60 Beautiful Black, Red, Blue, Purple & Pink Butterfly On Earth (Updated)

The mesmerizing butterflies are a jewel to your eye. Seeing them moving around you drowns into a questionnaire. It can be on the luck they are associated with, the chances of good luck, or anything you feel for yourself. 

Butterflies are the best companions you can have. Although they are not long-lived, you will still have many beautiful moments with them. Their eye-catching color, wiggling movements, and mesmerizing body design will make you fall in love with them. 

The coloration of their body will make you see the beautiful butterfly in your garden, your workplace, or anywhere you wish to. 

However, being a delicate animal, you must take care of them as their wings are delicate. If you try to hold them, their wings will break down and separate. 

Always make sure to see them rather than touch them. Here in this article, we have enlisted many butterflies of different colors to give you some mesmerizing minutes. So, let’s get started with this article.

60 Beautiful Black, Red, Blue, Purple & Pink Butterfly On Earth

Most Beautiful Black Butterflies

1) Funereal Duskywing

Funereal Duskywing
Funereal Duskywing
Scientific Name Erynnis Funeralis
Size 3.3-4.5 cm
Geographical Location United States
Identification Bright white fringe on the hindwings

Black is a dominant color that will bring grace to your eyes. Have you ever seen a black colored butterfly? If not, the funereal dusky wing is one such species that will mesmerize you with its beauty.

Commonly found in Texas, Southwest to Argentina, this species has set its name among the most beautiful species 

2) Wild Indigo Duskywing

Wild Indigo Duskywing
Wild Indigo Duskywing
Scientific Name Erynnis Baptisiae
Size 3.3 cm
Geographical Location Southern New England to Georgia
Identification Upperside of forewing is dark

Wild indigo is a species of black butterflies that are rapidly increasing in the world.

Their wing design is attractive and has different patterns on it such as black-white linings, dotted, and much more. They show variation in their colors in different lighting.

3) Common Sootywing

Common Sootywing
Common Sootywing | Credit: Jacy Lucier (commons.wikimedia) (CC BY-SA 4.0)
Scientific Name Pholisora Catullus
Size 2.5-3.3 cm
Geographical Location United States
Identification Dark and blackish color with small white spots on the wings

Another species under the umbrella of beautiful black butterflies, the Common Sootywing is the most beautiful black butterfly you can ever discover through your eyes.

This species is comparatively smaller than other butterflies of the same category. Although, they are magnificent through their design and body colorations.

4) Zebra Longwing

Zebra Longwing
Zebra Longwing
Scientific Name Heliconius Charithonia
Size 7.2-10 cm
Geographical Location Alabama
Identification White bands on black body

If you have seen a zebra, you must spot this butterfly easily. It is similar to a zebra in terms of black and white linings spread all over its body.

This butterfly species is amongst the most beautiful black butterflies you can ever imagine. They are medium-sized and are easily found in Alabama.

5) Polydamas Swallowtail

Polydamas Swallowtail
Polydamas Swallowtail
Scientific Name Battus Polydamas
Size 9.14- 11.68 cm
Geographical Location South America and Mexico
Identification Black color above large submarginal yellow band

A vibrant species of butterfly with black and yellow colored patches on the body. Polydamas Swallowtail is a species of butterfly that is considered one of the most beautiful butterfly species present on earth.

This species commonly belongs to the swallowtail group of butterflies and are mostly seen in April and November.

6) Red-Bordered Pixie

Red-Bordered Pixie
Red-Bordered Pixie | Credit: Carlos Funes (inaturalist)
Scientific Name Melanis Pixe
Size 3.8-4.4 cm
Geographical Location South Texas to Costa Rica
Identification Tip of forewing has yellow, orange, and red spots

Red-bordered pixie is a beautiful tri-colored butterfly with a dominant black color on the body.

They are one such species found in the butterflies with a magnificent black color and a stunning look that will surely mesmerize you. This creature is quite rare to find.

