Spikey Crab: New Discovered Species Found in Anegada Passage, Eastern Sea

Crabs are intimidating alien-looking species that are found deep in the oceans. This crab is delicate yet powerful and can break anything they get within its reach. There are different spikey crab species discovered in the world with slightly different characteristics and appearances. 

Neolithodes Flindersi is a newly found species deep in the Southwestern Atlantic Ocean. Some of the unique features of this species include its spikes with longer limbs than any usual crabs in the world.

 They belong to a genus of king crabs and are found in any big ocean having both high and low latitudes. It is the twelfth known species in the group.

This crustacean has developed a survival skill in shallow regions of approximately 124 m, while the deepest level recorded ever was 5,238 m down the sea.

More About Spikey Crab

Scientific Name Neolithodes Flindersi
Size Up to 10 inches
Color Light Pink and White
Species King Crab
Diet Crustaceans, vertebrates, arthropods, and small fishes
Location Any Large Ocean

This newly discovered species of crustaceans has long legs up to 10 inches or even more. They are slow movers like every other species and have a light pink-colored body covered with long spikes.

This feature of this species has secured him against other predators from being prey. As their spikes are long enough that keeps any predator away from them. This is a plus point for this unique species of crabs.

The unique design of these long crab limbs makes this species one of the rarest and most interesting species ever discovered.

It is also described as one of the largest lithodids known to date. If we talk about their physical appearance, they are well covered with long spikes and a light pink colored body.

The long spikes on their body can be venomous that can eventually kill any foreign species trying to invade its space. Also, it helps in safety mechanisms to protect itself from predators.

Like every other crustacean, they also munch on other crustaceans, vertebrates, arthropods, and small fishes in the sea. However, they can eat anything they find within their reach. So, it is difficult to strictly tell about their diet.

Since this newly discovered species was found in southeastern Australia, they are well known for their unusual appearance. Although this species resembles a robotic device yet seeing them in real will justify their captured appearance.

Newly discovered species of spikey crab (Neolithodes), found in the depths of the Anegada Passage, eastern Caribbean Sea
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We have given an insight into this newly discovered species found deep underwater. The spikey crab species are being observed and researched by scientists.

A lot more information including their size, variants, and diet will be revealed after the completion. The list of unique and newly discovered will get updated as the time and researches goes by.

There are a lot of unique species to be discovered on this planet. To date, whatever news recorded on this species, we have mentioned in this article: We hope you guys found it interesting, we will be back with another interesting article in the future, till then stay tuned with us.


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