Top 15 Smallest Rodents Worldwide (Can Keep As Pets) 2023

Call it a mouse, rat, or rodent; every name reminds you of a small creature with two erect ears and a long tail. These little creatures are usually found in brown and black color with small-sized bodies. We are talking about rodents, small creatures that can be a nightmare or can be a companion to your boring life. 

Feeding a rat is easy, as these little munchkins can eat anything offered to them. They will add excitement to your life with their adorable face. 

However, rodents come up with a variety of diseases that can be hard for your health. In this article, we have discovered the smallest rodents on Earth that can be kept as pets. So without delaying for a second, let’s dive into this article.

15 Smallest Rodents Worldwide (Can Keep As Pets)

15) Chinchilla

Scientific Name Chinchilla
Size 9-14 inches
Color Grey, Black, White, and many other
Location Rocky Slopes of Andes Mountains

Chinchilla is another rodent species that is perfect for keeping as a pet. They are the most enchanting rodents in the world. Chinchillas are social species that can form a vast society by their witty nature. 

Although, this species is found in two variants named Chilean chinchilla and chinchilla. These species live in harsh conditions; they love to develop themselves and have many years to go for their genetic development. Their soft, lush fur will make you touch them as much as you want. 

This species is not behind in the rapid growth of the population as they bred frequently.

14) Common Degu

Common Degu
Common Degu
Scientific Name Octodon Degus
Size 9.8-12.2 inches
Color Yellow-brown, Greyish-brown, and Greyish-white
Location  Chile

Here are common degu, another rodent species found in the world. Degu is as big as Guinea pigs but has fur and long tails. They are similar to oversized gerbil that looks adorable. They grow to 10-12 inches.

However, the common degu is a smart animal as it can adapt to nocturnal or diurnal conditions. Unlike human beings, this animal can suffer from diseases such as Alzheimer, Diabetes, Separation Anxiety, and ADHD. Overall, the common degu is an intriguing animal that will be your perfect companion.

13) Guinea Pig

Guinea Pig
Guinea Pig
Scientific Name Cavia Porcellus
Size 8-10 inches
Color Tan, Cream, Brown, Golden, Reddish, Black, Brown 
Location  Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Chile

Guinea pigs are one of the most liked rodent species on earth. This species is genuinely liked by everyone because of its cuteness and activities. Belonging to Native America, these cute little munchkins are liked by everyone. 

The short limbs, big head, and long ears make them win the list among other rodents in the world. Guinea pigs are active animals that like to eat vegetables, especially crunchy ones.

Although, they require less water in their diet unless the food given is moist. Guinea pigs are a good source of entertainment too. So, adding them to your house is a decent idea.

12) Siberian Chipmunk

Siberian Chipmunk
Siberian Chipmunk
Scientific Name Eutamias Sibiricus
Size 7.1-9.8 inches
Color Brown, White, Grey, and Black 
Location  North Asia to China, Japan, and Russia 

Siberian Chipmunk is a species that resembles a squirrel. Although this specie comes under the category of rodents, they are concluded as squirrels.

This animal is an omnivore that has large internal pouches to carry food items. These chipmunks are excellent climbers but are well known for exploiting resources.

11) Fancy Mouse

Fancy Mouse
Fancy Mouse
Scientific Name Mus Musculus Domestica
Size 5-7.5 inches 
Color Black, Brown, and White
Location  Europe and Asia

Looking for a domestic pet in the form of a rodent, Fancy Mouse would be a decent choice for you. These little animals are full of joy and adorable. They are small enough to keep in your pockets makes them amazing. This specie is full of enthusiasm and exhibits unique food habits.

Fancy Mouse can eat any food offered to them as they don’t rely on a single food item. They like to munch on veggies and fruits. However, the feeder must keep an eye on their diet as it can cause severe health issues also.

Fancy Mouse is perfect as a pet and would never cost you high to keep them.

10) Syrian Hamster

Scientific Name Mesocricetus Auratus
Size 5-7 inches
Color Golden
Location  Syria

Syrian hamsters, known as Golden hamsters, are the smallest pet rodent that you can add to your home. They are amazing companions that will never let you get bored. These hamsters stay awake during day time, which directly brings a positive aura to your home.

However, before bringing them to your home, it is necessary to understand their living conditions. These hamsters need ample space around themselves to enjoy.

A pet feeder also understands the financial requirements for these hamsters. Like every other rodent, their smelling power is amazing. If they smell the presence of any other rodent, they get upset.

9) Mongolian Gerbil

Mongolian Gerbil
Mongolian Gerbil
Scientific Name Meriones Unguiculatus
Size 4.3-5.1 inches
Color Argente Cream, Argente Golden, Black, Grey
Location  China, Mongolia, and the Russian Federation 

The Mongolian gerbil is another adorable rodent species found on Earth. These little mammals are quite intriguing due to their unique appearance. They are hardy and gentle animals that can be a perfect addition to your house. These little mammals are social animals that love to stay in groups.

