Discover 15 Red, White, and Blue Fish In World (2023)

Fishes are unique aquatic animals showing varied styles and colorful looks with their body designs. Blue fishes are unique as blue color resembles ocean color, which makes it quite difficult for predators to capture them from the ocean. Their body color, design, and habitat make it very interesting to research them.

The vast, edible fishes come in many different species. The fascinating class of aquatic animals makes the researchers dive a little more. 

Due to their unusual appearances and streamlined body shapes, fishes are a stunning sight to behold. In this article, you will learn about 15 Unique red, white, and blue fish species with other factors related to them. 

Let’s get ready to discover the fishes and understand the fascinating marine organisms are little more by exploring the unique fishes.

15 Red, White, and Blue Fish In World

1) White Cloud Mountain Minnow

White Cloud Mountain Minnow
White Cloud Mountain Minnow | Credit: aquariumcoop
Scientific Name Tanichthys Albonubes
Size 1.5 inches
Color Blue, White, Red, Silver, and Green
Location Guandong, China
Diet Carnivores

Contrasting colors showing vibrancy with a metallic touch, white cloud mountain minnows are truly immense with their colors and body shape.

These small little fishes are colorful, and they are termed “the working man’s neon” as they are similar to neon tetras. This fish is very easy to breed, and they don’t require much care for their growth.

The color combination with a metal shine is what attracts the viewers around. If you are planning to add this colorful fish to your aquarium, go for it, as they are perfect and friendly to nature.

2) Neon Tetra

Neon Tetra
Neon Tetra
Scientific Name Paracheriodon Innesi
Size 1.5 inches
Color Silver, Blue, Red, White, Black
Location Western and Northern Amazon
Diet Omnivores

Another fish shows shiny colors, including blue, red, and white. Here is Neon Tetra on the list. As the name says, this fish shows neon color shades when viewed from a particular angle in the water.

It is a freshwater fish that has a torpedo-shaped body. Usually, they do not grow much; they grow from a few centimeters to a half inch in length.

As this fish lacks in size, they are up above all in terms of the color combination and the stunning shiny look they offer.

Neon tetras are neat and calm freshwater fishes that are a perfect addition to your aquarium. So, go for it without any second thought.

3) Mickey Mouse Platy

Scientific Name Xiphophorus Maculatus
Size 1 – 2 inches
Color Orange, Blue, Black, White, Red
Location Mexico and Central America
Diet Omnivores

Here is another fish that has placed its name on this list. Introducing Micky mouse platy, a stunning pish that shows vibrant colors.

They boast similar to mickey muse’s design near their tail, and since their discovery, they have been named the same.

This fish is tolerant to a wide range of water conditions, but they grow to only 1 to 2 inches in length.

Talking about the nature of these fish, they are sociable and peaceful fish that barely shows aggressive nature.

They are playful and witty. Mickey mouse play is an excellent choice for your aquarium as they don’t require much care too.

4) Harlequin Rasbora

Scientific Name Trigonostigma Heteromorpha
Size 2 inches
Color Metallic Colors
Location Swamps, Tributaries
Diet Omnivores

Harlequin is a native fish of southeast Asia that shows shiny colors. Harlequins have a beautiful metallic color and are also very easy to care for. This fish is small in size and lives peacefully with other mates in the water. 

If you are planning to add this fish to your aquarium, please add live-sized fish similar to this fish as due to its shiny color, many big fishes might get attracted and make it their meal.

5) Swordtail

Scientific Name Xiphophorus Hellerii
Size 5.5 inches
Color Red, Orange, Blue, and White
Location Mexico and Northwestern Honduras
Diet Omnivores

One of the most popular fishes on the list here is the Swordtail which belongs to the central and North American areas of the world.

This fish belongs to freshwater and has a body shape resembling a sword when elongated. They have received their name, swordtail, as they create a sword-like appearance when elongated.

Swordtail is a trendy community aquarium that has gained popularity as they are easy to care for and shows peaceful nature.

They usually grow up to 5 inches long. They are friendly and will be a perfect colorful fish in water.

6) German Blue Ram

German Blue Ram
German Blue Ram | Credit: Kennyannydenny (commons.wikimedia) (CC BY-SA 3.0)
Scientific Name Ram Cichlid
Size 2 – 2.5 inches
Color Blue, Yellow, Black, Red, Orange
Location Venezuela and Colombia
Diet Omnivores

Looking for a unique fish? A fish having vibrant colors? Here the German bluefish is a vividly colored fish that shows peaceful nature but can survive in strict water quality.

Although these fishes are easy to find for adding them into your aquarium, you need specific habitat requirements and water quality; otherwise, these fish will not survive.

German blue ram is truly a unique fish in terms of both the length and color combination it shows. The fish shows mixed colors based on its surroundings.

Usually, they are found in vibrant yellow with some blue and black shades, and their eyes are red. It is a freshwater fish very popular in aquariums, but for a beginner, adding it to your water tank is not recommended.

7) Dwarf Gourami

Dwarf Gourami
Dwarf Gourami
Scientific Name Trichogaster Lalius
Size 3.5 inches
Color Red, Blue, White
Location Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh
Diet Omnivores

A cute little fish showing a perfect blend of blue, white, and red colors. Here is Dwarf gourami, another exotic fish found in freshwater. Gouramis are shy fish with a peaceful nature.

If you are planning to add them to your aquarium, always try to add them in pairs so that these fishes can enjoy swimming together. 

They are unique in breeding as you will see complex bubble nests that show the unique design of the nests.

They only live for 4-6 years and grow up to 2 inches. However, they are one of the fabulous additions to your water tank, so try to add them too.

