100+ Animals that start with “an” | Pictures, Names & Facts

Once again, we are back with the list of animals worldwide. This time, we have arrived with a list of 100+ animals that start with “an.” Out of them, we have carried out the ten most common animals and mentioned some interesting facts about them. So, tighten your seat belts, and let’s deep dive into the list of 100+ animals that start with “an.”

1) Anaconda

Image Source | MKAMPIS (Wikipedia)

Let’s begin our list with the most common animal that everyone has already heard of it, the Anaconda. Anacondas, or Water Boas, are the world’s largest snakes, reaching a length of up to 5.21m (17 ft 1in) long and can weigh up to 70kg (154lb).

They are usually found in the tropical region of South America, where their habitat is swamps, rivers, or heavy forests. There are four species of Anaconda and Green Anaconda, the world’s heaviest snake, is one of them.

Adult Anacondas have only one known predator, which is humans. The main reasons behind their declining population are poaching and habitat loss.

Interesting Facts: Female Anacondas go without food for seven months during gestation.

Scientific Name: E. murinus, E. notaeus, E. deschauenseei, E. Beniensis

Type of Animal: Reptiles

Location: South-America

Diet: Rodents, medium-sized mammals, fish, amphibians, and reptiles

2) Angora Goat

Angora Goat
Image Source | Ltshears Trisha M Shears (Wikipedia)

Angora Goat, also known as Ankara Goat, is a Turkish breed of domestic goats that is popular for their lustrous fiber known as mohair.

The average lifespan of Angora goats is 10 years, where they can grow up to 122cm (48in) with a weight of nearly 100kg (220lbs).

The most common predators of these goats are Coyotes. They also have a broad chest and well-muscled body genetically. Angora Goats usually feed corn, soybean meal, and other cattle supplement.

Interesting Facts: Angora goats are the only goats that produce hair and deliver even more than 10 pounds annually.

Scientific Name: Capra aegagrus hircus

Type of Animal: Mammals

Location: Most parts of the world, including Africa, Asia, Eurasia, Europe, North America, Oceania, and South-America

Diet: Cattle food, corn, grass, and hay

3) Ants

Image Source: antARK

Another most common creature in our list, “animals that start with an,” is ants. We all have seen ants in everyday life. There are more than 13,000 species of ants worldwide that have been classified.

The size of the smallest ants can be around 0.8mm, whereas the world’s most enormous ants can reach up to 1.6inch in length. Ants are very crucial to our ecosystem. Also, some species of ants are venomous and too dangerous even for humans.

For example, Bulldog ants are considered the deadliest because their venom can kill an adult within 15 minutes. Also, ants are omnivores and can eat nearly everything.

Interesting Facts: Ants have two stomachs, and both hold foods; one is for their own consumption, and the other is to share with other ants.

Family: Formicidae

Type of Animal: Insects

Location: Worldwide (except for Antarctica, Greenland, and Iceland)

Diet: nearly everything, including meat, seed, fruits, vegetables, insects, etc.

4) Anatolian Shepherd Dog

Anatolian Shepherd Dog
Image Source | Kangalshepherddog (Wikipedia)

Anatolian Shepherd Dog, also known as Karabash Dog or Kangal Dog, is the loyal guard dog native to Turkey. Anatolian Shephard Dogs are large, weighing around 120 to 150 pounds.

They are all well-behaved, social, and easy to train. These dogs enjoy cold weather. The main role of Anatolian Shepherd dogs is to protect the cattle from predators. The average life span of these dogs is nearly 10 to 13 years.

Interesting Facts: Anatolian Shepherd Dogs are independent and know how to survive on their own. Something they hunt their food in the wildlife.

Scientific Name: Canis lupus familiaris

Type of Animal: Mammals

Location: Turkey

Diet: a vegetarian diet and natural foods

5) Angelfish

Image Source | Pedro Lastra (Wikipedia)

Angelfish is a beautiful freshwater fish. There are three species of Angelfish found in different parts of the world.

