Biggest Spiders in Australia – Their Size Will Surprise You! Updated

Here is an exciting fact! As of August 2021, there are 49,623 spider species, out of which 10,000 species are found only in Australia. Out of these 10,000, only 3,600 species have been discovered so far. Australia is the hub of some biggest and most dangerous (venomous) spiders in the world. Therefore, in this post, we have listed some biggest spiders found in Australia. Some spiders on the list are venomous, so always try to avoid them. Let’s begin with the list of the Top 16 Biggest Spiders in Australia.

Top 16 Biggest Spiders in Australia

16) Badge Huntsman

  • Size- around 2-3cm body length
  • Scientific name- Neosparassus diana
  • Location- Eastern Australia

It is a large, nocturnal spider species, widespread across all of Australian woodland and dry to moist eucalypt forest. The adult females of this species are more giant than the male individuals. Its nickname appropriately defines the badge-like markings on its abdomen.

15) Fire-Back Huntsman

Beregama cordata, the fireback huntsman. A medium-sized huntsman species found in some Australian rainforests.
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  • Size- around 3cm body length and 10-12cm with leg span
  • Scientific name- Beregama cordata
  • Location- Northern Australian rainforests

The fire-back huntsman, Beregama cordata, is a species exclusive to Queensland and New South Wales, Australia.

The Fire-back Huntsmen are particularly giant and colorful. While the males are brown throughout their entire lives, the females turn orange as they get closer to maturity.

They exist throughout the northern Australian rainforests. These spiders can run sideways, fit into tiny crevices, and move quickly, much like other huntsman spiders.

14) Trapdoor Spider

  • Size- up to 3.5 cm
  • Scientific name- Arbanitis rapax
  • Location- Sydney

The Sydney brown trapdoor spider (a name that it shares with many of its cousins), Arbanitis rapax, belongs to the family Idiopidae, found primarily around Sydney, Australia.

This species tends to be quiet and shy. Moreover, you may confuse them with the Sydney funnel-web spider, one of the most dangerous spiders in the world.

13) Sydney Brown Trapdoor Spider

Brown-Trapdoor-Spider | Credits: Johan C.G. Fagerholm (commons.wikimedia)
  • Size- 3.5 cm body length
  • Scientific Name- Arbanitis villosus
  • Location- Sydney region

Sydney Brown Trapdoor Spider is from the family Idiopidae and can primarily be seen in George’s River in southern Sydney, Hunter River Valley, and Parramatta in the west.

They mostly feed small insects, beetles, cockroaches, crickets, etc. Although they are non-venomous spiders, their bite may be painful and cause minor swelling.

12) The Golden Huntsman

  • Size- around 4cm
  • Scientific name- Beregama aurea
  • Location- Queensland and parts of New South Wales

This species of golden huntsmanBeregama aurea, is indigenous to Queensland and parts of New South Wales in Australia. They resemble our last candidate on the list, Beregama cordata very much.

It also resembles several other Australian huntsman spider species, particularly Neosparassus species, although it is much larger than most Neosparassus individuals. Hence, they are hard to identify.

11) Grey Huntsman Spider

  • Size- up to 4.5 cm body length & 16cm with leg span
  • Scientific name- Holconia immanis
  • Location- Eastern Australia

Eastern Australia is home to one of the largest huntsman species, the “Holconia immanis,” commonly referred to as the Sydney huntsman spider. They can reach a body length of 4.5 cm and legs that can spread to a width of 16 cm.

10) Black Wish-Bone Spider

Black-Wish-Bone-Spider | Credits: Julianne Waldock (Western Australian Museum)
  • Size- 5 cm in length
  • Scientific name- Aname inimica
  • Location-South Australia

The Black Wish-Bone Spider is one of the biggest wishbone spiders in Australia of the family Anamidae. They can be majorly found in Tasmania.

They get their name from the shape of their burrow. The male spiders generally have silver, and females have gold colors on their heads with long black legs.