7) Common Roadside Skipper

Scientific Name Amblyscirtes Vialis
Size 2.2- 3.2 cm
Geographical Location British Colombia
Identification Upperside is black with small white spots at tip of the frewing

A beautiful multi-colored species belongs to the family of Hesperiidae in butterflies. Common roadside skipper is commonly found in British Colombia to nearby places.

Moreover, this species is mostly present in dry, open places on Earth.

8) Crimson Patch

Crimson Patch
Crimson Patch
Scientific Name Chlosyne Janais
Size 4.8-6.7 cm
Geographical Location Colombia to Central America
Identification Crimson red patch on half of the wing

Justifying its name with a stunning look, the crimson patch is a species of butterflies that are found in Colombia.

This black creature is beautiful and has a gradient body coloration that you will find fascinating too. Although, you can also find them in dark brown color.

9) Golden Headed Scallopwing

Scientific Name Staphylus Ceos
Size 2.4-2.9 cm
Geographical Location Central America
Identification Golden-orange head on black-colored body

Resembling a queen with a golden crown, here is a golden-headed scallopwing to the list. This amazing species of butterfly is truly mesmerizing and worth your sight.

Although, they are rare to see their beautiful coloration makes them unique and amazing. You want to keep them as pets only by seeing them.

10) Indra Swallowtail

Indra Swallowtail
Indra Swallowtail
Scientific Name Papilio Indra
Size 6.2-7.2 cm
Geographical Location California, Nevada, Arizona, and Washington
Identification Black abdomen with a small pale yellow stripe

Another swallowtail with a slight difference. Indra swallowtail is a species of butterfly with light and dark colored blue spots on its lower wings with a vibrant black color all over the body

. This amazing species is truly a treat to your eyes that you want to have.

11) Red Spotted Admiral

Red Spotted Admiral
Red Spotted Admiral
Scientific Name Limenitis Arthemis
Size 7.6-9.1 cm
Geographical Location North America
Identification Black and Midnight blue color with small white spots

A fairly common species found in the United States, the Red-spotted admiral is a beautiful black species found on Earth.

These species carry partially black wings with some hues of blue color. The different level of blue color is visible on the wings which makes this species fascinating.

12) Lorquin’s Admiral

Lorquins Admiral
Lorquins Admiral
Scientific Name Limenitis Lorquini
Size 4.7- 7.1 cm
Geographical Location Upper Sonoran to Canadian Zone, East to Western Montana
Identification Upperside is black with white median bands

Here is Lorquin’s Admiral, a common black butterfly found in Western US. This species has a history of discovery in California.

The growth rate of this species is growing day by day with white and orange dots all over the wings. These butterflies are easily seen in almost every habitat.

13) Laurel Swallowtail

Wild Indigo Duskywing
Wild Indigo Duskywing
Scientific Name Papilio Palamedes
Size 11.4-13 cm
Geographical Location Southwest Virginia to Louisiana and Texas
Identification White spots and linings on the forewing

Swallowtails are well-known butterfly species with a black color on earth. They are small-medium-sized butterflies with a wingspan of up to 5 inches is truly amazing.

Although the dominant color is black still some hues of brown and blue color are visible if seen from a specific angle.

14) Baltimore Checkerspot

Baltimore Checkerspot
Baltimore Checkerspot
Scientific Name Euphydryas Phaeton
Size Up to 6.35 cm
Geographical Location Maryland and Canada
Identification Black wings with white spots in the middle

Among the common nature species found on Earth, here is Baltimore Checkerspot made it to the list of black butterflies on Earth.

This species of butterfly is common in Maryland as well as in Canada. The brown coloring is visible on hindwings with a dominant black color.

15) Spicebush Swallowtail

Scientific Name Papilio troilus
Size Wingspan is about 3 to 4 inches
Geographical Location Primarily found in the eastern United States
Identification Both males and females have a unique green-blue or bright-blue moon-shaped marking on their wings.

The forewings of the beautiful spicebush swallowtail are bordered by cream-colored, oval spots, and the middle portion of the wing may have moon-shaped, light blue spots.

Spicebush swallowtails mainly feed on the spicebush (Lindera benzoin) and white sassafras (Sassafras albidum).

