomson’s Gazelle

Image Source: eol.org

The Thomson’s Gazelle is among the small gazelle species, with a shoulder height of not more than 24-28 in. Their coat color is mainly sandy brown, with a broad black mark that extends from the upper foreleg to the hindleg.

Thomson’s can run at incredible speeds (80 km/h) and can even outrun the world’s fastest animal, the cheetah, in a long chase.

Interesting Fact:

Type of Animal: Mammal

Location: African Savannahs

Diet: Mainly grass

9) Three-toed box turtle

Image Source: Elmwood Park Zoo

The Three-toed box turtle is a turtle species whose shells have a hinge. They get their name from the presence of three toes on their hind legs.

Their skin coloration is tan primarily or olive green, with the shell bearing some pale yellow markings. Box turtles are frequent victims of runovers and get killed in thousands by ignorant drivers.

Interesting Fact: The Three-toed Box turtle is the official reptile of the American State of Missouri

Type of Animal: Land Turtle

Location: South-central United States

Diet: Omnivorous diet; leaves, grasses, earthworms, eggs, insects, etc.

10) Three-toed sloth

Image Source: edgeofexistence.org

 The last animal on this list of Animals that starts with Th we have the Three-toed Sloth. Sloths resemble small dogs in size, 18 inches in length, and 3.5-4.5 kg in weight.

Their large, curved claws and strong muscles provide them with the stamina and strength to maintain a strong grip on three branches. This adaptation immensely helps them as they are arboreal animals.

Sloths have a coat of long shaggy hairs, usually pale brown to grey, which acts as excellent camouflage.

Interesting Fact: With a speed of nearly 0.2 km/h, it is one of the slowest animals in the world.

Type of Animal: Mammals

Location: Panama and South America

Diet: Herbivores, mainly leaves and fruits.

Other List: 

