Red Border Collie: Info, Characteristics, Price & Facts (2023)

Red Border Collies are one of the smartest, most loyal, and most highly active breeds of dogs. They originated by selective breeding of already-available white, blue, sable, or chocolate-colored border collies with Red Australian Kelpies in the 20th century.

Originally, border collies were bred for the purpose of herding sheep, and they were basically farm dogs, but subsequently, people started breeding them for their amazing look and rare color, and that’s how we have these beautiful-looking Red Border Collies still with us to date!


Red Border Collie OR Australian/Aussie Red


18–22 inches


30–50 pounds

Life Span

12–15 years

Major Diet

Dry dog foods along with dog treats and healthy snacks, including apple, carrot, and chicken


mahogany red and white to saddle tan or hazelnut brown and white.

Suitable For

They are very active dogs who mostly play outside the house and require at least two hours of running per day, so anyone who can match their agility and give them time daily along with positive reinforcement training, as they are quite sensitive, would make the best companion for them.


They are very intelligent, highly social, and loyal dog breeds who catch things quickly and are always eager to learn new things; moreover, they are working dogs who have an eagerness to please, and they thrive when given plenty of mental and physical stimulation.

Red Border Collie: Characteristics

Red Border Collie Characteristics
Red-border collies are muscular and have an athletic build.

1) Physique and appearance

Red-border collies are medium-sized dogs that grow up to 22 inches at their shoulders and weigh around 30 to 50 pounds.

The most striking feature about their appearance is their rare, red-colored coat fur, which makes them quite attractive. The red color is quite rare because a recessive gene is responsible for giving them this color.

Red-border collies are muscular and have an athletic build. These dogs also have broad heads and long, hairy tails. They are red all over but have white undersides, and white markings are also present in varying degrees on the face, chest, and legs.

They have a double-coated coat of rough and smooth fur; while the undercoat is short and thick, the upper coat is longer, rough, and water-resistant. Their fur could be straight or wavy.

Above all, another notable feature is their cocked ears, which are upright but slightly bent at the tip and provide them with the ability to stay alert and listen to soft sounds.

2) Food Habits

One should give a healthy and nutritious diet to red border collies to aid their activity and prevent any sort of illness or disease.

High-quality dry dog food is a perfect choice for red border collies, and they should be fed 2 to 3 cups per day, although portions may vary for different dogs on the basis of age and their activity level, so you can even consult a veterinarian for this.

As they require a minimum of 18 percent protein in their diets, you should give them additional micro-nutrients by adding cooked meat and a variety of wet dog food in their diet.

A well-balanced diet is vital for their overall well-being, so opt for nutritious foods wisely.

Also, it’s a big no to give them leftovers and table scraps, as it can lead to obesity and other health concerns; instead, you can give them dog treats or fresh fruits and vegetable treats to supplement their diet with additional vitamins.

3) Workaholics

As we know that they are one of the oldest herding dog breeds still in existence, they always want to work. They can never sit still and would rarely lounge around the house, which makes them great watchdogs.

As they are a cross of red-border kelpies, and they have a high endurance and predictable temperament, which also makes them quite obedient, so they work out of obedience and want to please and entertain their owners by performing various tricks for them.

Such as spinning, rolling over, following any objects, etc. Undoubtedly, having a job or doing any activity will keep them busy and satisfied.

4) Peppy dogs 

They are high-energy dogs with immense intelligence, so it’s quite easy to train them as they love learning new things and cool tricks. Although they don’t need to be trained in normal conditions.

Because they are intuitively active and perform various activities on their own, they need to be taken on long walks daily, along with jogging and running.

Also, training them by establishing dominance over them from a young age becomes all the more necessary as the absence of it could lead to erratic and disruptive behavior, and they might bark excessively or dig through the trash and chew any item they get a hold of.

It is also suggested to provide them with interesting and tiring toys that will give them mental and physical stimulation and, in a way, enhance their brain power and fulfill their workaholic nature.

As they are very versatile dogs, if provided training, they excel in agility, obedience, and all the different kinds of work that they are provided with, and even with ease and patience.

5) Extremely gregarious and warm-hearted

Red-border collies are very cordial with everyone, especially children and pets alike. They are popular for forming strong bonds with their families and for being highly protective of the ones they live with.

These dogs are very affectionate and devoted to their families, proving their loyalty whenever the need arises. If provided with care, love, and attention, they truly thrive with their clan.

They spend most of their time outside the house playing and socializing with children, neighbors, neighborhood pets, or simply any guest who passes by.

