15 Weird Animals With Long Faces (Are They Dangerous) | 2023

Like every one of us, we have discovered a variety of animals found on every part of the Earth. We have seen every animal, their habitat, lifestyle, and even their birth.

There is a lot more to explore since the variety of animals is not yet discovered completely. A lot of species are left uncovered that will surely be found one day. We have seen animals associated with danger, animals with long faces, animals with sharp teeth, and much more.

Although, every animal showcases some unique abilities that are yet to be discovered. We have seen them juggling into forests and sometimes in residential areas; still, a variety of them is yet to be found. The animal kingdom is very vast; there are a lot of things to be discovered that make the mystery revealed.

In this article, we have specifically chosen animals with long faces that explains to you the variety of animals that bears a long face making them unusual yet sometimes funny too. So, without further ado, let’s get into the article.

15 Animals With Long Faces

1) Camel

Scientific Name Camel Bactrianus
Size 1.85-2.15 m
Color Brown and Cream
Diet Herbivores
Location China and Mongolia

We all know camels for their excellent body that goes well in the desert. They are well known for their humps to store water during scarce. However, their amazing long face is something that drags the attention of almost everyone watching them.

Moreover, camels are not harmful to anyone until they are provoked. Their leg strength is something that can kill you in minutes. It is better to maintain distances from them.

2) Moose 

Scientific Name Alces alces
Size Up to 1.83 m from ground
Color Light brown to dusky black
Diet Omnivores
Location Northern regions of US, Washington, Canada, and Alaska

Moose is another animal with a long face. They are commonly known as rubber-nosed swamp donkeys; they are the largest species in the deer family.

However, one should be careful about them as they are harmful to you. Their front hooves can kick out anyone coming their way. 

3) Okapi

Scientific Name Okapia Johnstoni
Size 1.5 m from ground and 2.5 m in length
Color Dark brown velvet fur with black-white stripes
Diet Herbivores
Location Northwest Democratic Republic of Congo

Commonly known as a forest giraffe, Okapi depicts the combination of a giraffe and zebra in its body.

Usually, this animal is a herbivore and is commonly found in Africa. Moreover, they are not dangerous at all until you provoke them to attack you. They are gentle and love to socialize.

4) Saiga Antelope

Saiga Antelope
Saiga Antelope | Credit: Andrey Giljov (commons.wikimedia) (CC BY-SA 4.0)
Scientific Name Saiga Tatarica
Size 0.621- 0.81 m
Color Yellow to red, Sandy, Greyish brown, and Brown
Diet Herbivores
Location Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan

An endangered species found in the Eurasian region to the Carpathian mountains, here is saiga antelope to the list.

This animal is bizarre and mostly identified by its swollen nose which functions well to dust out in different climates. Their hooves can kick you out of you and threaten them. Otherwise, they are not dangerous to anyone.

5) Baboons

Scientific Name Papio Hamadryas
Size Up to 0.5 m
Color Black and brown
Diet Omnivores
Location Sub-Saharan Africa

Probably the most dangerous species under monkeys. Baboons are diurnal and terrestrial animals that can destroy if they are in anger.

This species of monkey is harmful to anyone because their front canines can pierce the flesh out of the body. They can even kill anyone, even a human.

6) Aardvark

Scientific Name Orycteropus Afer
Size Up to 2.2 m
Color Yellowish- grey and stained reddish-brown color
Diet Carnivores
Location Sub-Saharan Africa

A medium-sized burrowing animal found in Africa, the aardvark is a species of anteater that is identified by its long face. They are nocturnal animals that love to munch on ants and termites.

These animals are aggressive and can escape instantly if threatened. Moreover, they can also attack you within minutes if you provoke them.

7) Baird’s Tapir

Baird's Tapir
Baird’s Tapir
Scientific Name Tapirus Bairdii
Size Up to 2m in length
Color Brown, Cream, and Black
Diet Herbivores
Location Mexico, Central America, and Northwest South America

A distinctive species with colored markings on the face with a trunk-like structure here is Baird’s tapir species present on Earth. This species of amphibian is truly unique as you have never imagined and thought of it.

Tapir is the largest species that are commonly found in America and the largest land mammal in Central and South America. Like every other animal, they are not dangerous but they can attack if you threatened them.

8) Pig nosed turtle

Pig nosed turtle
Pig nosed turtle
Scientific Name Carettochelys Insculpta
Size 0.70-0.75 m
Color Grey to olive green
Diet Herbivores
Location Northern Australia, Irian Jaya, and Southern New Guinea

Everyone has always seen turtles with small round face that is adorable. Turtles are well-known for their slow speed.

