Black and Red German Shepherd: Info, Characteristics, Price & Facts

Black and Red German Shepherd is a unique and rare dog breed because of its coloring. They are only available in a few countries, and because their genes are recessive from the classic Black and Tan German shepherds, they are more of a royalty breed.

But they retain all the same traits of their breed, such as intelligence, loyalty, strength, and agility, and these traits make them very capable guard dogs who can be trained to perform a variety of tasks.

Black and Red German Shepherds are suitable pets for those looking for a devoted and loyal companion.


Red and Black German Shepherd OR Red German Shepherd


22-26 inches


50-85 pounds

Life Span

9-13 years

Major Diet

Dry dog foods as well as fruits and vegetables.


Reddish-brown & Black

Suitable For

Experienced pet owners with a lot of patience and gentleness who can provide regular exercises and training along with reward-based and positive reinforcement training.


Highly intelligent, courageous, and loyal dogs, who are natural guardians because of their confidence and alertness, are very protective of their families, too, although sometimes, when they aren’t properly socialized, they become overly aggressive.

Black and Red German Shepherds: Characteristics

Black and Red German Shepherds Characteristics
Black and Red German Shepherds: Characteristics

1) Red and Black Fur

They have a dense, double-layered fur coat that can either be smooth or fluffy; they have a thick undercoat and a longer, coarser overcoat, and their coloration ranges from deep mahogany to golden-yellow, with black markings along their legs and backs.

The lighter hues of red might often appear as cream or tan, whereas the darker shades are generally more vibrant red. Moreover, their saddle and mask are deep black, and typically they have a black nose and dark brown eyes, as well as whitish markings on their chest.

2) Different patterns

You might think that the pattern and coloration of all the red and black shepherds are the same, but that’s totally wrong.

No two specimens of this breed are the same and different from each other in having different amounts, different intensities, and different sites of coloration and texture.

Because the color distribution is patchy and no two blotches are on the same site, even in very closely related dogs, they differ greatly.

3) Rich Diet 

In terms of diet, their well-built physique demands high-quality foods that have complex carbohydrates, healthy fats, and, most importantly, lean proteins.

Occasionally, fresh fruits and vegetables can be given as treats, which will provide the dog with essential vitamins, minerals, and fibers along with their rich general dog food.

Moreover, adequate amounts of water are needed to be given to keep them well-hydrated; nonetheless, it’s important to give them food according to their age and activity level, and at least two meals should be served a day to maintain their healthy body weight.

4) Activities and habits 

They are highly intelligent, courageous, and trainable dogs who are ideal pets for active households and have a high level of alertness. These German shepherds can make great watchdogs and excellent working dogs.

We can see these dogs being used in a variety of roles, ranging from rescue and service work to official police and military work.

They do, however, require a variety of exercises and mental stimulation to thrive because they are an active dog breed. They also need a lot of space to run and play.

5) Interactions and training 

They are very loyal dog breeds and need a lot of care and love. As a matter of fact, they need owners who can offer firm yet gentle leadership and have much patience to handle their tantrums when needed.

These dogs are devoted companions who are very protective of their families and homes and thrive in an environment where they feel like they are a part of the family and are treated as equally as other members of the family.

As we know that they are an energetic dog breed, they love working, playing fetch with their owners, and going on daily walks, romps, and jogs in a securely fenced backyard, in addition to swimming and playing with interactive toys.

These habits can keep them happy and healthy and even help train them.

Also, most importantly, they need to be properly socialized because they may have aggression issues or fear, and socializing will help them from becoming overly aggressive and will help reduce the risks of behavioral issues.

Above all, a lack of proper training may result in these dogs herding the pets and children of other families pets and children. They should be introduced to new people and other animals when they are puppies to prevent this.

Certainly, these training and exercises will make the dog well-behaved, responsive to commands, as well as attentive.

6) Will to please 

They have the will to please their owners. That’s the reason they are so popular, as well as other pets domesticated in the same house, so they constantly need appreciation and involvement in their play or any activity they indulge in.