9) Armoured Golden Trapdoor Spider

  • Size- up to 5 cm
  • Scientific name- Euoplos dignitas
  • Location- Central Queensland

This particular species has a beautiful honey-brown color with an impressive size. In fact, the moniker “armored golden trapdoor” simply pays honor the way it looks. Also, the two sexes are quite distinctive in appearance and features.

8) Sydney funnel-web spider

  • Size- 5 cm
  • Species- Atrax robustus
  • Location- Eastern Australia

The Sydney Funnel-web spider is one of the venomous and most dangerous spiders found in Australia. They are a member of a group of Australian Funnel-Web spiders.  Not only dangerous, but they are also one of the largest spiders found in Australia.  They can grow up to 5 cm.

Also, their venom is capable of causing some serious problems that may lead to death in humans. They are terrestrial spiders and enjoy living in moist sand and clays. They mostly feed on insects, small frogs, crickets, etc.

7) Bearded Wishbone

  • Size- 5.8 cm
  • Scientific name- Xamiatus magnificus
  • Location- North Queensland

Australia’s dry and tropical climates are home to these spiders. The Bearded Wishbone (Xamiatus magnificus), the largest species of wishbone spider, can grow to a length of 58 mm.

Many of these dugouts have two entrances—one primary and a second secret one that the spider relies on as an escape chute—which appears like a wishbone.

6) Nursery web spiders

Nursery web spiders
Nursery web spiders
  • Size- 12 cm including legs
  • Scientific Name- Argyroneta Aquatica
  • Location- Penrose State Forest, Australia

Nursery web spiders are also known as fishing or water spiders. They are non-venomous and live near ponds, lakes, and slow-running streams. They primarily hunt water insects, small fish, and tadpoles and can be found along the coasts.

5) Golden Orb Weaving Spiders

Golden-Orb-Weaving-Spiders | Image: Stuart Humphreys © Australian Museum
  • Size- 4 cm (15 cm with leg-span)
  • Scientific Name- Nephila plumipes
  • Location- all across Australia

Golden Orb Weaving Spiders, also known as the tiger spiders, are among the biggest spiders in Australia if we include the leg span. They can be easily found in the mangrove forests of Bicentennial Park and the Homebush Bay area of the city. They mainly feed on beetles, flies, and moths. Also, a bite can only minor pain and swelling.

4) Australian Huntsman Spiders

Australian-Huntsman-Spider | Image: Mike Gray © Australian Museum
  • Size- 15 cm with leg-span
  • Scientific Name- Heteropoda venatori
  • Location- all across Australia

The Australian Huntsman Spider, also known as the Giant Crab Spider, is one of the largest Australian spiders. They can be easily found all over Australia.

They primarily feed on large insects. Australian Huntsman Spiders are non-venomous and not dangerous to people. Also, a bite can lead to a little pain without any major illness.

3) Giant tarantula– Selenotypus plumipes

  • Size- 16 cm with leg span
  • Scientific name-Selenotypus  plumipes
  • Location- Northern Queensland

One of the most enormous tarantulas seen in Australia belongs to the Selenotypus genus. However, resulting from the lack of information, they are incorrectly classed.

But Selenotypus plumipes is the most well-researched species here and one of the biggest spiders in Australia. Adults of this species can grow to have leg spans of over 16 cm (6+1⁄2 in), and their predominant color is brown.

2) Australian Tarantulas

  • Size- 16 cm with leg span
  • Scientific name- Selenocosmia stirlingi
  • Location- Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia, and Western Australia

This Australian Tarantula is popular with the name whistling or barking spider. They are native to the arid regions of Australia. These tarantulas are one of the largest spiders in Australia. They also have the moniker bird-eating spiders, however, they mainly feed on insects, frogs, and lizards. They are also dangerous to humans.

A bite from them can lead to nausea and vomiting for six to eight hours.

1) Queensland Whistling Tarantula

  • Size- 22 cm (8.7 inches)
  • Scientific name- Selenocosmia crassipes
  • Location- East coast of Queensland, Australia

Queensland Whistling Tarantula, also known as Selenocosmia crassipes, is the largest Australian spider ever recorded, with a body size of 6 cm and a leg span of up to 22 cm. They can be easily found on the east coast of Queensland.