In their early stages, they resemble bird droppings to evade predators. In their later stages, they turn yellow-green and develop black dots on a swollen thorax, giving them the appearance of common green snakes.

Adult spicebush swallowtails practice mimicry by resembling the pipevine swallowtail (Battus philenor), a butterfly known for its foul taste.

16) Red rim butterfly

Scientific Name Biblis hyperia
Size Around 2-3 inches
Geographical Location Spread across several regions in the United States
Identification Red rim butterflies display a velvety-black forewing

The red-rim butterfly belongs to a monotypic genus, meaning it’s the only recognized species within this genus.

Their flight season coincides with the warmer months, closely linking them to subtropical forests.

The most striking feature of the red rim butterfly is its pinkish-red band. These vivid and contrasting marks set them apart.

The caterpillars of the red-rim butterfly are gray-brown with green protrusions and spikes.

Most Beautiful Red Butterflies

1) Blood-red Glider

Blood-red Glider
Blood-red Glider | Credit: Charles J. Sharp (commons.wikimedia) (CC BY-SA 4.0)
Scientific Name Cymothoe Sangaris
Size NA
Geographical Location Central Africa
Identification Bright red wings with brown body

A dazzling species of red butterfly found in Africa. This species of butterfly is truly a treat to your eyes.

The magnificent red color of this butterfly makes it amongst the rare and admiral species of butterflies found on earth. You will surely be amazed by the distinctive red color on the body.

2) Red Lacewing Butterfly

Red Lacewing Butterfly
Red Lacewing Butterfly
Scientific Name Cethosia Biblis
Size 8-9 cm
Geographical Location Australia, New Guinea, and nearby islands
Identification Black lacy texture on endings of the forewing

As the name says, the red-laced winged butterfly has a dominant red-colored body with a black ending or a lacy texture on their wings.

This species of butterfly belongs to a family of Nymphalidae and is admired by many. These butterflies can be easily seen across Australia.

3) Postman Butterfly

Postman Butterfly
Postman Butterfly
Scientific Name Heliconius Melpomene
Size 3.5 – 3.9 cm
Geographical Location Mexico, Central, and South America
Identification Black with red or yellow stripes on forewings

Have you ever seen a butterfly with petite wing size and red color? If not, the postman butterfly is a perfect example of species with red color.

This species of butterfly has a finely distributed red color with silhouette patterns all over its wings. Truly, they are a treat to your eyes because of their design and color patterns.

4) Peacock Butterfly

Peacock Butterfly
Peacock Butterfly
Scientific Name Aglais IO
Size Up to 6.85 cm
Geographical Location England and Wales
Identification Brown red wings with large peacock feather-like eyespot

A mesmerizing butterfly that truly justifies its name. As a peacock is beautiful, this butterfly is beautiful too.

The big-sized pattern spread all over the wings makes this species of butterfly one of the most unique and sometimes terrifying too. Overall, you will surely be pleased by looking at this amazing butterfly.

5) Scarlet Butterfly

Scarlet Butterfly
Scarlet Butterfly
Scientific Name Axiocerses Tjoane
Size 2.4- 3.2 cm
Geographical Location Central America
Identification A distinctive red patch with a black gradient at the endings

A cute butterfly with a unique color pattern on the body. Here is Scarlett butterfly to the list of most beautiful red butterflies present in the world.

This species features feathery light red wings with darker endings equally divided all over their wings. So, you will be mesmerized by looking at this amazing species of butterfly.

6) Natal Acraea

Scientific Name Acrea Natalica
Size 5.5- 6.5  cm
Geographical Location South-West Africa and Zimbabwe
Identification Bright-colored body with black spots

Among the red butterflies of the world that are commonly found in Africa. Natal acraea is a species of butterfly that is commonly found in Zimbabwe in high numbers.

They show specific body colorations from red to light red to yellow uniformly spread all over their body. The red nuances on the wings make this species easily spottable and beautiful.

