12 Common Animals that Eat Grapes (& 6 that don’t)

Grapes are among the most common and mouthwatering fruits in numerous parts of the world. That’s why many animals love to eat it. Sometimes it will be essential for them to consume this high in sugar fruit. However, excess of it can lead to various lethal health problems. Today, in this post, we will discuss the list of common animals that eat grapes. In addition, after the list, we have also mentioned the names of animals that cannot eat grapes. For them, grapes are very harmful and lead to severe health issues. So, without any further delay, let’s begin.

Note: It’s recommended not to exceed the daily limit of the grapes for any animal because grapes are high in natural sugar, and excess consumption can lead to many digestive problems, weight gain, and addiction.

1) Monkeys

Image Source: iNaturalist

Let’s begin our list with the most common animal that eats grapes, Monkeys. According to study.com, nearly all monkeys have been eating grapes since ancient times.

Even though, in the past, they prefer to eat grapes over bananas. (Here, we are referring to wild bananas with larger seeds, not the regular domestic bananas).

That’s because it is very nutritious and high in sugar, and eating grapes gives them a temporary rise in energy to carry out most activities. Like us, nearly all species of monkeys can safely eat grapes. In addition, fruits are a significant part of most wild monkeys’ diets.

2) Raccoons

Image Source |
David Menke (Wikipedia)

The next one on our list is Raccoons. We are all well aware that raccoons are very fond of grapes, and many of you have already experienced that these animals are capable of destroying the grape harvest.

Raccoons have a sweet tooth, which means fruits and berries attract them. According to the research, raccoons have more likability towards grapes, and for it, they can even overcome any fences. They have a terrible habit of damaging grape vines to eat the fruit.

3) Deer

Deers can see in the dark

In the Wildlife Pests of Grapes list, deer come in the third position. Deer not only eat grapes but also love to chew grapevines. It will be very problematic when deer eat all grapevines in the initial stage.

Deer can be attracted by many sweet fruits, and grapes are one of them. Therefore, even a small population of them is enough to chew down the whole garden. Grapes are high in sugar, and deer have a keen sense of taste.

In addition, grapes provide many essential nutrients, such as vitamins A and C, potassium, and calcium, that give them the energy to travel long distances. It also helps them to keep cool during the summertime.

4) Wild Boar

Wild Boar
Image Source: Valentin Panzirsch @Wikipedia

Wild Boar is also one of the most common animals that eat grapes. They not only eat grapes but also destroy the wines on a rampage. Like deer, wild boar also has a likeability toward this sweet fruit, and eating it, gives them energy.

5) Birds

Image Source: eBird

Many bird species love to eat grapes before it gets fully ripe. As per the research, birds are the most common wildlife pests for grapevines. They eat grapes in the early ripening stage.

Furthermore, birds typically peck the full-grown grape, eating from inside and leaving the skins on the rachis. Grapes help them to keep hydrated and provide the necessary nutritional value. Some common birds that love grapes are American robins, parrots, woodpeckers, catbirds, and starlings.

6) Badgers

honey badger
Image Source | animals.sandiegozoo.org

Badgers are omnivores and can eat both plant and animal-based foods. It includes many fruits. Their diet predominately revolves around earthworms, but they also love to eat sweet taste fruits, including grapes.

Mainly badgers eat grapes that have fully ripened and fallen on the ground. But sometimes, it is noticed that sweet-smelling grapes attract them even into the grapevine and lead to harm vines for consuming grapes.

7) Skunks

Image Source: Wallace Keck @Wikipedia

Another animal on our list is Skunk. Like Badgers and Boars, Skunks also love to eat grapes. The main reason is that grapes have a delightful taste and give them a temporary boost in energy.

Skunks are also omnivorous, feeding on insects, small vertebrates, fruits, and seeds. Skunks love to eat all types of grapes, like green, black, and red, as well as seedless, less ripened ones. It is always instructed to feed only a small portion of grapes to them; otherwise, it will make them sick.

8) Opossums

Image Source: Didelphis virginiana @Wikipedia

Opossums are semi-arboreal omnivores that feed on dead animals, insects, rodents, plants, fruits, grains, and even human food waste. They will eat most of the fruits, and it includes grapes too.

Opossums or Possums are fond of sweet fruits, leaves, and vegetables. There are more than 30 species of opossums in Australia; out of them, only the common ringtail possum cannot eat grapes.

It will become sick. Otherwise, other Opossums, even the baby one, can eat grapes in a limited quantity.

9) Lemurs

Image Source:
National Geographic Kids

Like other animals on the list, Lemurs also love to eat grapes. Lemurs are basically omnivores; however, their diet majorly comprises plant-based materials including flowers, fruit, herbs, leaves, lianas (woody vines), pollen, sap, seeds, shrubs, and tree bark.

Excluding this, they sometimes prefer eggs, insects, and other small vertebrates.

A limited number of grapes are also healthy and perfect for Lemurs’ diet. They have a keen sense of taste for sweet fruits and love to eat any type of grapes.

10) Fish

Image Source | Azul (Wikipedia)

Now, time to add marine animals to our list of “animals that eat grapes.” Many fish, including the aquarium ones, love to eat grapes.

It provides them with nutritional values such as vitamins A and C, potassium, and calcium that help them to grow.

Grapes are entirely safe for fish if served in a limited amount, and they can digest them without bloating. Marine animals’ digestive system works differently.

Grapes also provide them with the nutritional values of fibers. Here, we highly recommend you read how to feed grapes to fish on the internet before feeding them.

11) Horses

Image Source | AmazingHorseFacts

Horses are herbivores and eat almost any type of fruit and vegetable. Grapes are safe for horses and provide them with various health benefits. However, too many grapes are unsuitable for them and can cause weight gain.

Also, horses often become addicted to sweet fruits and refuse to eat other daily foods like hay and grain. So, feeding them only one or two times a week as a treat and only 10 to 20 grapes is best. It will be very beneficial for them.

12) Sheep

Image Source: Animals.net

Like horses, sheep can also eat grapes, and they love them. In fact, grapes are very beneficial for them and provide many nutritional benefits.

Not only this, but they also love to eat other vegetables and fruits. But they also have the same case as horses. The excessive number of grapes can lead to weight gain and disliking of other daily foods.

Additional knowledge: Possum grapes are poisonous even for us. Therefore, it is better to keep away these fruits from your pets.

Other List

  • Baboons
  • Cockatiels
  • Ducks
  • Goats
  • Bears
  • Turkeys
  • Turtles
  • Geese

Animals that cannot eat grapes:

Although the excessive number of grapes is not beneficial for anyone, even for humans. However, there are some animals to whom we should not feed grapes. Grapes are poisonous to them and can lead to major health issues, including kidney failure. Those animals are:

  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Gerbils (harmful to rodents)
  • Hamsters (occasionally)
  • Mice (occasionally)
  • Squirrels (occasionally)
  • And other rodents (occasionally)

According to the RSPCA, grapes or rhubarb are harmful to rodents. That’s why we have placed rodents on this list.

Here, we conclude our article on “List of Common Animals that Eat Grapes,” along with valid reasons. We hope you like the post. We will be back with another article. Till then, stay tuned with us and read the articles given below.






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