20 Beautiful Bugs That Are Purple in Color (Purple Insects 2023)

It’s a fact about the people who are scared of looking at a bug. Usually, this issue can arise from their thoughts on creepy-looking purple bugs all around. It can be an issue about people not emerging into the world of bugs and admiring them often.

Also, most people will not put a beautiful tag on an insect’s name unless it’s a butterfly. Putting insect names together with beauty words is a next-to-impossible task for them. 

Although butterflies are the most beautiful bugs you can ever witness yet, other species will surely make you awe. Their beauty and body design truly resonates with the word ‘beautiful’ So, here in this article, we’ve tried to introduce the list of 20 beautiful purple insects to the readers around us.

You will surely admire them just by looking at their appearance, their color, and cute sizes. So, without wasting any minute, let’s dive into this amazing article that will help us enlighten our thoughts on the beautiful bugs around us.

20 Beautiful Bugs That Are Purple in Color

1) Purple Emperor Butterfly

Purple Emperor Butterfly
Purple Emperor Butterfly
Scientific Name Apatura Iris
Size 7.5-8.4 cm
Location European countries
Danger Level No Danger

The purple Emperor butterfly is a magnificent butterfly that will attract you whenever it passes by. The beautiful butterfly flies high in the sky.

You can find this mesmerizing butterfly flying in Central-southern England and loves to munch on aphid honeydew. The impulsive color of this butterfly is enough to make you touch it once, you can do so because this butterfly is harmless.

2) Purple Shield Bug

Purple Shield Bug
Purple Shield Bug
Scientific Name Dolycoris Baccarum
Size 0.1-0.125 cm
Location Europe and Central Asia
Danger Level No Danger

Purple shield bug is a unique species that comprises a shield structure figure on its back.

They are unique as they possess antennae like every other insect. Black and white colored bands are also visible on the body of the bug.

Also, for creepy texture, this bug has hairs on the body and legs. Touching this bug can be creepy as it will give you thrills.

3) Purple Flower Beetle

Scientific Name Clorocala Oertzeni
Size 0.19-0.24 cm
Location Tanzania and Kenya
Danger Level No Danger

Purple flower beetle is commonly known as the jewel beetle found in the world. The beetle is truly unique and resembles a flower-shaped design.

The adult beetles of this species munch on fruits and leaves. They are commonly found in Tanzania and Kenya and have the potential to hurt you if you threaten them.

4) Cysteodemus Wislizeni

Scientific Name Cysteodemus Wislizeni 
Size 0.16 cm
Location Mexico
Danger Level No Danger

A creepy-looking bug that carries a shell-like structure on its back is amongst the most beautiful purple bugs in the world. Introducing Cysteodmeus Wislizeni is a species of blisters family of beetles.

Usually, this species is not harmful to humans as they don’t bite them. However, they will inject their cantharidin through their legs into the skin if you threaten them. If it bites, you will get blisters on your body.

5) Purple Longhorn Beetle

Purple Longhorn Beetle
Purple Longhorn Beetle
Scientific Name Cerambycidae
Size 0.15 cm
Location Asia
Danger Level No Danger 

Purple longhorn beetles are creepy at first sight. Just a look at this beetle is enough to scare you. The metallic purple color of the beetle is mesmerizing, yet the long antenna-like structure freaks you. Beetle is harmless to humans, but its look is enough to keep you away from its reach.

6) Purple Hairstreak

Purple Hairstreak
Purple Hairstreak
Scientific Name Neozephyrus Quercus
Size 3.2-3.8 cm
Location Alabama
Danger Level No Danger

A purple hairstreak is a beautiful butterfly that is easily found in the southern area of the world. The Hairstreak butterfly is truly mesmerizing due to its eternal coloration and beauty. If you are planning to see this creature in real, you can find them flying in the evening of the summer season.

7) Notch-Mouthed Ground Beetle

Scientific Name Dicaelus Purpuratus
Size 0.20- 0.25 cm
Location North America
Danger Level No Danger

A nocturnal beetle that looks deadly yet mesmerizing. The handsome Notch mouthed ground beetle is a creature that tends to hunt at night.

Most people conclude its color is blue, green, or purple; it depends upon the angle you see. This species has wise jaws that help in eating the prey well.

8) Nuttall’s Blister Beetle

Scientific Name Lytta Nuttalli
Size 0.15 – 0.22 cm
Location Canada and the United States
Danger Level Painful Bite

Another fascinating beetle on the list. Here is Nuttall’s Blister Beetle, a species of beetle causing blisters on its body.

The cause behind blisters is that the presence of cantharidin can cause blisters when touched. However, this only happens when the beetles feel fear nearby.

9) Purple Tiger Beetle

Scientific Name Cicindela Purpurea
Size 0.12-0.16 cm
Location New Jersey and Oklahoma
Danger Level No Danger

Another species of purple bug that looks justified is its name. Introducing the Purple tiger beetle, a species that mastered poking its head out when it experiences any kind of threat.

This species shows purple color when seen at a particular angle. They have typically shown emergence patterns; some adult beetles are shown in particular seasons. With a considering height and a distinctive coloration, this species has aced its name.

10) Pavon Emperor

Scientific Name Doxocopa Pavon
Size 5.6 – 6.9 cm
Location South America 
Danger Level No Danger

A species of butterfly that can be easily found in the United States of America. You can witness this species covered in brown color. However, it also shows a vibrant purple color with two white bands and a brown body in the middle.

