All About Black Snake With Orange Belly In Florida

Snakes are captivating reptiles that are a good sign of fear and creepiness. These reptiles have captured the human imagination for centuries with their sleeky design and body designs.

Many of us already know snakes as being venomous and harmful to ourselves. The mesmerizing patterns along with body scales are enough to capture your mind in the first go. Their incredible molding as per the environment makes them unique.

However, have you ever thought of seeing a black snake having an orange belly? Do you think that snakes carry an orange belly irrespective of their body color? If not, continue reading this article to find some bizarre black snakes having an orange bellies.

These mighty creatures are truly amazing. The beautiful body coloration is enough to make them stand right as per your imagination.

This article revolves around black snakes with orange bellies to highlight the diverse species of snakes globally. Looking for a snake anywhere in the world is not a different thing.

So, without wasting a minute, let’s get into this article to know more about Black snakes with orange bellies.

4 Black Snake With Orange Belly In Florida

Snakes with an orange belly are a unique thing that will make you fall for the extreme beauty of it. Orange-bellied snakes carry a beautiful look that enhances the overall appearance of the species you will probably never want to miss.

Black snakes with an orange belly are rare, only a handful of them can be easily found on earth. The captivating color combination of such reptiles is enough to make your day enhanced and way better than you think. Moreover, black snakes are common to find but having an orange belly is not unique.

Orange is a bright color that makes you fall for it. In every way, if you encounter any snake species, you will be able to grab the attention of these reptiles.

Sometimes, the reptiles show different body coloration as it can be a warning to the predators that make them fierce. Sometimes these small snakes can be potentially harmful to humans as they contain poisonous elements that help in securing them.

If you visit America, you will get to know that a wide range of snakes resides in the American region of the world despite being spread across the globe.

A black snake with orange bellies is not an unusual thing but finding them is quite hard. Moreover, the presence of snakes in the ecosystem helps in preventing them from diversity failure. 

Continue reading this article as we will be describing some black snakes with orange bellies along with their characteristics in detail.

1. Black Swamp Snake

Black Swamp Snake
Black Swamp Snake
Scientific Name Seminatric Pygaea
Size Up to 22 inches
Habitat Ponds, Swamps, and other shallow water bodies
Location Florida

Black Swamp Snake is a beautiful snake that shows a wide range of combinations of colors. Black Swamp Snakes is small with a shiny black snake with an orange belly.

Moreover, the smooth and shiny texture of this snake makes them unique and fascinating in every way. Also, this snake carries a small head.

As every snake munches on small animals, Carolina swamp snakes love to munch on leeches, salamander larvae, and small fishes. The unique body coloration of this snake makes this one of the most beautiful and easily recognizable snakes in the world.

2. Ring Necked Snake

Ring Necked Snake
Ring Necked Snake | Credit: Connor Long (commons.wikimedia) (CC BY-SA 4.0)
Scientific Name Diadophis Punctatus
Size 10-15 inches
Habitat Damp forests
Location Lower Florida

Ring Necked Snake is another small species of snake that carries a beautiful orange color. This feature of this small snake makes it easily recognizable along with orange and yellow bands around the neck.

Females of this species are larger as compared to the males. Ring-necked snake truly fits with the concept of black snakes with an orange belly.

Moreover, ring necked snakes are not entirely black. Most of them appear to be in greyish black color. The bright orange belly underneath makes them easily recognizable.

3. Plained Bellied Watersnake

Scientific Name Nerodia Erythrogaster
Size 30-48 inches
Habitat Permanent Water source
Location Ochlockonee River

Like other snakes, bellies are the most crucial aspect that makes these snakes wonderful and unique in every way. Along with the body coloration, their size and habitats also play a vital role in bringing out the best.

Plain bellied watersnakes are distinctive snakes well known for their jet-black coloration with a bright orange belly color. Usually, these watersnakes appear in different shades of brown with distinctive markings all over their body.

This snake can e easily identified by the belly, neck, and lip scales that are reddish-orange. Also, these snakes are in the thicker category of snakes rather than slim-body snakes.

4. Eastern Worm Snake

Scientific Name Carphophis Amoenus
Size 7-14 inches
Habitat Well drained and Sandy soils
Location Florida

Eastern worm snakes are small snakes that appear to be a worm. Like its name says worm, the eastern worm snake is a smooth-scaled small snake that shows a sharp contrast of dark colors such as brown and black.

The smooth and shiny body of this snake gives them a unique look. Moreover, they are non-venomous and reside in adjacent areas.

Their glossy body is something that will drag your mind toward them. However, do not consider them easy to handle as their angle bite can give you immense pain.


Snakes are truly full of mysteries. From their design to the challenging character they have is something that makes the actual difference. If you see any snake, always try to maintain a considerable distance from them.

It is well known that snakes are poisonous so you should always take care of yourselves first. We can conclude this article, Black Snakes With Orange Bellies.

So, if you encounter any such snake, you will instantly get its name. We hope that you like this article, and we will be back with another article soon. Till then, stay tuned with us.

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