Talking about their diet, they are herbivores and love to eat vegetables, leaves, grasses, and some flowering plants. Like the famous ruler moustache of Mongolia, these animals also have long moustaches that will give you a unique look in them.

However, before adding them to your love, make sure you know everything about them.

8) Asiatic Dwarf Hamsters

Asiatic Dwarf Hamsters
Asiatic Dwarf Hamsters
Scientific Name Phodopus
Size 3.3-4.7 inches
Color White, Grey, Brown, and Black
Location  deserts of Central Asia

Another specie of rodent found on earth is adorable and soft to the touch. Here are Asiatic Dwarf Hamsters found in Europe and Asia.

Like every hamster on earth, these little munchkins are active and love to socialize. You will mesmerize by their cuteness every time you see them playing around.

7) Chinese Hamster

Chinese Hamster
Chinese Hamster
Scientific Name Cricetulus Griseus
Size 3.54 inches
Color Grey, Brown
Location  China

Chinese hamsters are other small rodents that are native to China and Mongolia. Hamsters are small rodents that are adorable and witty. Chinese hamsters are small in size, they are not considered dwarfs just because they are small.

Typically Chinese hamsters are seen in black and brown color with some stripes going down their body. 

Like every other hamster, this species is also easy to care for and maintain as they don’t require any specific diet. Also, you will not spend hundreds of bucks on their housing as they can adjust themselves in any corner they find.

6) Desert Dormouse

Desert Dormouse
Desert Dormouse
Scientific Name Selevinia Betpakdalaensis
Size 3-3.9 inches
Color Orange and Brown
Location  All over the world

Dormouse is one such species of rat that are nocturnal and prefers to live in dry regions. However, if one tries to study them, it will be difficult to find out about them due to their secretive lifestyle.

A common mouse found in houses is the smallest land mammal that has a pointed snout and long tail.

Usually, they can grow to 4 inches or be as small as you can see in your homes. This rodent is an omnivore species that munch on bugs, fruits, nuts, and eggs.

5) African Dormouse

African Dormouse
African Dormouse
Scientific Name Graphiurus
Size 2.75-3.93 inches
Color Golden-brown 
Location  South Africa

An African Dormouse is a nocturnal animal that is commonly found in Africa and South Asian countries. This species is undoubtedly different due to its appearance from other rodents.

They have long hairy tails like foxes and petite bodies. This species comes under the most-liked species in the world that requires a permit to keep them as pets. 

Unlike other rodents, this species requires proper attention as they require specific living conditions. If you own one, make sure it is legally passed.

4) Northern Birch Mouse

Northern Birch Mouse
Northern Birch Mouse | Credit: AfroBrazilian (commons.wikimedia) (CC BY-SA 3.0)
Scientific Name Sicista Betulina
Size 21.9-3.75 inches
Color Black and Brown
Location  Asia and Europe

Birch mice are well known for their small size, which reaches up to 3 inches in total length. Usually, this unique small creature has an identity point on its body. They have a lack of stripe runs at their back and have tan fur.

These rodents have a rapid reproduction rate that can give birth to a distinct count of babies at one time. In winter, this species undergoes hibernation and spends its winter under the land. They can eat fruits, veggies, meat, or even dairy products.

However, if you genuinely want to add them to your house, go for it; otherwise, leave them.

3) Dwarf Hamster

Dwarf Hamster
Dwarf Hamster
Scientific Name Phodopus Sungorus
Size 2.1-3 inches
Color Brown, Grey, White, Tan, Sandy
Location  Greece, Belgium, Romania, and North China

A tiny species from the desert region of the world, here is a Dwarf hamster for you. These little animals are easy to handle and easy to care for.

Talking about their diet, they don’t need any specific diet as they can munch on anything offered to them. 

There are chances of them not getting close to any other living being. However, they will recognize everyone nearby. Their witty actions and nature will surely make you happy.

2) Dwarf three-toed Jerboa

Scientific Name Sal[ingotulus Michelis
Size 1.7 inches
Color Brown
Location  Sand dunes, gravel flats, and plains

Dwarf three-toed jerboa is the smallest species of rodent that are found in different types of habitats. The size of this species is so small that they can never be visible to you until you focus on them.

Besides their small body, they have long tail that grows to 3.1 inches. Jerboas are also small and gentle creatures that require less food and almost no water.

Keeping them as a pet is a good idea; Go for it.

1) African Pygmy Mouse

Scientific Name Mus Minutoides
Size 1-2 inches
Color Brown
Location  Africa 

Introducing the African Pygmy Mouse, considered one of the smallest mouse species in the world. Their size varies from 2.1 inches to 3 inches or sometimes even more. They are active and furious.

Adding them to your home could be the best thing you can do. In the 2010 Guinness World Book of Records, the African Pygmy Mouse holds the title of the world’s smallest rodent.


After going through the article and knowing all the facts about these little rodents in the world. We have discovered the 15 smallest rodents that can be kept as pets. These species are unique in their own way and are the best companion for you.

All you need is to research if you are planning to add any of them to your house.

Rodents are small creatures that are quick and love to socialize. Here is the list of the top 15 rodents in the world that can be kept as pets.


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