Usually, the purple coloration is visible in females rather than males. Overall, you will surely be mesmerized by its beauty.

11) Chlorocala Africana

Scientific Name Smaragdesthes Africana
Size 0.19-0.24 cm
Location Afrotropical Region
Danger Level No Danger

A species of beetle is a flower species found in the world. The species is commonly found in the world with an elongated body in different shades of metallic purple and green color.

Sometimes, you can also see them in shades of red along with other colors. With a considerable variation in the colors, scientists have made approximately 89 observations to date to classify them properly. Overall, this species is harmless to humans, but you should never try to poke them.

12) Neoptilia Tora

Scientific Name Senna Tora
Size 0.62 – 0.7 cm
Location United States
Danger Level No Danger

Neoptilia Tora is another beautiful species found in the world with mesmerizing looks that will surely leave your jaw dropped. The amazing purple color of its larva gives you the desired look of the species.

However, with its distinctive looks, you will never find it creepy. However, its squishy purple larva is cute with a mesmerizing purple color. Overall, neoptilia tora is a beautiful bug with every kind of enhanced feature you can ever witness in a bug.

13) Spintherophyta Violaceipennis

Scientific Name Spintherophyta Violaceipennis
Size 0.4 cm
Location Southern Arizona, Mexico, and California
Danger Level No Danger

Spintherophyta Violaceippenis is another species of bug that you will find extraordinary just by its looks. This beautiful species of beetle rely on leaves for munching.

This bug shows rainbow metallic colors on its body with distinctive embedded limbs. This species of bug are widely divided from southern Arizona and California south to Mexico. This species has truly aced the title of the most beautiful bug in the world.

14) Purple Owl-Butterfly

Scientific Name Caligo Beltrao
Size 0.12 cm
Location Brazil
Danger Level No Danger

Have you ever thought of purple bugs that show coloration like an owl? If not, here is the Purple Owl butterfly to the list. It is another species of beautiful bug that will make you think about its extreme beauty.

This species is big as compared to other similar species present on Earth. Commonly found in Brazil, you will find this species everywhere.

15) Pseudaplemonus Limonii

Scientific Name Pseudaplemonus Limonii
Size 0.28 – 0.4 cm
Location Europe and Northwest Africa
Danger Level No Danger

Psuedaplemonus Limonii is a species of bug belonging to the Apioninae subfamily. Commonly, this species was found living on sea lavender and the coastlines.

Generally, the color you see on the body of this species comes from the food it takes. The color transforms into other metallic colors that will make this species one of the rarest and most beautiful in the world. Although, you must be well aware of its response to humans if provoked.

16) Chrysocharis Asiaticus

Scientific Name Chryocharis Asiaticus
Size 0.15 – 0.17 cm
Location Holarctic region
Danger Level No Danger

With a cape of metallic purple covering the species, chrysophanic asiaticus is another species that will surely get you to the hype. Belonging to the leaf beetle family, this species is endemic to South Africa.

This species is likely to munch on a variety of insects; sometimes, they can also eat smaller poisonous insects. You will find this species fascinating, and sometimes, they show different colors like green sheen.

17) Steel-Blue Grapevine Flea Beetle

Scientific Name Altica Torquata’
Size 7.62- 10.16 cm
Location Central America, North America, and Oceania 
Danger Level No Danger

Another species of beetle looks similar to a black grape with a purple color. Steel blue grapevine flea beetle is a species that is commonly found in the United States and Arizona.

The formulated purple bugs are small in size but give a threatening look. You will find this species equipped with hairy legs that look like a robot. Although this species is harmless to humans, its terrifying visuals will make you scared to touch it once.

18) Agathina Emperor

Scientific Name Doxocopa Agathina
Size Up to 5.08 cm
Location Brazil
Danger Level No Danger 

One of the most beautiful butterflies that you can ever witness through your eyes, introducing Agathina Emperor is a species of butterfly found in Guyanas, Northern Brazil, and in Amazon.

This species lives in close association with other animals. It shows a unique bow-like structure with a gradient color combination.

19) Dingy Purplewing

Scientific Name Eunica Monima
Size 0.20- 0.21 cm
Location USA
Danger Level Risky

A beautiful butterfly is a small, tropical species found in the United States and southern parts of Florida. You will find this species in the flowers of the guava plant.

Dingy Purplewing is a diurnal species that stay in the interiors of shady hammocks. You will get intrigued by its eternal beauty that resembles prints on glass.

20) Freyer’s Purple Emperor

Freyer’s Purple Emperor
Freyer’s Purple Emperor
Scientific Name Apatura Metis
Size 0.75 – 0.84 cm
Location Europe 
Danger Level No Danger 

Freyer’s purple emperor is a species of butterfly that is commonly found in Bulgaria and other parts of the world. The name truly justifies its overall look, as this species has turned out to be fascinating with mind-blowing patterns.

This butterfly is harmless to humans. However, one should be careful of these species as they are delicate.


Bugs are amazing creatures. However, one should be aware of the danger level towards them and their responses. They should understand the nature of the purple bugs enlisted and how they will react to any action. Bugs are a species of animals that are small in size yet terrifying and deadly too. 

Their eternal beauty is the only thing that makes you want to touch them once. However, certain species can be deadly to you. It is better to maintain a distance and always admire them for keeping these species feel protected and free.


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