As a matter of fact, if they’re taken on trips to parks or neighboring localities, they jump and run with extreme joy around children, other people, and other pets.

Moreover, they are very sensitive and get too attached to their families, so if they smell any potential threat, they start to bark and become territorial.

They are always on alert but make great loyal and active companions and give all of their hearts to their owners, remaining truthful towards them forever.

It is important to note that they think of small animals, such as hamsters or rats, as prey, so if you have a small pet, try to introduce it to your dog early, when they’re pups, or keep them away from your dog.

6) Health Issues and Care Requirements

Red Border Collies are low-key healthy breeds of dogs that do not get ill easily, but they may face minor health issues every now and then like ear infections or problems related to the eyes.

Besides minor ailments, they pose a threat of other problems, including hip dysplasia and seasonal allergies.

Also, while lack of movement may result in obesity and poor health, excess running or jumping may also result in overheating, so though it is advised to take them on walks to burn excess energy, never miss to take a water bottle with you while having fun!

7) Grooming

Active dogs, big responsibilities. Though Red Border Collies are double-coated, they are easier to groom and maintain if regular grooming sessions are carried out.

Grooming and removing loose hairs is also important to check for any signs or symptoms that may indicate their ill health, so in a way, grooming will help to ensure their health.

It is advised to regularly check for any sign of skin irritation like itching, redness, or rashes because, due to short hairs and at the time of molting, they can suffer from infection and skin irritation.

Areas that are must-looks to check for are their eyes, ears, nails, teeth, and paw pads.

Above all, weekly combing, monthly bathing, and regular brushing along with nail trimming are also required; this will give them pearly white teeth and glossy, shiny hairs and ensure proper health and happiness.

Red Border Collie: Estimated Price

Red Border Collie Estimated Price
A purebred border collie can cost up to $2,500.

A purebred border collie can cost anywhere from $600 to $2,500, depending on the dog’s age, breed, health condition, bloodline, geographic location, and color pattern.

According to estimates, the average price of a red border collie puppy is $600. 

But, sometimes the price may be hiked up to $4,500 because some owners provide the dogs with intensive training and obedience classes, and their veterinarian costs are also taken into consideration while selling.

You can opt for a reputed breeder to buy the dog or look for a canine rescue or animal shelter where you may find a Red Border Collie in need of a home.

What should one see before purchasing them?

If you’re ready to keep an active and quite tiring dog like a Red Border Collie, there is something to consider before purchasing them.

Firstly, you should check and verify their age and the overall health and condition of the dog, if it has any parasites or health conditions like allergies or others, and whether or not all the necessary vaccinations have been given and are up-to-date.

You should also check the health of parents and bloodline lineage. Look for any infestation of ticks or the presence of insect eggs and dandruff.

One thing you should also take into consideration is the dog’s food habits and appetite. And one should also look out for the behavior of the dog to make sure that it is well socialized and to see how it is behaving around other people and pets.

One should also think properly about all the pros and cons and whether they could provide the dog with everything it needs, such as a good environment and surroundings, the time they need, and the proper care they need, like grooming and regular veterinary check-ups.

Also, one should go through some questions, such as, “Do you really want to buy the dog?” and “What is the reason for that?,” are you fully ready to give time and training?, could you afford to do all the chores and cleaning related to the dog? What’s your future for the dog? And will your other pets be comfortable around the newcomer?

The Red Border Collie: Interesting Facts

  • They are one of the most intelligent dog breed in the world, as well as extremely smart in comparison to other dog breeds. Some dog experts claim that they have the ability to learn a number of tricks and can remember enormous amounts of words and commands.
  • They are extremely workaholics and excellent sheep herders and can herd sheep by following hand gestures and whistles from their owners.
  • They are a highly trainable and obedient breed of border collies and can perform a variety of canine sports, including fly-ball and flying discs, with great agility.
  • They are very adaptable and friendly and can live in a wide range of surroundings and environments.
  • They can sense the desires of their owners and fulfill them in advance due to their sensible and obedient nature.
  • They not only herd sheep but they even herd anything that moves in their surroundings or in their area, including children, pets and other people.

As a matter of fact, their herding instincts are turned on by the different kinds of sounds, and they start barking, nudging, and nipping.


Red Border Collies are great dogs in all terms, and their red-colored coat and hazel eyes look really majestic and attractive to everyone. I hope this article guides you if you’re planning to buy a Red Border Collie or want to learn about them. Here, we conclude this article.


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