White Snake With Blue Eyes- What Could It Be?

Seeing an animal is mesmerizing. The crazy visuals these animals give you can make you stand straight. Every creature present on this earth carries some uniqueness that will make you fall for them.

Likewise, there is a wide range of animals that possess unique things that will make you want to see them more. Blue eye color is rare to be seen in animals. Snakes are intriguing animals that are fueled along with different morphs. Similarly, if you chose to see snakes with blue eyes, you will find it very difficult.

Some animals show vibrant body coloration. Similarly, some animals show beautiful blue eyes. However, have you ever thought of seeing a snake carrying blue eyes? Have you ever seen a white snake with blue eyes? If not, this article revolves around a white snake with blue eyes. 

Blue eye coloration is not commonly found in animals, especially reptiles. This variation of blue eye color is a result of some diseases. So let’s debug the query of blue eye color in snakes.

White Snake with Blue Eyes- What Could It Be?

Snakes carrying blue eyes are very rare to find. If you try to choose anyone from a bunch of snakes, you will not be able to discover a snake with blue eyes.

The reason for this rarity is that blue eye coloration is not common, especially in reptiles. The reason behind the occurrence of blue color is the lower amount of melanin present in the front layers of the iris.

Melanin is a pigment that is responsible for blue coloration. If the quantity of melanin is low, it will create different colors you are not likely to find easily.

Blue Eyed Leucistic Ball Python

Scientific Name Python Regius
Size 2-5 feet
Habitat Grasslands and Open Forests
Location African Grasslands

Bel ball python is a perfect example of a snake with blue eyes. This python is truly a snake that carries a beautiful white body coloration with mesmerizing blue eyes.

Bel ball python is a constructor which means they like to kill their prey by suffocating them to death. Talking about the body type of this species, they are thick and scales are present all over their body. 

Most people confuse them with an albino python. However, they are not albinos as they are entirely white. Similarly, their beautiful blue eyes are something that will catch your mind for sure. Overall, they are beautiful but be careful about them.

Why Do Some Snakes Have Blue Eyes?

Usually, every animal lover wonders why there is less occurrence of blue-colored eyes seen in snakes. Snakes often shed their skin with their growth. This process of skin shedding is known as Ecdysis. 

During this process snakes often produces a sticky liquid that acts as a barrier between the old skin and new skin during shedding. This mucous sometimes enters into the eyes of the snakes turning them into blue color.

It was found that when the eyes of a snake are blue, they can’t see properly. They have a blurry vision all the time.


Here we are ending this interesting article on White snakes with blue eyes- What could it be? So, next time you encounter any snakes possessing blue eyes, just understand that the mucous is present their eyes turning it into blue. We hope that you like this article. We will be back with an interesting article soon. Till then, stay tuned with us.

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