  1. Thorny Devil
  2. Thai Ridgeback
  3. Thanatosdrakon
  4. Thrush
  5. Thylacoleo
  6. Thai anchovy
  7. Thai damsel
  8. Thai gizzard shad
  9. Thai gizzard shad
  10. Thai mahseer
  11. Thai river sprat
  12. Thailand silurus
  13. Thalassenchelys coheni
  14. Thalassenchelys foliaceus
  15. Thalassobathia nelsoni
  16. Thalassoma ascensionis
  17. Thalassoma heiseri
  18. Thalassoma loxum
  19. Thalassoma newtoni
  20. Thalassoma newtoni
  21. Thalassoma nigrofasciatum
  22. Thalassoma robertsoni
  23. Thalassophryne amazonica
  24. Thalassophryne megalops
  25. Thalassophryne punctata
  26. Thamalakane barb
  27. Thamnaconus fijiensis
  28. Thamnaconus modestus
  29. Thamnaconus paschalis
  30. Thamnaconus septentrionalis
  31. Thaumatichthys axeli
  32. Thaumatichthys binghami
  33. Thaumatichthys pagidostomus
  34. Thayeria ifati
  35. The climbing bass
  36. Thepas’ sabretooth blenny
  37. Theraps coeruleus
  38. Theraps wesseli
  39. Thermarces andersoni
  40. Thermarces cerberus
  41. Thermarces pelophilum
  42. Thermichthys hollisi
  43. Thermobiotes mytilogeiton
  44. Thessalian barbel
  45. Thessalian barbel
  46. Thessalogovin
  47. Thetis fish
  48. Thick-lipped catfish
  49. Thick-stripe maori wrasse
  50. Thickbeard grenadier
  51. Thickbody skate
  52. Thickhead lanternfish
  53. Thicklip barb
  54. Thicklip gourami
  55. Thicklip grey mullet
  56. Thicklip shiner
  57. Thicklipped happy
  58. Thickscale silverside
  59. Thickspined catfish of Bengal.
  60. Thicktail chub
  61. Thielle’s anemonefish
  62. Thin sand-eel
  63. Thin snake eel
  64. Thinbarred goby
  65. Thinface cichlid
  66. Thinlip barb
  67. Thinlip barb
  68. Thinlip conger
  69. Thinlip mullet
  70. Thinlip splitfin
  71. Thinspine sea catfish
  72. Thintail skate
  73. Thintail thresher
  74. Thoburn’s mullet
  75. Thomas’ triplefin
  76. Thomasen’s snakelet
  77. Thompson’s butterflyfish
  78. Thompson’s surgeonfish
  79. Thor’s scaldfish
  80. Thoracochromis bakongo
  81. Thoracochromis brauschi – FishBase Eds.
  82. Thoracochromis callichromus
  83. Thoracochromis demeusii
  84. Thoracochromis fasciatus
  85. Thoracochromis lucullae
  86. Thoracochromis moeruensis
  87. Thoracochromis schwetzi
  88. Thoracochromis stigmatogenys
  89. Thoracochromis wingatii
  90. Thorichthys ellioti
  91. Thornback cowfish
  92. Thornback guitarfish
  93. Thornback sculpin
  94. Thornback skate
  95. Thornback skate
  96. Thornback skate
  97. Thornback skate
  98. Thorntail stingray
  99. Thorntailed pipefish
  100. Thorntailed pipefish
  101. Thorny flathead
  102. Thorny flathead
  103. Thorny flathead
  104. Thorny freshwater stingray
  105. Thorny freshwater stingray
  106. Thorny lanternshark
  107. Thorny river stingray
  108. Thorny sculpin
  109. Thorny tail skate
  110. Thorogobius angolensis
  111. Thorogobius rofeni
  112. Thorophos euryops
  113. Thorophos nexilis
  114. Thouin ray
  115. Thread brotula
  116. Thread eel
  117. Thread sculpin
  118. Thread-sail filefish
  119. Threadfin acara
  120. Threadfin angler
  121. Threadfin anthias
  122. Threadfin bass
  123. Threadfin blenny
  124. Threadfin blenny
  125. Threadfin bonefish
  126. Threadfin catfish
  127. Threadfin cichlid
  128. Threadfin goby
  129. Threadfin goby
  130. Threadfin goby
  131. Threadfin grenadier
  132. Threadfin jack
  133. Threadfin leatherjacket
  134. Threadfin longfin
  135. Threadfin pearl-perch
  136. Threadfin pithead
  137. Threadfin porgy
  138. Threadfin rainbowfish
  139. Threadfin rockling
  140. Threadfin scat
  141. Threadfin sea catfish
  142. Threadfin sea catfish
  143. Threadfin seasnail
  144. Threadfin shad
  145. Threadfin slickhead
  146. Threadfin slickhead
  147. Threadfin smooth-head
  148. Threadfin wrasse
  149. Threadless blenny
  150. Threadnose bass
  151. Threadtail anthias
  152. Threadtail conger
  153. Three spot cichlid
  154. Three spotted flounders
  155. Three spotted tilapia
  156. Three-band anemonefish
  157. Three-banded butterflyfish