7) Reddish Mapwing

Scientific Name Hypanartia Trimaculata
Size 5.8- 7.0 cm
Geographical Location NA
Identification Body is covered with red colored and at the upper corner of the wings it has black in color with small white spots

Reddish Mapwing is another species of red butterfly that will surely mesmerize your mind just by seeing it.

This amazing species of butterfly has a beautiful hue of red crimson color with little black spots spread all over its body.

However, this species shows brown coloring too depending upon the level of pigmentation.

8) Flamingo Leafwing

Scientific Name Anaea Troglodyta Floridalis
Size 7.6- 7.8 cm
Geographical Location Florida
Identification Red colored body with black and purple hues at the ending

Depicting a leaf-like structure, the flamingo leafwing is a species of butterfly found in Mexico and Brazil.

Black margins are a rare species. The bright red color is visible on their front wings with a slightly darker color at the endings.

9) Cramer’s Mesene

Cramer’s Mesene
Cramer’s Mesene | Credit: Rob Foster (inaturalist)
Scientific Name Mesene Phareus
Size 0.63- 2.54 cm
Geographical Location Central and South America
Identification Crimson color with black linings at the end

One of the most beautiful butterflies you can ever discover through your eyes. Cramer’s Mesene butterfly is a common species covered with red color in America.

This species is easily identified by its crimson-red color with black margins at the endings. This species has smaller morphs present with slight color variations.

10) Goatweed leafwing

Scientific Name Anaea andria
Size Approximately 2.25-3 inches
Geographical Location North America
Identification The forewings are hooked while the hind wings are short and pointed.

Females display an irregular lighter submarginal band and broader darker margins. The forewing exhibits a distinctive hook (falcate), and both hindwings boast short, pointed, backward-projecting tails.

When handled, adult butterflies often play dead, as the undersides of their wings are designed to mimic dead leaves, providing excellent camouflage.

In flight, goatweed butterflies are known for their swift and erratic movements, adding to their allure.

11) Fiery satyr

Scientific Name Lasiophila orbifera
Size Wingspan ranges from around 5-9 cm
Geographical Location Native of the cloud forests of South America
Identification Heavily scalloped hind wings, which, when viewed from the underside, closely resemble bits of curled-up, dead brown foliage.

These captivating butterflies are commonly observed in flight along roadsides and wide forest trails.

When young these butterflies exhibit a stunning deep red hue. However, exposure to sunlight over time causes this vibrant red to fade into a more subdued and insipid orange-brown tone.

Their feeding habits are versatile; they can be found indulging in rotting fruit on the forest floor, visiting flowers, or occasionally feeding on dung or carrion.

Most Beautiful Blue Butterflies

1) Ulysses Butterfly

Scientific Name Papilio Ulysses
Size 10-13 cm
Geographical Location Northern Queensland, Australia, and Papua New Guinea
Identification Bright blue patch in the middle of the wing with black border at the outer side

Ulysses butterfly is a beautiful morph of a very famous butterfly. This amazing butterfly shows a beautiful gradient of the two colors with a slight difference from the other species.

They are also considered large swallowtail butterflies in Australia. Just a look at them is enough to make your day perfect!

2) Blue Mormon

Blue Mormon
Blue Mormon
Scientific Name Papilio Polymnestoe
Size 12-15 cm
Geographical Location South India and Sri Lanka
Identification Bluish-white hue at the end with black small spots

Declared a state butterfly, the blue mormon is a joyous species of butterfly found in India and Sri Lanka.

Maharashtra has declared species of butterfly as their state butterfly. They have velvet, black wings with beautiful small blue spots all over.

3) Spangle Swallowtail

Spangle Swallowtail
Spangle Swallowtail | Credit: © Paulmathi Vinod (inaturalist)
Scientific Name Papilio Protenor
Size 11-13 cm
Geographical Location India
Identification Stripes pattern with gradient metallic color

Spangle swallowtail is a species of butterfly that has a unique design with mesmerizing color. This amazing species of butterfly is commonly found in India.

You will surely be amazed after seeing this amazing creature flying nearby. Although, don’t try to touch them as their velvet might get stuck to your fingers like every other butterfly.