However, one such species of turtle exists in the world that has a pig-nose-like structure, it is none other than a pig-nosed turtle that has made its way to the bizarre animals found on Earth.

They are omnivores animals that mostly munch on fruit and leaves and sometimes on things present around them. However, pig-nosed turtles can hurt you well if you provoke them to attack.

9) Giraffe

Scientific Name Giraffa Cameloparadalis
Size Up to 5.5 m
Color Cream, Orange, Red, and brown
Diet Herbivores
Location Sub-Saharan Africa

With a long neck and a face, this large-sized animal is one of the most hoofed mammals found in Animal kingdoms. Giraffe is one of the tallest animals whose legs are more than 6 feet in height.

So, you know they are dangerous. Even if they stepped on someone in a fun way, they will kill them instantly. Moreover, giraffes are cute and fun-loving animal who loves to socialize also. 

10) Giant Anteaters

Giant Anteater
Giant Anteater
Scientific Name Myrmecophaga Tridactyla
Size 1.8-2.4 m
Color Grayish Brown
Diet Carnivores
Location Central and South America

Among the largest anteaters on Earth, Giant ant eater can reach a height of 6-8 feet and likes to munch on ants and termites. This giant species is the most threatened mammal in America that shows an unusual face shape.

Their trunk-like nose helps them to navigate where the food is. By seeing their size, nobody can dare to see them as they can kill you instantly.

11) Borzoi

Scientific Name Canis Lupus Familiaris
Size 0.75-0.85 m
Color White, Brown, Cream, and Red
Diet Omnivores
Location Russia

We have always seen dogs as cute animal that makes your life meaningful. Dogs are the messenger of gods that you can’t resist cuddling. Have you ever seen a dog with a long face?

If not, Borzoi is one such dog that shows a long face with a hairy body. The shape of their face makes them unusual to imagine. Borozi are not at all dangerous but if you threaten them, they can harm you well.

12) Horses

Scientific Name Equus Caballus
Size 1.42-1.63 m
Color Brown, Black, White
Diet Herbivores
Location Everywhere except Antarctica

Horses are domesticated animal that is known for their strong masculine body and speed. Although, there are more than 4000 horse species found in the world, one thing every species shares is a long face with a big nose.

You will always see horses with long sturdy legs and big masculine bodies. Horses are perfect mammals that show sheer strength and discipline. However, one should always take care of them as they can be potentially harmful to you.

13) Southern Tamandua

Southern Tamandua
Southern Tamandua
Scientific Name Tamandua Tetradactyla
Size 0.53-0.8 m
Color Brown to Blond
Diet Carnivores
Location Guyana, Suriname, French Guiana, Brazil, and Paraguay

Another species of anteater that has taken the hype to a different level. Tamandua is an anteater that features gray, creme, and black color on its body with a long face.

Although, they look cute by their looks. However, anteaters are omnivores so they don’t think before hurting you. It is better to keep yourself to safer place when you are around them.

14) Bilby

Scientific Name Macrotis Lagotis
Size Upto 0.5 m in length
Color Grey and Pink
Diet Omnivores
Location Great Sandy, Gibson, and Tanami

Bilby is a rabbit-like mammal that is mostly found in dry areas of the world. This small-sized animal is active throughout the day. However, they like to hunt at night time.

They live in burrows and munch on both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. Probably this animal is the smallest in the list of animals with long faces.

15) Emperor fish


Scientific Name Lethrinus Miniatus
Size Up to 0.4 m
Color  Yellow, Cream, Brown, and Orange
Diet Omnivores
Location East Africa, Japan, Australia, and Red Sea

Emperor fish is well known for its significant color combination. The overall look of this fish makes it stand out among other fishes with similar body color and stand. The unique body pattern justifies its name and give it a decent look.

Are Animals With Long Faces Dangerous?

Most of the animals with long faces are not dangerous, but some animals, like moose, are wild and should be avoided.

Many short or marine animals have very long faces, which helps to capture tiny prey like small insects. However, the long faces of gigantic animals like giraffes and moose help them eat leaves from trunks.


There are a lot of animals yet to be discovered. We will see their unusual appearance, body shapes, diet, and more. Here in this article, we have specifically covered animals with long faces to enlighten about every animal on Earth.

We can conclude from this topic that one should always take care of the animals and themselves because no one knows what animal can be harmful to us. It is crucial to take care of ourselves first.

Always try to do proper research before making contact with any animal. We hope that you like this article, and we will be back with another interesting article. Till then, stay tuned with us.

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