Their strong inclination to please their owners is the main reason why they are popularly bred and are used as service dogs, and because of this nature and their intelligence, loyalty, and trainability, they are perfectly suitable for various tasks.

7) Health concerns 

Generally, they are considered to be very healthy dogs, but some ailments might be of great concern, which can harm them temporarily and should not be neglected.

They may get affected by eye diseases, hip and elbow dysplasia, and various skin issues. So, it becomes more necessary to feed them a healthy, balanced, and nutritious diet and take them to regular veterinary check-ups.

Black and Red German Shepherd: Price (Estimated)

Black and Red German Shepherd Price
Black and Red German Shepherd: Price

The estimated price of Red and Black German Shepherds depends on the dog’s age, bloodline, condition, and color pattern. Females are the costliest and cost a whopping $2,000–$7,000 as they may be used for breeding purposes, whereas adult males range from $1,500–$3,000.

Small pups of these breeds are the least expensive, and their average price is $500–$2,000.

Note- We are not breeders; these prices are based on online sales shown on Google. Prices may differ depending on region to region. Here, we have taken the reference of dogbreedslist, marketplace, outdoordogfun and other dog websites. Also, this post is only for educational purposes. 

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Before purchasing them, it is critical to ensure that they are healthy and free of parasites and diseases; that the puppy’s vaccinations are up-to-date; that the parents’ health and clearances are checked; and, finally, that the puppy’s pedigree and age are verified.

You should make sure that the puppy has a good appetite and is well-socialized.

Additionally, puppies’ personalities and behaviors should also be taken into consideration, as well as whether or not you can provide the dog with the environment it is raised in.

You can opt for a reputed breeder to buy the dog or look for a canine rescue or animal shelter where you may find a red and black German shepherd in need of a home.

Before purchasing or bringing a red and black German shepherd into your home, you should be aware of how to properly care for them, provide them with a variety of physical and mental stimulation exercises and training, and ensure they are well socialized.

You should provide your dog with regular grooming sessions and regular veterinary care; proper hygiene should also be maintained through nail trimming and teeth cleaning.

You should also give them interactive toys to play with and take them for regular walks and runs; you should also set aside some time each day to teach them the necessary commands.

Black and Red German Shepherd: Interesting Facts

Black and Red German Shepherd Interesting Facts
Black and Red German Shepherd: Interesting Facts
  • Red German Shepherds are not a separate breed but are a rarer breed and a color variation of the standard black and tan variety.
  • Black and Red German shepherds are not recognized as a unique breed by standard breeders or major kennel clubs.
  • Tina Barber developed the Red Shiloh Shepherd, also known as the Shiloh Shepherd, in the mid-1990s as a hybrid of various existing German Shepherd lines.
  • Red and black German Shepherds come in a range of colors; they may have a lighter, reddish-tan color or a darker mahogany color.
  • Red and black German Shepherds are one of the most popular and rare colors of the breed. They are usually intelligent and loyal, and they even make great companions.
  • The black and red coloration is seen due to the combination of two recessive genes that must be passed down from both parents in order to appear in the puppy.
  • Red and black German Shepherds have a higher IQ and are, therefore, easily trainable. They also have double-coated fur to protect them from intense wind, snow, or rain and also help them regulate their body temperatures.
  • Nonetheless, this double-coated fur provides them with an impressive, luxurious, and fluffy look, which is why so many of us adore them as pets.
  • They make great family pets because of their highly sociable and loving nature, as well as great working dogs because of their courageous instincts.
  • They have a strong protective instinct, and many cases and videos resurface from time to time of these dogs protecting children and their owners, even at the cost of their own lives. Undoubtedly, they are very loyal to their owners.
  • “Saddle-markings” are a type of recessive gene that is responsible for the red and black coloring of German shepherds.
  • Red and black German Shepherds are used as service dogs by police and military forces all around the world, and they make excellent guard dogs.

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