4) Clipper Butterfly

Clipper Butterfly
Clipper Butterfly
Scientific Name Parthenos Sylvia Lilacinus
Size 4.8- 7.5 cm
Geographical Location India, Sri Lanka, and Myanmar
Identification Black, blue, and white patches on wings

One of the most beautiful blue butterflies found on earth, here is the clipper butterfly to the list. It is one of the ex*tic species of butterfly found on earth with a distinctive texture and a beautiful blue color.

This species is well-known for its broad discal band of large white spots spread all over the wing. You will be amazed to see this butterfly.

5) Sapho Longwing

Sapho Longwing
Sapho Longwing
Scientific Name Heliconius Sapho
Size Up to 10 cm
Geographical Location Mexico southward to Ecudaor
Identification A white patch on the upper endings of the wings 

Like every butterfly, the Sapho longwing is among the most beautiful blue butterfly species you can ever discover through your eyes.

Because of the distinctive blue color on their wings, this species has truly made its name on the list.

The unique division of white and blue color on the wings makes them stand out from other blue butterflies present on Earth.

6) Blue Spotted Charaxes

Blue Spotted Charaxes
Blue Spotted Charaxes | Credit: Mark Liptrot (inaturalist)
Scientific Name Charaxes Cithaeron
Size 7-9.5 cm
Geographical Location South-east Africa
Identification A magnificent blue hue in different shades with a white patch at the end

Here is blue spotted charaxes, a beautiful species of butterfly found on Earth. Like every other butterfly, this species is different in many ways.

It has a unique body color with a unique pattern that makes it pretty ultimately. The difference in the pattern makes this butterfly the most beautiful.

7) Great Mormon Swallowtail

Great Mormon Swallowtail
Great Mormon Swallowtail
Scientific Name Papilio Memnon
Size Up to 13.5 cm
Geographical Location Southern Asia
Identification Black lining texture on velvet dark blue color

Swallowtails are well-known for their ultimate beauty with distinctive features. The great Mormon swallowtail is native to South Asian countries.

Mostly this species is well-known for its unique pattern and wing cut that makes people stare at them a little more. The unique design and pattern make swallowtails among the most beautiful species of butterflies on Earth.

8) Blue Cracker

blue cracker
Blue Cracker
Scientific Name Hamadryas Arinome
Size NA
Geographical Location Caribbean Area, Central America, and South America
Identification Blue-white spots patterns covered all over the wings

Blue crackers are truly a magical species found on Earth. This unique species resembles a bursting firecracker of blue color.

The dense blue, white, and black colored spots present on their wings are truly magical and mesmerizing to look at. You will surely be amazed by their overall looks.

9) Eastern Tailed Blue

Eastern Tailed Blue
Eastern Tailed Blue
Scientific Name Cupido Comyntas
Size 2.1 – 2.9 cm
Geographical Location America
Identification Blue colored wings with black lining as a boundary

A cute little butterfly with yellow lining at their wings. Here is the eastern-tailed blue butterfly that is surely a treat to your eyes.

This cute species of butterfly is commonly found in North America and are identified by the yellow lining on their wings. It is a member of the Gossamer-winged butterfly group.

10) Summer Azure

Summer Azure
Summer Azure
Scientific Name Celastrina Neglecta
Size 2.4-2.9 cm
Geographical Location Alabama
Identification Upper side with an iridescent blue and black border

A mesmerizing light blue colored species of butterfly that is considered one of the most beautiful blue butterflies you can ever see.

This species is comparatively smaller in size with a distinctive black and blue gradient at the end of their wings.

They are commonly found everywhere in the world but a majority of them reside in Alabama. This butterfly loves to munch on flower buds and entire flowers.

11) Adonis Blue

Adonis Blue
Adonis Blue
Scientific Name Polyommatus Bellargus
Size 3 cm
Geographical Location Palearctic Realm
Identification Blue-colored wings with white and black linings

Among the rarest blue butterflies found in the United Kingdom, Adonis Blue is one such species that will surely fill your heart with grace.

This light-blue-colored butterfly species will make you fall in love with it with its cute looks and body color.