They primarily feed on insects and other spiders. Also, a bite from Queensland Whistling Tarantula, the biggest spider in Australia, can cause major illness with six of vomiting.

Special Mentions

Wolf spiders

  • Size- up to 8 cm (according to Australian Museum)
  • Scientific name- Lycosa furcillata, Tasmanicosa godefffroyi, and Venatrix furcillata
  • Location- All over Australia

Wolf Spiders can be found all over Australia and have various species with lengths from 1 cm to 8 cm. The most common species are Tasmanicosa godefffroyi, and Venatrix furcillata. They are nocturnal, and you can easily spot them by flashing the light at night. In response, their eyes will glow due to the presence of tapetum lucidum.

They are the predators of insects and small toads. Also, their bites are minor and cause a little pain and swelling. Wolf Spiders are also one of the biggest spiders in Australia. However, due to the variety of species and lack of information, we have considered them in the special mention category. To know more about Spider Vision, visit the article mentioned below.

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Here, we conclude our article on “Top 9 Biggest Spiders in Australia or Largest Australian Spiders.” We hope you like it. We will be back with another post. Till then, stay tuned with us for more posts.


Q1. What is the largest spider that ever existed?

Ans. The largest known spider to have ever existed on Earth was Megarachne servinei, described as a massive mygalomorph spider (“tarantula”) from the Permo-Carboniferous Bajo de Véliz Formation of San Luis Province, Argentina. Its body length was 339 mm.

Q2. Does Australia have bigger spiders?

Ans. The answer is an absolute YES! And our list of the biggest spiders in Australia is the evidence. Australia is a diversity hub for spider species.

Q3. Why is Australia famous for spiders?

Ans. In Australia, spiders are the most common poisonous animal, with an estimated 10,000 species living in different environments. Thus, we can probably conclude, there is quite an abundance of spiders in Australia which makes it famous.

Q4. Do giant Australian spiders bite?

Ans. Though most spider species are reclusive and shy, they can still bite you if they ever feel a terror from your end. And more than often, those bites are non-toxic and may lead to local irritation and swelling that eventually goes away.

Q5. What is the biggest spider in the UK?

Ans. The Cardinal Spider (Tegenaria parietinais known to be the biggest spider in the UK.

Q6. What is the smallest spider?

Ans. Patu marplesi is the smallest spider species endemic to Samoa with a record of male legspan measured 0.46 mm (0.018 in).

Q7. Which country has the most spiders?

Ans. Australia is the world leader in both the number and strength of its native venomous spiders.

Q8. Why are Australian spiders so big?

Ans. One may defend the answer to this considering the prey availability concept and the environmental conditions that are suitable for the optimum growth of those creepy crawlies.

Q9. What eats spiders in Australia?

Ans. Birds, reptiles, mammals, and various arthropods, including other spiders, centipedes, scorpions, and even some insects, are among the creatures that eat spiders directly.

Q10. Are Australian spiders harmful?

Ans. Since Australia is home to some of the world’s most venomous and dangerous spiders, it is no harm to admit that Australian spiders can be indeed harmful.

Q11. Does New Zealand have spiders?

Ans. With an estimated total fauna of 2000 species, New Zealand is home to 1157 known species of spider.

Q12. Do tarantulas bite?

Ans. All tarantula species bite. They don’t enjoy biting people, though. The fact is that tarantulas only attack humans as a very last option.

Q13. What is the deadliest spider in Australia?

Ans. The Sydney funnel-web spider Atrax robustus, is not only Australia’s but the world’s most dangerous spider. You may spot them in habitats around Sydney.

Q14. Are Australians scared of spiders?

Ans. This question is relative and may differ among individuals. However, despite the abundance and associated dangers, Australians do not really seem afraid of spiders.

Q15. Which city in Australia has the most spiders?

Ans. One can find spiders all across Australia. While it depends on the region in which the species is prevalent to encounter.

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