Top 10 Most Expensive Pig Breeds In The World (2023)

Pigs are great animals and love fun. The unique body structure and the offerings they give are more interesting than any other animal. The quality of food they produce has boosted the meat-producing industry.

Adding expensive pig breeds to your farm can be interesting. They are also a good source of income that helps you in making more profits. Looking for a pig to add to your farm for commercial benefits? 

In this article, you will go through some most expensive pig breeds in the world and their offerings to satisfy the taste buds. So, without waiting for a minute, let’s dive into the article.

Top 10 Most Expensive Pig Breeds In The World

10) Landrace

Breed Landrace Pig
Price $100-$120
Height 90 cm
Weight 450-700 pounds
Life Span  6-10 years
Origin Denmark 

Similar to a Yorkshire, Landrace is another white pig on the list. The distinct point that differentiates it from Yorkshire is its dropping ears. Landrace pigs have a unique body structure that shows a long-shaped body.

Pig meat products are pork chops, bacon, and meat, so the longer the body, the longer the bacon will be. Another interesting fact about Landrace is their high milking ability, it directly brings the best outputs to the breeders.

9) Berkshire

Breed British Breed
Price $100-$150
Height 27-29 inches
Weight 550-600 pounds
Life Span  6-10 years
Origin English Country 

Berkshire is a distinct pig species found in North America, stating them as one of the unique species.

Berkshires are unique as they have six white points in their body. They have white points on their four feet, in their tail, and on their nose. This makes them unique and cute both at the same time.

Berkshires are economically good for meat producers as they are equivalent to Angus pigs that give the best steaks in the world. Berkshires gives the best meat and Ace their name in the list.

8) Pietrain

Breed Belgium Breed
Price $150-$600
Height 85-90 cm
Weight 530-570 pounds
Life Span  15 years
Origin Belgium

Pietrain is a breed of pig that has black spots on white skin. Pietrain is unique due to its appearance, which brings out easy identification. They can produce a high amount of lean meat. So, adding them to consider is a good choice. 

They are also known for carrying PSS in their blood, adversely affecting the offspring. However, it is not a big issue as they are good in lean production.

This breed requires a shady area as its skin is susceptible to sunburn.

7) Duroc

Breed Duroc Jersey
Price $200-$400
Height For males: 1.8-1.85 m, For females: 1.65-1.8m
Weight 882 pounds
Life Span  15+ years
Origin Cross of Jersey Red and Duroc

Duroc is another famous pig breed that is commonly found in North America. It is considered a unique breed because of its red body that can be easily seen from over a distinct distance. 

Although this species is quite cute because of its drooping ears, you will surely love to pet them. Durocs are highly preferred as they are fast-growing and produce a bulk load of meat, bacon, pork chops, and many more pig meat products.

6) Tamworth

tamworth pig
Tamworth pig
Breed British 
Price $200-$500
Height 50-65 cm
Weight 550-820 pounds
Life Span  15-20 years
Origin United Kingdom 

Looking like a bull, Tamworth is often called the ‘ Other Red Breed’ in the market. This species is different in every way as they have a golden red color with erect ears.

Being the oldest meat-producing breed, Tamworths are excellent in mothering. They produce a good amount of milk to nurture young ones.

Although they have petite bodies, they are highly beneficial for the meat industry.

5) Hampshire

hampshire pig
Hampshire pig
Breed Swine Breed
Price $300-$600
Height 55 cm
Weight 500-650 pounds
Life Span  12 years
Origin England

Hampshire is a belted breed of pigs. They are easily recognized as they are black with white belts. 

Hampshires are considered a profitable breed because of their high-quality production of carcasses. However, Hampshire carries a gene that causes porcine stress syndrome or PSS that causes stress in pigs easily.

Although it is in a recessive gene, the chances of passing it to offspring are high.

4) Hereford

Breed American breed
Price $380-$425
Height 60-65 cm 
Weight 600-680 pounds
Life Span  10-15 years
Origin Lowa

Introducing Hereford, a new breed in the category of pigs that produces quality meat and is distinct in appearance. 

The body design is unique as they are red with white patches and a dropping ear. 

This species is good as they produce fatty products as compared to other species. Hereford’s are not susceptible to sunburn, so they can easily handle themselves in the sun.

3) Chester White

Breed Chester White
Price $600 per pound 
Height 55.5-60 cm
Weight 300-500 pounds
Life Span  6-8 years
Origin United States 

If you want good mothering qualities in the offspring, cross-breeding of any other species with Chester white is the best option.

Chester white are well known for their mothering qualities that directly give you quality white meat and tasty bacon in return. They are also similar to Yorkshires as they show a white petite body.

They are suitable for cross-breeding as they are well-known for their mothering traits and require less access to shade.

2) Yorkshire

Breed Large white breed
Price $350 – $1500
Height 84 – 91 cm
Weight 550- 750 pounds
Life Span  13 – 16 years
Origin North England

If we talk about the most expensive pig breeds in the world, it’s Yorkshire. Yorkshire is the most popular breed of pig in America.

This breed is highly economical as their hairs are light in color that doesn’t show up during the carcass, unlike the red and black pigs. Meat processors prefer Yorkshire over any other breed as their meat is of good quality.

They are good mothers also, unlike other mama pigs who lay on their pigs, leading them to death. They love longer and produce quality meat.

1) Meishan

Breed Meishan
Price $6000
Height 57.8 cm
Weight 275-400 pounds
Life Span  15-20 years
Origin China

If you are looking for a pig that produces babies for you, Meishan is the right choice. This species is among the most expensive pig breed in the world.

Meishan is a Chinese breed of pigs that shows slow growth but gives you tasty meat in return. The reason behind their tasty meat can be due to fat or marbling in the meat. 

Meishan pigs are not popular in the United States, but considering them is not a bad idea as they give you quality products in return. An interesting point to be noted about them is that they get puberty early.


Pigs are unique animals on Earth. Even though they are not liked by many due to their living conditions, they still taste good. We have come across the most expensive pig breeds in the world that differentiates on the basis of their unique qualities, prices, and appearance.

The meat industry will never stop. Pig meat is liked by many non-vegetarians all over the world.


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