12) Southern White Admiral

Scientific Name Limenitis Reducta
Size 5.5- 6.5 cm
Geographical Location Central European Countries
Identification Underside of the wings with striking colors

Southern White admiral is another species of butterfly found on Earth. They are magical and beautiful both at the same time.

Their unique design and pattern make them easily distinguished from other species. They show a contrasting color with white patches all over their body.

13) Pipevine Swallowtail

Pipevine Swallowtail
Pipevine Swallowtail
Scientific Name Battus Philenor
Size 7-13 cm
Geographical Location North and Central America
Identification Fairly short hindwing tails

A mesmerizing butterfly species with a fantastic blue coloration this species is among the most beautiful blue butterflies found on Earth.

This beautiful butterfly species has an amazing blue hue at the end of its wings that makes this butterfly unique.

Also, the presence of black, orange, and white spots at the end makes this species cute and mesmerizing at the same time.

14) Large Blue

Large Blue
Large Blue
Scientific Name Phengaris Arion
Size Up to 5 cm
Geographical Location Europe, Altai, North-western Kazakhstan, and Sichuan
Identification A vibrant circled pattern on a blue base

An amazing blue butterfly with a decent black border is present at the endings. Here is a Large blue butterfly belonging to a species of Lycaenidae species.

They were first discovered in the year 1795 in Britain. The coloration of blue, black, and white gives this species a unique look. Overall, you will surely be mesmerized by this beautiful species.

15) Rhetus arcius

Scientific Name Rhetus arcius
Size Approximately 2 inches
Geographical Location South America
Identification Jet-black butterfly with deep blue hindwings.

These neotropical butterflies are wonders of nature, with their deep blue coloring against a black background, creating a captivating appearance.

Another eye-catching feature is the long, slender extension of their hind wings, giving them an almost fairy-like appearance.

16) Arizona Red-spotted

Scientific Name Limenitis arthemis arizonensis
Geographical Location Southwestern United States
Identification Dark blue and black butterflies with light spots on the edges.

Commonly referred to as the Red-spotted purple butterfly, it is found along creeks and streambeds.

Arizona Red-spotted butterfly is known for its distinct wing shape, particularly its pointier hindwings compared to other subspecies.

Most Beautiful Purple Butterflies

1) Pavon Emperor

Scientific Name Doxocopa Pavon
Size 5.6- 6.9 cm
Geographical Location South America and Texas
Identification Upperside male is iridescent purple colored

Pavon emperor is a beautiful species of butterfly with a distinctive purple color uniformly spread all over their body.

The beautiful purple color and design make this species among the most beautiful purple butterfly in the world.

They belong to a family of Nymphalidae and are commonly found in Paraguay.

2) Agathina Emperor

Agathina Emperor
Agathina Emperor
Scientific Name Doxocopa Agathina
Size 5 cm
Geographical Location Guyanas, Northern Brazil, and Amazon Region
Identification Small white spots on a dark purple base with black outer linings as lace

Similar to the pavon emperor, the Agathina emperor is another species listed under the pavon emperor butterfly species.

This species of butterfly can be easily found in Guyanas and Northern Brazil of the world. Although, you can discover them everywhere in the world majority of them reside in Brazil.

The beautiful coloration on their body makes this species stand out among other butterflies.

3) Purple Cerulean

Scientific Name Jamides Phaseli
Size NA
Geographical Location South Asia
Identification Deep blue/purple color with black margin

Another beautiful purple butterfly with a distinctive body design. Here is the Purple Cerulean butterfly to the list of purple butterflies in the world.

This species has a distinctive black velvet lining on the outer wing with different shades of purple uniformly spread all over its body.

4) Purple Beak

Scientific Name Libythea Geoffroy
Size 1.5 cm
Geographical Location India and Myanmar
Identification Upper wings of purple color while forewings of brown color

As the name says, this amazing butterfly is surely a treat to your eye. The majestic purple color resembles a laser color.

This butterfly is well known for their unique body coloration and metallic designs along with their size. You will consider yourself fortunate if you see this species through your eyes.

