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One of the most remarkable and stunning feline species is the black cat with emerald eyes. Although they are sometimes linked to superstition and mythology, cat lovers prize them for their exquisite looks and alluring personality.

We’ll go over a list of 15 black cats with green eyes in this article, emphasizing their distinctive qualities and traits.

This list is certain to grab your attention and leave you in the wonder about these stunning creatures, whether you are a cat aficionado or simply admire the beauty of these magnificent animals.

Let’s then enter the interesting world of black cats with green eyes without further ado.

Are There Black Cats With Green Eyes?

Yes, it is true that black cats can have green eyes. Not the color of the cat’s hair, but the amount and distribution of pigment in the iris, define the color of the cat’s eyes.

Green eyes can also occur, while yellow or golden eyes are more typical in black cats. The cat’s iris, which has a little amount of yellow pigment and a blue light reflection, reflects light in a way that gives it a green hue.

In other words, it’s totally feasible for a black cat to have green eyes. Some examples are British Bombays, Turkish Angora, Black Sphynx, and many more.

15 Black Cats With Green Eyes

1. British Bombays

British Bombays
British Bombays
Price $500 to $700
Fur color Black
Size Medium to Large
Life span 12-16 years
Origin United States

 A domestic cat breed with short hair that is similar to the Burmese is the Bombay. The usual features of Bombay cats are an all-black coat, black soles, a black nose, a black mouth, and copper or gold eyes.

Typically Bombay cats have yellow to golden eyes but some Bombay like British Bomboys have green eyes too.

The black coat is close-lying, sleek, and glossy, and is often pigmented from the roots up, with little to no paling.

The Bombay is muscular and has a medium body build. They often weigh 8 to 15 pounds (3.6 to 6.8 kg) or more, with males being bigger than females in most cases.

2. Black Sphynx

Black Sphynx
Black Sphynx
Price $1500 to $10000 (depending on rarity and breed)
Fur color Black, Grey
Size Medium to Large (5-12 lbs)
Life span 8-14 years
Origin Canada

The Black Sphynx breed may be your best bet if you’re seeking a hypoallergenic cat. There are several different shades of this furless cat, including black and grey.

The Sphynx cat has enormous, lemon-shaped eyes that occur in blue, green, and orange hues, according to the CFA’s breed standard.

3. Black Cornish Rex  

Black Cornish Rex  
Black Cornish Rex
Price $75 to $2000 (depending on breed)
Fur color Black, Brown, Cream
Size Small to Medium
Life span 12-16 years
Origin Cornwall, England (specifically, the village of Bodmin)

One of the friendliest breeds of cats with curly hair—which almost seem to be hairless—is the Black Cornish Rex.

This bold and inquisitive cat has a low-shedding coat that comes in a variety of colors, including white, blue, black, brown, cream, and platinum. Large green eyes are present.

4. Black Norwegian Forest 

black Norwegian forest
Black Norwegian Forest Cat | Credit: Don Williams (commons.wikimedia) (CC BY-SA 3.0)
Price $800 to $1,500
Fur color Various (e.g. grey, brown, white, black)
Size Large (around 9-16 pounds)
Life span 12-16 years
Origin Norway

With a thick double coat that is appropriate for chilly locations, the Norwegian Forest cat, also known as the Wegie, is a playful, mellow, gentle, and outgoing cat breed.

This big cat can grow a coat in a variety of hues, including black, white, blue, red, and silver.

The huge, almond-shaped eyes of the Wegies can have any of the following colors: blue, green, copper, gold, or green-gold, according to the CFA’s breed standard for Norwegian Forest cats. The paw pads and nose leather on black Wegies are also black.

5. Devon Rex

Price $600 to $1000
Fur color Various (e.g. white, black, blue, red, cream)
Size Small to Medium
Life span 9-15 years
Origin Devon, England

It features a short coat that resembles suede and is available in red, white, black, and chocolate.

It features large, oval eyes that are wide-set and can be any color. This breed is renowned for its alert, social, active, and playful personality.

6. Persian Cat

Price  $1300 to $5000 (depending on fur color)
Fur color Wide range of colors and patterns(black, white, grey, brown)
Size Medium to Large
Life span 12-17 years
Origin Iran (formerly Persia)

Many hues of silver, brown, orange, grey, cream, white, cameo, and even black can be found in its long, silky, double coat. Be aware that this breed rarely has black coats.

Persian cats frequently have eyes that are copper in hue. Yet, certain Persians are still capable of developing green eyes, particularly the silver and golden variants.

7. Egyptian Mau

Price $900 to $2500 (depending color and quality)
Fur color Silver, Bronze, Smoke, Black
Size Small-Medium, 6-14 lbs
Life span 13-16 years
Origin Egypt

The Egyptian Mau, one of the most athletic and agile short-haired cat breeds, is distinguished by its naturally spotted coat.

The possible coat colors for this cat are black, grey, silver, bronze, smoke, and caramel. Egyptian Maus are further distinguished by having eyes that are a shade of green called gooseberry green, which is somewhat yellowish in tone.