These are Pterophyllum altum found in Orinoco River Basin, Pterophyllum leopoldi native to Amazon River, and Pterophyllum scalare native to Amazon Basin in Peru.

The average life span of these fish is 10 years. Angelfish are also good for aquarium collection because of their unique shape, color, and behavior. Some Angelfish are deep angelfish, dwarf angelfish, and freshwater angelfish.

Interesting Facts: Domestic Angelfish come in almost every color with isolated mutation.  

Scientific Name: Pterophyllum altum, Pterophyllum leopoldi, Pterophyllum scalare

Type of Animal: Fish

Location: Amazon Basin, Orinoco Basin, and tropical South America

Diet: worms and small crustaceans

6) Antelope

Image Source | Mr Raja Purohit (Wikipedia)

Antelopes are deer-like hoofed mammals from the family Bovidae. Out of 140 known species of the family Bovidae, which includes sheep, goats, and cattle, 91 are antelopes.

In this way, you can imagine how widespread they are. Some antelopes are Gerenuk, Impala, Blackbuck, Thomson’s Gazelle, Common eland and suni.

The average lifespan of antelopes is around 10 to 25 years, depending on the species. They can reach a height of 1 to 1.5m weighing not more than 900kg (2,000lbs).

They can run at the speed of 43 mph, making them one of the fastest land animals in the world.

Interesting Facts: Antelope plays a crucial role in human development regarding medicine, culture, and food.

Family: Bovidae

Type of Animal: Mammals

Location: Africa, Asia, Eurasia, and North-America

Diet: Forest and grasslands

7) Anteater

Image Source | Malene Thyssen (Wikipedia)

The next animal in our list of “Animals that start with an” is the Anteater. Anteaters are popularly known for eating ants and termites with their long sticky tongue consisting of thousands of tiny hooks to capture insects.

On average, an anteater visits up to 200 nests per day, eating thousands of insects to fulfill its daily requirement. They have a very long nose.

The average life span of an anteater is somewhere around 9 to 20 years in wild. Their body length can reach up to 2.1m weighing not more than 88lbs. Anteaters can run at a speed of 18 mph.

Interesting Facts: In relation to body size, the anteaters have the longest tongue in the world.

Scientific Name: Myrmecophaga Tridactyla

Type of Animal: Mammals

Location: Central America, South-America

Diet: Ants, Termites, Insects

8) Andaman hawk-owl

Andaman Hawk-Owl
Image Source | eBird

Andaman Hawk owl, also known as Andaman boobook, is the owl-type bird native to the Andaman Islands. The habitat of these owls is subtropical or tropical moist lowland forests and mangrove forests.

Andaman Hawk-Owls is rare to witness due to deforestation and habitat loss. These owls are terrestrial and nocturnal. Like other owl species, they can also see much better in the dark.

Interesting Facts: Owls have tapetum lucidum in their eyes, which allows them to see perfectly at night.

Scientific Name: Ninox affinis

Type of Animal: Birds

Location: Andaman Islands

Diet: Insects, small mammals, rodents

9) Andean Mountain Cat

Andean Cats
Andean Cats
Source | International Society for Endangered Cats (ISEC) Canada

Andean Mountain Cats are small wild cats with an overall body length of not more than 85cm. These cats are native to the high Andes.

Also, they are listed as an Endangered species by IUCN, with fewer than 1,500 individuals left in the world. The main reason behind their declining population is habitat loss and hunting.

Interesting Facts: Andean Mountain Cats are so rare. In the last 25 years, there have been only ten reported sightings of them.

Scientific Name: Leopardus jacobita

Type of Animal: Mammals

Location: South America

Diet: Mountain Viscachas, Birds, Rabbits, Reptiles, Mountain Chinchillas, Other Small Mammals

10) Antarctic fur seal

Antarctic Fur Seal
Image Source | Henrike Mühlichen (Wikipedia)

The last animal on our list of “animals that start with an,” is Antarctic Fur Seal. Antarctic Fur Seal is a beautiful seal native to Subantarctic Island.