5) Purple Sapphire

Scientific Name Heliophorus Epicles
Size 2.8-3.4 cm
Geographical Location India
Identification Black base with red patch

Purple sapphire is another butterfly with a distinctive purple color. The butterflies of this species are truly mesmerizing in every way.

The design and color of their body make this species unique and worth watching.

6) Indian Purple Leafwing

Scientific Name Kallima Paralekta
Size 8.5-11 cm
Geographical Location India to Japan
Identification Purple color base with yellow and black coverage at the upper end

Resembling a leafwing, purple leafwing is truly majestic because of its unusual appearance as compared to other butterflies.

This butterfly shows a gradient color with purple color as dominant. You will be pleased by looking at this amazing species through your eyes.

7) Royal Assyrian

Scientific Name Terinos Terpander
Size 0.07-0.08 cm
Geographical Location Singapore
Identification Luminois purple color on upperwing

Royal Assyrian is among the beautiful purple butterflies found on Earth. This species of butterflies are rare in Singapore.

Although, they have encountered different reserves. Still, this species with a rich purple color makes them unique and perfect to find.

8) Florida Purplewing

Scientific Name Eunica Monima
Size Upto 5 cm
Geographical Location Southern Florida
Identification Upperside of both wings is brown with purple color in middle

Here is another purple butterfly to the list, Florida Purplewing is a species found in Texas and some parts of Kansas.

This butterfly shows a beautiful gradient of blue, purple, and brown color spread all over its wings with some little white dots. They also mimic dead leaves.

9) Purple Crow Butterfly

Scientific Name Euploea Tulliolus
Size 4-8 cm
Geographical Location Taiwan
Identification Petite body type with round wings from ending

A native to South Asian countries, this beautiful butterfly has enlisted its name among beautiful purple butterflies in the world.

The purple hue on its back gives this butterfly a special appearance that is visible at noon only.

However, like every animal, this species also moves from one place to another in search of food as a part of their migration.

10) Purple Owl Butterfly

Scientific Name Caligo Beltrao
Size Up to 12 cm
Geographical Location America
Identification Bright purple-blue mixed color in the middle with black and yellow patches sidewards

Among the largest and most purple-colored wings bearer, the purple owl butterfly is a beautiful purple butterfly that has a comparatively bigger wingspan.

The coloration of their wings makes this species stand out among other butterflies of the same coloration.

They also show slight orange color linings at the end of their forewings, this feature makes them easily judgable. These species munch on purple arrowroots too.

11) Superb Leafwing

Scientific Name Fountainea Nessus
Geographical Location Rainforests and cloud forests of the neotropical regions.
Identification It has a bright purple band on its forewings.

The genus Fountainea was named after the renowned entomologist Margaret Fountaine.

Fountainea nessus is a species known for its adaptability across a range of habitats. It thrives in both rainforests and cloud forests.

Its chrysalis is pale greenish, featuring wing cases edged in pale yellow and a distinctive barrel-shaped head and thorax.

12) Purple Mimic Butterfly

Scientific Name Anaea tyrianthina
Size Around 2 inches
Geographical Location Neotropical regions
Identification Vibrant violet-purple forewings with brownish-red hindwings

The forewings of this neotropical brush-footed butterfly boast a rich and eye-catching shade of purple.

The brownish-red hindwings offer a warm and earthy tone that blends seamlessly with its natural surroundings.

This striking coloration not only contributes to the butterfly’s visual appeal but also serves as a potential adaptation for camouflage or warning signals.

Most Beautiful Pink Butterflies

1) Noble Leafwing

Scientific Name Fountainea Nobilis
Size NA
Geographical Location Southern Mexico to Colombia
Identification Contrasting pink color with orange and brown spots

A beautiful and mesmerizing species of butterfly with pink color found in the Neotropical zone on this Earth.

Although, beautiful pink butterflies are rare to find this beautiful species is eye-catching. The vibrant pink color makes this species unique and rare to find.