8. Turkish Angora

Price $650 to $2,000
Fur color White, Black, Brown
Size Medium to large
Life span 12-16 years
Origin Turkey

The Turkish Angora is one of the oldest cat breeds. Turkish Angoras can have white, orange, grey, or cream fur in addition to their generally black long single coat.

Turkish Angoras can have eyes that are blue, yellow, amber, or green. Turkish Angoras are generally calm, docile, and pleasant in contrast to their semi-feral ancestors. Also, they might get along well with kids and dogs.

9. Russian Black/Blue

Russian Black
Russian Black/Blue Cat
Price $400 to $600
Fur color Black
Size Small-Medium
Life span 15-20 years
Origin Russia

The Russian Black is a cat breed that is derived from the Russian Blue — a breed of Maltese cat. Russian Blacks have short, dense, lustrous coats that shed very little.

While lively and gregarious, these cats are not disruptive. Russian Blacks may also be hypoallergenic because they are descended from Russian Blues. They also have the same emerald green eyes as Russian Blues.

10. Kurilian Bobtail

Price $700 to $3,000
Fur color Various colors and patterns, including black, white, gray, orange, and tortoiseshell
Size Medium to large
Life span 12-16 years
Origin Kuril Islands (Russia/Japan)

The Russian origins of the Kurilian Bobtail cat breed make it less common in the United States. It has a semi-cobby body and short to long fur that can be black, cream, white, grey, orange, or any other color in between.

Most dogs of this breed have eyes that are green, gold, or blue. Kurilian Bobtails are loving, gentle, funny, and good with kids.

11. Japanese Bobtail

Japanese Bobtail
Japanese Bobtail
Price $600 to $1,600
Fur color Wide range of colors and patterns(black, white, grey, brown)
Size Medium-sized, weighing 6-10 pounds (2.7-4.5 kg)
Life span 9-15 years
Origin Japan

This variety of cats is around the size of a canine of medium build. Short or long, white, black, chocolate, red, blue, lilac, and cream fur can be seen in this species.

Japanese bobtails often have blue or gold eyes, although occasionally they have green eyes as well. The form of their eyes is large and oval. Intelligent, social, active, and devoted best describe a Japanese Bobtail.

12. Chantilly-Tiffany

Price $400 to $600 (depending on the breeder)
Fur color Chocolate brown, Black
Size Medium to large
Life span 12-16 years
Origin United States

A cat breed known as the Chantilly-Tiffany or Foreign Longhair was formerly believed to be extinct. It has a lengthy, silky coat that was once chocolate in color but is currently found in hues of black, blue, lilac, silver, platinum, and fawn.

Their eyes often have a golden tint that gets darker with age. Some Chantillies do, however, have green eyes. This breed is recognized for being loyal, moderately energetic, and not enjoying extended periods of solitude.

13. American Curl

American Curl
American Curl | Credit: Cljk (commons.wikimedia) (CC BY-SA 3.0)
Price $1000 – $3000
Fur color Various colors and patterns, including black, white, gray, brown
Size Medium (6-12 lb)
Life span 12-16 years
Origin United States (California)

The medium-sized American curl cat breed is recognized for its distinctively curled ears. Its coat might be white, black, blue, red, cream, chocolate, lilac, silver, or gold, among other colors.

The American curl’s eyes come in a range of hues and sizes, including green, blue, amber, and copper, and they resemble walnuts in shape.

14. Maine Coon

Maine Coon
Maine Coon
Price $1,000 to $2,000
Fur color Various, including black, tabby, and tortoiseshell
Size Large, typically 9-18 pounds
Life span 12-15 years
Origin United States (specifically, Maine)

A long- or medium-haired cat, the Maine Coon. The texture of the coat might vary depending on the coat color, but it is soft and silky.

Certain cats have a leonine ruff around their neck, and their length is shorter on the head and shoulders and longer on the stomach and flanks.

Compared to other long-haired breeds, this one requires less care because its coat is generally self-maintaining due to a light-density undercoat. The fur of the coat varies seasonally, being thicker in the winter and thinner in the summer.

15. American Shorthair

Price $500 to $1500
Fur color A variety of colors and patterns, including tabby, silver tabby, black, white, and more
Size Medium to large
Life span 15-20 years
Origin United States

A medium to a large working cat breed that is just a hair or two longer than tall, the American Shorthair. It has a huge head with broad cheeks and a short, dense coat in shades of cameo, black, white, blue, red, cream, and silver.

Gold eyes are typically found in solid-colored American Shorthairs. Green eyes are preferable above other eye colors for persons wearing silver and black smoke jackets. American Shorthairs are chirping rather than meowing cats that are active, intelligent, lovable, and well-behaved.

The article “15 Black Cats With Green Eyes” concludes by highlighting the elegance and individuality of black cats with green eyes. Notwithstanding urban legends and superstitions, black cats are as lovable and deserving of homes as any other cat breed.

Readers will be able to notice the remarkable contrast between the black fur and green eyes, which makes them stand out even more, through the beautiful images and descriptions supplied in the article.

It’s critical to dispel myths and misconceptions about black cats and to recognize them for the wonderful pets that they can be.

Note- We are not breeders; the prices of each cat are based on online sales shown on Google. Prices may differ depending on region to region. Also, this post is only for educational purposes. 


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