Cute Spiders: 10+ Spider Species That Look Cute

When we see a spider, cute is usually not the word we have in mind. But even among these usually feared creatures, there are some whose appeal we can’t just ignore. From brightly colored bodies to cute little dance routines, spiders have all kinds of delightful variety. So here we are, making a list of 10+ species of cute spiders that give us hearty eyes.

10+ Species of Cute Spiders

1) Orchard Spider

Orchard Spider
Orchard Spider

Starting off the list of 10+ species of cute spiders, we have the Orchard Spider. These orb weaver spiders belong to the Tetragnathidae family, known for their long jaws.

Orchard spiders are prevalent in Florida, roaming around the citrus groves. Their preferred habitat is the orchards, which are responsible for their common name.

Like many other spider species, the females are larger than the males. The abdomen of the spider is quite colorful, with greenyelloworange, and black patterned beautifully.

  • Scientific name: Leucauge venusta
  • Size: female: 5.5 – 7.5 mm; male: 3.5 – 4 mm
  • Location: Canada, Colombia, central USA, South Asia

2) Green Jumping Spider

Green Jumping Spider
Green Jumping Spider

Green Jumping Spider is very obviously one of the Salticidae family, more commonly known as the jumping spiders. These little spiders are quite jumpers and can jump up to three to four times their body length.

The green jumping spiders usually take residence on the magnolia tree, prompting another name for themselves. These spiders are translucent green with very complex and well-developed eyes.

  • Common Name: Magnolia Green Jumper
  • Scientific name: Lyssomanes viridis
  • Size: females: 7 – 8 mm; males: 5 – 6 mm
  • Location: Mexico, southeastern USA

3) Giant Jumping Spider

Jumping spiders are pretty cute in general, and so we have another jumping spider among the other cute spiders: the Giant Jumping Spider. This spider species is the largest of all the jumping spiders and can jump almost eight times the length of their bodies. 

Giant jumping spiders are not only very colorful, but they have a charming dance that the males do to attract the females. They create a drumming sound by rubbing their body parts together and flash their colors to the females by swaying.

  • Scientific name: Hyllus giganteus
  • Size: 1.8–2.5 centimeters
  • Location: Sumatra, Australia

4) Australian Peacock Spider

Peacock spiders, true to their name, are gorgeous with an assortment of various vivid hues. A particular species of this genus is Maratus volans, native to Australia. These spiders are sometimes confused with Saitis barbipes for the similarity in their courtship dances.

During courtship, the males display their colorful abdominal flaps to attract the females. Though peacock spiders are indeed very cute, they also show a rather not-so-cute habit: sexual cannibalism.

  • Scientific name: Maratus volans
  • Size: 5 mm
  • Location: Australia

5) Ladybird Mimic Spider

Now here’s a spider who will make you go “aww” at first glance. The Ladybird Mimic Spider looks exactly how it sounds: like a ladybird. The cephalothorax and the legs of the spider are translucent yellows. Its abdomen is large and has black polka dots patterned in vivid orange or yellow.

The ladybird mimic spiders are residents of a few countries in East Asia. They live in high-altitude places near streams.

  • Scientific name: Paraplectana tsushimensis
  • Size: 5 – 6 mm
  • Location: China, Japan, and Taiwan

6) Beard Footed Spider

Beard Footed Spider
Beard Footed Spider

As we said before, jumping spiders are adorable, and here’s another one. Saitis barbipes are spread all over Europe, specifically the Mediterranean region, and live both outdoors and indoors. 

Aside from being colorful, these spiders have very hairy legs. Their courtship dance resembles the dance of the peacock spiders, causing confusion between them. Like all other jumping spiders, they can jump long distances.

  • Scientific name: Saitis barbipes
  • Size: female: 4.6 – 5.7 mm; male: 3.8 – 4 mm
  • Location: Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, North Macedonia, Portugal, Spain, and Switzerland) to Turkey and in North Africa

7) Skeletorus

The Skeletorus spider is much less colorful than other peacock spiders but no less cute. The coloration of these spiders consists of black and white and resembles a skeleton. 

Not only are the looks of these spiders adorable, but their courtship dance is pretty cute too. The males of this species raise their third pair of legs to display their abdomen and woo the females.

Scientific name: Maratus sceletus

Size: 3.7 – 4.7 mm

Location: Wondul Range National Park in Australia

8) Hawaiian Happy-Face Spider

Now, there’s a happy-looking spider we have among us. The Hawaiian Happy-Face Spiders are tiny spiders found in the forests of the Hawaiian islands of O’ahu, Moloka’i, Maui, and Hawai’i.

The Hawaiian happy-face spiders have several color morphs, but almost all of them have a smiling pattern on their abdomen. A prevalent color among these is the translucent green with a big, red smile, bordered with black and two pairs of black dots above it on the abdomen.

  • Scientific name: Theridion grallator
  • Size: 5 mm
  • Location: Hawaiian Archipelago

9) Australian Crab Spider

Australian Crab Spider
Australian Crab Spider

We can’t talk about cute spiders without mentioning the Australian Crab Spider. Exceptionally beautiful in looks, these spiders are passive hunters, camouflaging themselves around flowers while waiting for their prey.

The body of the Australian crab spider is white, with opaqueness in the cephalothorax and the legs. Their bodies reflect the UV rays, which, in turn, attract prey towards them. Don’t get fooled by their cuteness and try to touch them, though, since their bite causes pain.

  • Common Name: White Crab Spider
  • Scientific name: Thomisus spectabilis
  • Size: female: 10 mm; male: 6.2 mm
  • Location: Australia

10) Sequined Spider

Sequined Spiders may be small in size, but there’s plenty of cuteness in them. With a palette of various colors and intricate patterns, these Australian natives have eye-catching beauty.

The cephalothorax and the legs are translucent and without any embellishments. It’s the swollen abdomen that is the attention stealer of this spider species. Not just the colors but the abdomen also has small scales that look like mirrors.

  • Common Name: Mirror Spider, Twin-Peaked Thwaitesia
  • Scientific name: Thwaitesia argentiopunctata
  • Size: female: 4 mm; male: 3 mm
  • Location: Australia

11) Antilles Pinktoe Tarantula

The eleventh and last spot on this cute spiders list belongs to the Antilles Pinktoe Tarantula. These adorable little spiders are very popular as pets and are adored for their unique look. They are pretty large in size and have their legs covered with pink and black hairs, giving them a fluffy look.

The cephalothorax of the spider is metallic-looking with blue-green hues and small eyes. The abdomen is also furry; the hairs are more concentrated on the top part of the abdomen.

  • Common Name: Martinique Red Tree Spider, Martinique Pinktoe
  • Scientific name: Caribena versicolor
  • Size: 11 – 15 cm
  • Location: Martinique in the Caribbean Sea

For such frightening little crawlers, these spiders are too shabby, are they? These cute spiders are quite the spectacle, and we love them for their charm.

If you hate spiders, we hope this list of ours will sway your mind a bit. If not, hang in there, and we’ll be back with more interesting stuff like this. Until then, you can also visit our site to read more awesome articles about animals.


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