2) Amblypodia Anita Parva

Scientific Name Amblypodia Anita
Size NA
Geographical Location Southeast Asian countries
Identification A slight mixture of pink, blue, and purple color in the middle with a brown body

With a slight coloration of pink color on their wings, Anita Parva is among the rarest pink butterflies you can ever witness.

The pink color is rare to find in the butterflies yet they show an excellent combination of pink and purple color on the wings. They are commonly found in South Asian countries.

3) Common rose

Scientific Name Pachliopta aristolochiae
Size Around 3-4 inches
Geographical Location South and Southeast Asia
Identification Predominately black with vibrant pink accents

The upper side of the Common Rose is characterized by a velvety black body with dull crimson or vibrant pink markings.

When threatened, the common rose emits a foul-smelling substance to reinforce its unappealing qualities.

It can be found at lower elevations, congregating around gardens, and even in urban areas.

4) Batesia hypochlora

Scientific Name Batesia hypochlora
Size Approximately 3-4 inches
Geographical Location Northern Amazon regions
Identification Large colorful butterfly with beautifully colored patterns

Batesia hypochlora is a captivating butterfly representing the sole member of its genus, Batesia.

The upper side of its wings is adorned with a blue hue, featuring a submarginal band in the same color encircling the outer edge of the hindwings.

You can spot them in the upper Amazon basin, where they thrive at altitudes ranging from about 200 to 1200 meters.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1) What does it mean when you see a purple and blue butterfly?

Ans. Seeing a purple and blue butterfly can have different interpretations depending on personal beliefs and cultural symbolism. The colors purple and blue can symbolize spirituality, wisdom, and higher consciousness.

Therefore, seeing a purple and blue butterfly may be seen as a sign of spiritual growth, the need for transformation, or the presence of divine guidance in your life.

2) What does the purple butterfly mean spiritually?

Ans. The purple butterfly represents transformation, spiritual growth, and transcendence. The color purple is often associated with higher consciousness, spirituality, and wisdom.

3) What kind of butterfly is a black and blue butterfly?

Rhetus arcius is a black and blue butterfly that can be commonly spotted in your neighborhood.

4) What is a black and red butterfly called?

Ans. A black and red butterfly is commonly known as the Red Admiral (Vanessa atalanta) butterfly. The wings of the Red Admiral are predominantly black with striking, bright red bands that cross both the forewings and hindwings.

5) What color butterfly means love?

Ans. The color that represents love in butterflies is generally red. Red butterflies symbolize passion, love, and romance.

6) What does the color pink mean spiritually?

Ans. Pink is associated with love, compassion, nurturing, and emotional healing. It represents qualities such as kindness, tenderness, and affection. Pink is often seen as a symbol of femininity and can also represent self-love and acceptance.

7) What is the rarest color butterfly?

Ans. Blue is the rarest color in butterflies.

8) What does the color red represent spiritually?

Ans. Red symbolizes courage, strength, and the life force within. It can also represent strong emotions such as love, desire, and anger.

9) What does a red butterfly mean spiritually?

Ans. Generally, a red butterfly may represent love, passion, and romance. It can symbolize powerful emotions, transformation, and the presence of love in your life.

10) What kind of butterfly is black and purple?

Ans. Superb Leafwing (Fountainea nessus) is a black and purple butterfly that can be found in the rainforests of neotropical regions.

11) What female butterfly is blue?

Ans. The female blue tiger (Tirumala limniace) is a vibrant blue butterfly.

12) Is the red-spotted purple butterfly rare?

Ans. The red-spotted purple butterfly (Limenitis arthemis) is not considered rare. It is a common butterfly in North America and can be found in various habitats, including woodlands, forests, and gardens.


Butterflies are truly magical and a messenger of god. Their beauty, wing cut, and body color justify their name and unusual appearances.

We have enlisted beautiful butterflies with different colors found on Earth. The unique patterns and body colorations give us a glance at the presence of different species of butterflies. The colorful morphs and the unique pattern tell a lot about their growth.

Here in this article, you can see the body colors and distinctive features that make these butterflies on the list of beautiful butterflies found on Earth. We hope that you will like this article. We will be back with another article in the future. Till then, stay tuned with us.


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