Top 10 Largest Pigeons in the World (Biggest Pigeon Breeds 2023)

Pigeons are one of the most common everyday birds, a nightmare indeed for car owners across the globe. Did u know pigeons have more than 177 species? Well, every species comes with its characteristic body features that help in the quick identification of these birds. Pigeons come in small to large sizes, and it’s a popular question among pigeon lovers, Which are the Largest Pigeons in the world? To put them at ease, we bring our today’s article, Top 10 Largest Pigeons in the World (Biggest Pigeon Breeds 2022).

10) Old Dutch Capuchine

Image Source: Roy’s Farm

The Old Dutch Capuchine pigeon is an ornamental fancy pigeon breed that has its origin in the Netherlands. These birds have round heads, large, and are wide enough at the back to accommodate the feathers which make up a wide hood, a characteristic of this breed.

Another special feature is their large and wide breasts, which are lifted directly in front of their beak. The Old Dutch Capuchine pigeon weighs approximately between 310 and 370 grams at maturity.

Size: 28-34 centimeters

Location: Popular in the Netherlands, Germany, Singapore, etc

9) Common Feral Pigeon

Image Source: Wikipedia (by Muhammad Mahdi Karim)

In the 9th position, we have one of the most commonly seen birds, the Common Feral Pigeon. You will often encounter them hovering around or flocking in places where food is available. 

They come in a wide array of plumages and do not have any unique identifying features. Their population explosion has become a point of concern, especially in the United States and also in other parts of the world.

Size: 11-13 in (28-33 centimeters)

Location: Worldwide

8) Oriental Roller

Image Source: Pigeon-Talk

Originally a flying breed, breeders now also raise the Oriental Roller as a fancy, ornamental breed. The term roller is mostly associated with pigeons known for their flying techniques, and the Oriental Roller is no exception. 

They can perform various tricks in the air, like a single somersault, double somersaults, nose dive, rotation with wings open, nose dive, and multiple others. These birds are beautiful, active, and strong birds, which are known to love human affection, also for their flying abilities. Their body weight ranges from 300-400 grams.

Size: 32-34 centimeters

Location: United Kingdom

7) Reverswing Pouter Pigeons

Image Source:

The Reversewing Pouter is one of the tallest breeds. It’s a medium-large sized breed with stunning looks. Although it appears slim, it is around sixteen inches tall.

The legs of the breed are quite long, with feathers on their feet, and are heavily muffed. This breed, like other Pouter Pigeons, has its distinctive globe, which is well inflated and has a round or pear form.

Size: 35-40 centimeters

Location: Germany

6) Carneau Pigeons

Image Source: World of Pigeons and Doves

In the 6th position on our list of the Largest Pigeons in the world, we have the Garneau Pigeons. The second largest domestic pigeon in the world, the Garneau Pigeon, was bred primarily for squab purposes. Bodies are either red or white and are proportionate and slim.

From the wattle to just over the eye, their head is broad and round, and it gradually slopes down to the nape of the neck. The fact that these birds typically weigh 800 grams or more is one of the reasons people raise them for utility purposes.

Size: 32-35 centimeters

Location: France and Southern Belgium (places of origin)

5) King Pigeon

Image Source: Wikipedia (Graham Manning)

Next up, in our list of the Largest Pigeons in the world, we have a domestic pigeon breed, the King pigeon. Primarily produced for meat and or pets, it has been bred in a variety of colors and patterns and has a fairly spherical body shape. 

As a 32-ounce (900+ g) pigeon, it is a fairly large bird. The King Pigeon is a mix of the four elder pigeon breeds, Duchess, Homer, Maltese, and Runt, is currently serves as a squab pigeon or an ornamental pigeon in pet competitions.

Size: 9.5 inches (24-26 centimeters)

Location: the United States and also in other parts of the world

4) French Mondain Pigeon

Image Source: Flickr Pigeon

Now, we have another domestic fancy pigeon breed from France, the French Mondain. It was created through many years of selective breeding and is a utility breed and an impressive, well-rounded body.

These birds look boxy and have broad bodies. The French Mondain Pigeons can grow over 1 kilogram and are therefore ideal for squab production.

Size: 38-43 centimeters

Location: France (place of origin)

3) Nicobar Pigeon

Image Source: My Modern Met

Our next pigeon species is one of the most beautiful pigeon breeds in the world, the Nicobar Pigeon. Its body is a dark slaty grey color, and metallic-green and copper hackles make its upper neck plumage.

One can easily identify this species by their iridescent, gleaming mane-like neck hackles. The tail is all white and extremely short. The Nicobar Pigeon is one of the most endangered pigeon species as humans continue to be its primary threat.

Size: 40 centimeters

Location: Nicobar Islands, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia

2) Giant Runt

Image Source: The Backyard Provider

In the first position, we have the largest pigeon in the world, the Giant Runt. The large and bulky bodies that weigh more than 1 kg are what separates this pigeon breed from the rest.

One of the oldest domestic breeds, the Giant Runt primarily serves utility purposes, mainly squab production. The round chest, stout body, and broad shoulders are identifying characteristics of this breed.

Size: Varying, mostly above 40 centimeters

Location: United States of America, France, Spain

1) Western Crowned Pigeon

Image Source: eBird

In the first place on this list of Biggest Pigeon breeds, we have the Western Crowned Pigeon. With a weight of more than 2 kg, it is the largest pigeon breed in the world. People breed this blue-grey pigeon breed for its fantastic blue-lace crown crests and dark blue mask feathers around its eyes.

These birds mostly inhabit the forest areas, stay on the ground most time, and rarely fly. The Western Crowned Pigeon is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful pigeons in the world, a reason for its rapid population decline, thanks to poaching, habitat loss, and capture for the pet trade.

Size: 26-30 inches (66-76 centimeters)

Location: endemic to Northwesters New Guinea

Here, we come to the end of this article, Top 10 Largest Pigeons in the World (Biggest Pigeon Breeds 2022). We will be bringing many more interesting articles shortly, so stay tuned with us.

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