  158. Three-barred mouth almighty
  159. Three-barred porcupinefish
  160. Three-by-two garfish
  161. Three-eye flounder
  162. Three-line monocle-bream
  163. Three-lined blenny
  164. Three-lined catfish
  165. Three-lined tongue sole
  166. Three-lips
  167. Three-lobed suckermouth
  168. Three-ribbon wrasse
  169. Three-spined cardinalfish
  170. Three-spined frogfish
  171. Three-spined hatchetfish
  172. Three-spined stickleback
  173. Three-spined stickleback
  174. Three-spot cardinalfish
  175. Three-spot flounder
  176. Three-spot flounder
  177. Three-spot righteye flounder
  178. Three-striped butterflyfish
  179. Three-striped dwarf cichlid
  180. Threeband demoiselle
  181. Threeband pennantfish
  182. Threeband tonguesole
  183. Threebanded butterflyfish
  184. Threeblotched rabbitfish
  185. Threefin velvetfish
  186. Threefinger threadfin
  187. Threelight dragonfish
  188. Threeline basslet
  189. Threeline damsel
  190. Threeline hogfish
  191. Threeline prickleback
  192. Threeline rainbowfish
  193. Threeline tetra
  194. Threeline tonguesole
  195. Threespine bass
  196. Threespine grubfish
  197. Threespot chromis
  198. Threespot damsel
  199. Threespot damselfish
  200. Threespot eartheater
  201. Threespot eelpout
  202. Threespot frogfish
  203. Threespot grouper
  204. Threespot grunter
  205. Threespot headstander
  206. Threespot humbug
  207. Threespot leporinus
  208. Threespot leporinus
  209. Threespot torpedo
  210. Threespot wrasse
  211. Threespot wrasse
  212. Threespotted waspfish
  213. Threestick stingfish
  214. Threestripe corydoras
  215. Threestripe gourami
  216. Threestripe pencilfish
  217. Thripenny
  218. Thrissobrycon pectinifer
  219. Throat-spine gudgeon
  220. Thryssocypris ornithostoma
  221. Thryssocypris smaragdinus
  222. Thryssocypris tonlesapensis
  223. Thumb grenadier
  224. Thumbtack snailfish
  225. Thymallus brevipinnis
  226. Thymallus burejensis
  227. Thymallus mertensii
  228. Thymallus svetovidovi
  229. Thymallus yaluensis – T.
  230. Thynnichthys polylepis
  231. Thynnichthys vaillanti
  232. Thysanactis dentex
  233. Thysanichthys crossotus
  234. Thysanichthys evides
  235. Thysanophrys armata
  236. Thysanophrys longirostris
  237. Thysanophrys papillaris
  238. Thysanopsetta naresi
  239. Thysochromis annectens
  240. Thysochromis ansorgii
  241. Thalassarche impavida
  242. Thalassarche salvini
  243. Thalassarche steadi
  244. Thamnomanes saturninus
  245. Thamnophilus ambiguus
  246. Thamnophilus divisorius
  247. Thamnophilus pelzelni
  248. Thamnophilus stictocephalus
  249. Thamnophilus sticturus
  250. Thamnophilus tenuepunctatus
  251. Thamnophilus zarumae
  252. Thamnornis
  253. Thaumatibis gigantea
  254. Thayer’s Gull
  255. Thekla Lark
  256. Thick-billed Cuckoo
  257. Thick-billed Euphonia
  258. Thick-billed Flowerpecker
  259. Thick-billed Grasswren
  260. Thick-billed Green Pigeon
  261. Thick-billed Ground Dove
  262. Thick-billed Ground Pigeon
  263. Thick-billed kingbird
  264. Thick-billed Miner
  265. Thick-billed Raven
  266. Thick-billed Saltator
  267. Thick-billed Seed-Finch
  268. Thick-billed Seedeater
  269. Thick-billed Siskin
  270. Thick-billed Spiderhunter
  271. Thick-billed Vireo
  272. Thick-billed Warbler
  273. Thick-billed Weaver
  274. Thick-billed White-eye
  275. Thickell’s Thrush
  276. Thicket Antpitta
  277. Thicket Tinamou
  278. Thinornis rubricollis
  279. Thorn-tailed Rayadito
  280. Three-banded Courser
  281. Three-banded Plover
  282. Three-banded Rosefinch
  283. Three-banded Warbler
  284. Three-streaked Tchagra
  285. Three-striped Flycatcher
  286. Three-striped Warbler
  287. Three-toed Jacamar
  288. Three-toed Parrotbill
  289. Three-toed Woodpecker
  290. Three-wattled Bellbird
  291. Threskiornis bernieri
  292. Thripias pyrrhogaster
  293. Thripias xantholophus
  294. Thrush-like Antpitta
  295. Thrush-like Schiffornis
  296. Thrush-like Wren
  297. Thunberg’s Swiftlet

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