8) Betta Fish

Betta Fish
Betta Fish
Scientific Name Betta plendens
Size Up to 3 inches
Color Blue, Red, White, and Orange
Location Asia
Diet Carnivores

A fish that blows your senses with its immense beauty. The color combination with a feathery tail will make you awe. Introducing Betta Fish to the list.

Betta fish is truly intriguing because of their mind-blowing looks. This Siamese fighting fish is a native of southeast Asia that lives in freshwater only. Betta is often kept as an aquarium pet as they directly enhance the beauty of your aquarium. 

They live in the shallow water of ponds or slow-moving streams. Their contrasting gradient colors attract many viewers around. So, adding them to your aquarium is a perfect choice you can make. Betta fish comes in many other colors also.

9) Congo Tetra

Scientific Name Phenacogrammus Interruptus
Size Up to 3 inches
Color Orange, Red, White, Blue, Green
Location Central Congo River Basin
Diet Omnivores

Another shiny fish found in Congo River Basin. The popular Congo tetra is an African fish that shows a perfect metallic blend of Red, white, and blue in its body.

The fish is truly beautiful and resides in freshwater. Although, this fish requires very little care throughout their lifetime. It never matters if you are a beginner or an expert; there is no need to hold experience in taking care of this amazing fish. 

They usually live for about 3-5 years and sometimes even more. As congo tetras are prone to stress, so for favorable conditions, it is a must to formulate their diet and water in essentials.

Their unique appearance makes them stand out in the aquatic world. Don’t ever think twice about adding them to your aquarium.

10) Cardinal Tetra

Scientific Name Paracheirodon Awelrodi
Size 1.25 inches
Color Blue, Red, and White
Location Upper Orinoco and the Negro
Diet Omnivores

Amongst the terms genus, cardinal tetras are quite different yet intriguing. They are similar to other similar tetra fish, yet they are very active schooling fish and live peacefully with other fishes in a water tank.

Although, cardinal tetras are quite difficult to breed in small areas yet they will remain popular amongst other fishes. 

The markings on tier fins have brilliant neon blue stripes, and below the blue stripes, they have red stripes to cover.

The varied coloration in their body makes them attractive. The soft white underbelly adds an upper edge to the beauty of this fish.

11) Zebra Danio

Scientific Name Danio Rerio
Size Up to 2 inches
Color Blue, Black, Red, and White
Location India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, and Nepal
Diet Omnivores

Similar to a zebra but in the body of a fish, here is Zebra Danio, another exotic fish that lives in freshwater. Their unique appearance makes them easy to distinguish from the group of other fishes.

They are perfect for adding to your aquarium as they are easy to care for and don’t have any specific environmental requirements for survival.

The perfect combination of blue and red stripes on their body with metallic lines makes this fish unique and interesting to touch. They are also quite easy to breed. 

Zebrafish are very durable and can withstand any range of water and atmospheric conditions. They live for years and grow up to 2 inches.

12) Discus

Scientific Name Symphysodon
Size 4.8 – 6 inches
Color Blue, Green, Red, and White
Location Rio Negro
Diet Omnivores

A balloon-shaped fish showing colorful patterns covering the body. Discus is a unique fish on the list. It is one of the most beautiful fish that resides in freshwater.

The spectacular color range with different patterns on the body makes this fish interesting. However, they are notorious, making them difficult to keep in water tanks or aquariums. 

They require specific water temperatures to live peacefully; otherwise, they will remain vulnerable throughout their lifetime. 

For adding companionship in the aquarium, you can add small little fishes along with discus fish.

13) Paradise Fish

Scientific Name Macropodus Opercularis
Size 2.5 inches
Color Red, White, Blue
Location East Asia
Diet Omnivores

Paradise fish is again one of the most interesting fishes you will see in the aquatic world. The ornamental fish available in water is quite combative and always seen attacking small fish.

The unique pattern they show while fighting is they change their colors and blue dark lines with some white and red colors together.

This makes them amazing yet terrifying. Paradise fish is tolerant to a variety of water conditions and is commonly found in shallow water.

14) Ruby Red Peacock Cichlid

Scientific Name Aulonocara rubescens
Size 2 inches
Color Blue, Yellow, Red, Grey
Location Tropical America, Africa, and Southern Asia
Diet Herbivores

Cichlids Fish is among the fishes that show blue, white, and red colors with some markings of yellow shade on their videos. Cichlids fishes are interesting and intriguing as they require specific living conditions for overall growth.

And among Cichlids, Ruby Red Peacock Cichlids have all three colors: blue, white, and red.

15) Bluefin Notho 

Scientific Name Nothobranchius Rachovii
Size 2.4 inches
Color Red, White, Blue
Location Transitory Water filled depressions
Diet Omnivores

A cute clownfish depicting a cartoon character here is Bluefin notho. It is an annual killifish. Due to their popularity in the market, they need to reproduce as much as they can.

They grow up to 2.4 inches and are normally found in water holes in the ocean. Bluefin Notho is beautiful and unique due to its unique pattern and color combination.

The vertical line pattern with contrasting colors makes it stand out in the crowd of fish. They live for about 1-2 years until caught and sold. Adding them to your aquarium is one of the best decisions you can ever make.


Now after going through the article, we have discovered unique fishes showcasing blue, white, and red colors in their body. The different species of red, white, and blue fish in the world are truly mesmerizing in every way.

Their vibrant color brings joy to life, and their streamlined motion enhances the movement. 

However, if you are planning to add a few of them to your aquarium, always make sure to have proper knowledge about their diet and habitats. Otherwise, you will never know where things went wrong.

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