The average life span of these seals is 12 to 18 years, where they can grow up to 2m in length and 2kg in overall weight.

Their habitat is cold waters and rocky land, where they love to feed squid, fish, and birds.

The known predators of Antarctic Fur Seals are Leopard Seals, Sharks, and Killer Whales. Antarctic fur seals can dive up to 800 feet deep in the ocean.

Interesting Facts: Antarctic fur seals can swim at the speed of 15mph.

Scientific Name: Arctocephalinae

Type of Animal: Mammals

Location: Antarctic

Diet: Squid, Fish, and Birds

Other Names:

  1. Anchovies
  2. Angelshark
  3. Anglerfish
  4. Angora Ferret
  5. Anole Lizard
  6. Anomalocaris
  7. Antarctic scale worm
  8. Andean Mountain Cat
  9. Anemone
  10. Anhinga
  11. Anoa
  12. Anole
  13. Andean Condor
  14. Angelicus
  15. Anostomus
  16. Ansorge’s Neolebias
  17. Anambra waxbill
  18. Ancash tapaculo
  19. Anchieta’s barbet
  20. Anchieta’s sunbird
  21. Ancient antwren
  22. Ancient murrelet
  23. Andaman bulbul
  24. Andaman coucal
  25. Andaman crake
  26. Andaman cuckoo-dove
  27. Andaman cuckooshrike
  28. Andaman drongo
  29. Andaman flowerpecker
  30. Andaman green pigeon
  31. Andaman masked owl
  32. Andaman nightjar
  33. Andaman scops owl
  34. Andaman serpent eagle
  35. Andaman shama
  36. Andaman teal
  37. Andaman treepie
  38. Andaman wood pigeon
  39. Andaman woodpecker
  40. Andean avocet
  41. Andean cock-of-the-rock
  42. Andean condor
  43. Andean coot
  44. Andean duck
  45. Andean emerald
  46. Andean flamingo
  47. Andean flicker
  48. Andean goose
  49. Andean guan
  50. Andean gull
  51. Andean hillstar
  52. Andean ibis
  53. Andean laniisoma
  54. Andean lapwing
  55. Andean motmot
  56. Andean negrito
  57. Andean parakeet
  58. Andean potoo
  59. Andean pygmy owl
  60. Andean siskin
  61. Andean slaty thrush
  62. Andean solitaire
  63. Andean swallow
  64. Andean swift
  65. Andean teal
  66. Andean tinamou
  67. Andean tit-spinetail
  68. Angolan batis
  69. Angolan cave chat
  70. Angolan lark
  71. Angolan slaty flycatcher
  72. Angolan swallow
  73. Angolan waxbill
  74. Anhinga
  75. ʻAnianiau
  76. Anjouan brush warbler
  77. Anjouan scops owl
  78. Anjouan sunbird
  79. Ankober serin
  80. Annam prinia
  81. Anna’s hummingbird
  82. Annobón paradise flycatcher
  83. Annobón white-eye
  84. Ansorge’s greenbul
  85. Antarctic petrel
  86. Antarctic prion
  87. Antarctic shag
  88. Antarctic tern
  89. Anteater chat
  90. Ant-eating chat
  91. Anthony’s nightjar
  92. Antillean crested hummingbird
  93. Antillean euphonia
  94. Antillean mango
  95. Antillean nighthawk
  96. Antillean palm swift
  97. Antillean piculet
  98. Antillean siskin
  99. Antioquia bristle tyrant
  100. Antioquia brushfinch
  101. Antioquia wren
  102. Antipodean albatross
  103. Antipodes parakeet

Here, we conclude our article on “Animals that start with an.” We hope that your query is answered and you like the post. This post is mainly for educational purposes. We will be back with another article. Till then, stay healthy.



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