Albino King Cobra- Rarest Venomous Snake: Wiki & Facts

The king cobra– is one of the most venomous snakes you can ever encounter. Cobras have a strong muscular body that supports them even while standing up to the man’s eye.

The deadly snake has the capability to kill as many people as it wants, and it can even kill an elephant too. An Albino King Cobra is another form of king cobra found on Earth.

A king cobra is exponentially deadly enough to make you die within seconds after its bite. Talking about albinism is a skin disorder in which the pigment of the skin is responsible for color damage and fails to produce in the body.

However, certain species of king cobras suffer from albinism, which is a type of skin disorder. Albino King Cobra is among those animal species on Earth that suffers from albinism.

Although this doesn’t affect their lifestyle in any way, it only destroys the coloration of the body. This quality of this species has made them one of the rarest venomous snakes in the world.

Albino King Cobra: Wiki

Albino King Cobra
Albino King Cobra | Credit: JOE TRUSKOT | The Salinas Californian (thecalifornian)
Scientific Name Ophiophagus Hannah
Common Name King Cobra
Size Up to 13 feet
Habitat Humid Region
Diet Carnivores (small rodents, birds, animals, snakes etc)
Predators Mongoose, Honey Badger, Eagles
Color White, Cream
Weight Up to 20 pounds
Life Span 20 years
Price $44,5800
About It King Cobras are the longest venomous reptiles found on Earth. Albino King Cobras are similar to King Cobras, but the difference lies only in color. Albino Cobras lack the melanin pigment required for the coloration of the body.

A king cobra is the greatest of all the venomous species present in the world. Snakes are terrifying in every way. Their freezing looks with jiggling bodies and quick movements can make you shiver.

The venomous snakes have enough potential to even kill a human. Specifically, the talking about king cobra is the most venomous Indian snake found in the world.

With an average length of 10 ft to 14 ft maximum, these snakes are deadly in every way. There are a variety of species of this species found on earth, and their coloration varies with the habitats.

Usually, their coloration depends upon the area they are living in. From black to white to a significant coloration shows the variation of them. However, every species is deadly.

King Cobras belong to the sole member of the genus Ophiophagus which is not exactly a cobra despite having a common name. The king cobras are commonly found in Southeast Asia as the habitat suits their survival. 

The albino king cobra is rare to find in the world. The value of this amazing snake varies with its availability in nature. However, this snake is considered one of the most expensive snakes in the world. Generally, their valuation increases rapidly with the number of buyers. 

Undoubtedly, albino snakes are adorable and beautiful. With their creamy-colored body, they never seem to be cobras. However, one should always take precautions as every cobra present on earth is highly venomous. 

These amphibians are quite intriguing at first but are deadly at the same time. Nobody can confirm the exact value of these snakes, but we can conclude, on average, these snakes can take up to 6 figures in price. If you are a crazy snake lover, you will surely find this snake amazing and adorable.

10 Interesting Facts About King Cobra

1) Only Snakes That Build Nest For Young Ones

The ferocious king cobras are very gentle for their young ones until they are born. They are the only snakes who build nests and also are devoted to defending themselves against any predator.

Usually, the nests are built up of dried leaves, vegetation, and decomposing matter. King cobras are estimated to deliver at least 40 eggs at a time. This fact has made them very gentle and caring.

2) Eat Other Cobras

It seems quite weird to hear that long cobras can eat other king cobras in the wild. Various kinds of snakes are eaten up by the deadly cobras. Generally, king cobras eat those snakes that are harmless to them. Their favorite meal is python and rat snakes. 

Cobras are extremely venomous and love to crack the skin of every food item they find; they attack the animal and feed themselves.

3) Cobras Poses Neurotoxic Venom

Neurotoxin venom is a scientific term that is built with two words, i.e., neuro means the nervous system, and toxin means toxic. The neurotoxic venom of king cobras directly attacks the nervous system of the prey.

When the venom is injected into the blood of the prey, the venom causes multiple nervous failures that ultimately kill the prey. It gives the desired opportunity to the cobras to eat peacefully without any hassle.

4) Cobras Are Largest Venomous Snake On Earth

The most fascinating fact about king cobras is their length. The biggest cobra ever discovered measured 18.8 feet long, which is massive.

It will ultimately shake the body of anyone. It is unbelievable that cobras can grow to 20ft. This feature makes them the biggest venomous snake in the world.

5) King Cobras Are Not Real Cobras In Real

A king cobras belong to the genus: Ophiophagus, while Real Cobras belong to Naja Genus. That is why they are not considered real cobras.

However, they seem to be similar to others because they raise their neck flesh into a fan or hood that signifies dominance and threat to others. As King Cobras are large in size, they are mistaken as real cobras.

6) Snakes Can Live 20 Years

The powerful attacking skills and a threatening lifestyle, cobras have the potential to live as much as they can until their internal body fails. The habitat of king cobras makes them able to live in deadly wildlife.

Even though they live in the high danger zone, they still top the food chain. Cobras are well-known for eating their competitors; they can survive through every harsh condition. If they care for themselves in their living areas, they can live as much as they can.

7) You Can Find Cobras Everywhere

Imagine you are walking in a shady region and suddenly find a snake; you will be terrified. Even if you are resting under a tree and find a snake hissing upward, you will panic immediately.

King Cobras are quite terrifying snakes in the world. They spend most of their time crawling on land, in trees, and even in water. Kings cobras are good swimmers, so you are not even safe from them in water. 

Although, it is well-known that king cobras are likely to avoid humans as much as they can. You will encounter these snakes everywhere.

The king cobras are the most venomous reptiles you can ever find in your region. They are terrifying enough to kill you internally with just one bite. 

It is always to make a considerable distance from this snake as it is potentially deadly to every living being on Earth.

8) Mongoose Kill Cobras

You have heard about the furious fight between a mongoose and a cobra. The ultimate winner is the mongoose.

Cobras fear mongooses as they kill them directly with their quick wit and agile body. Mongooses are tough for snakes as they attack snakes from every possible angle. 

All mongoose revolve around cobras to distract them from biting the mongoose. Also, the mongoose is potentially strong against cobras venom.

9) Hoods Are Only Seen In King Cobra

Cobras are unique and commonly recognized by their hood. However, sometimes this is not the cause. Cobras possess small heads until they feel threatened nearby.

They expand their neck muscles to give a frightening look to the predators. This way, they create their recognition symbol.

10) Each Bite Is Potential Enough To Kill 20 People

The deadliest king cobras possess highly toxic venom. Their bite is the potential enough to kill at least 20 people with one drop.

The injection of their venom is strong enough to kill anyone in just a few seconds. However, cobras are shy of humans and always try to keep them away.


After going through the article, we have gained enough knowledge on the albino cobra. We can now answer various questions about this species. Talking about adding this specie to your pets is a big no because they are highly venomous and could kill you with a single bite.

You must be careful about your survival as these snakes can be found anywhere. Be it on land, water, or in the air—You will see them hissing on you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Are Albino Cobras Venomous?

Ans. Yes, albino cobras are venomous. They are similar to other king cobras in every way. There is the only difference in colors on the body.

Q2. How Much Does An Albino Cobra Cost?

Ans. An Albino King Cobra Is rare to find in the world. However, the estimated price for an albino king cobra is six figures. It is nearly equal to $445600.

Q3. What is the rarest cobra snake?

Ans. The rarest king cobra snake in the world is none other than the Albino King cobra snake.

Q4. Can king cobras be white?

Ans. Yes, king cobras can be white also because of albinism disease. This disease affects the formulation of melanin pigment in the body.


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