White or Albino Dubia Roach: Appearance, Rarity, & Care

Cockroaches are creepy in every way if you touch them, you will feel a nasty sensation in your body. Insects are such creatures that can shake you totally as their body design and addition of hairy legs make them more significant and creepy.

Cockroaches are present everywhere in this world, you can always find them crawling in your kitchen, crevices, or anywhere but have you seen any white dubia roach?

However, this small creature is associated with diseases that can cause prolonged illness. It is well said that having cockroaches in your home is a welcome disease— Always make sure to clean your surroundings to avoid any casualties associated with cockroaches.

Moreover, cockroaches are not harmful to humans in any way; still, their presence can make you uncomfortable. Have you ever seen a cockroach of white color?

If not, we have introduced this article to enlighten you about the white dubia roach and how it is different from the Dubia roach. So, without further ado, let’s get into this article.

What are Dubia Roaches?

Scientific Name Blaptica Dubia
Common Name Dubia Roach
Size 0.375- 1 inch
Habitat Low level of humidity
Diet Omnivores
Predators Tarantulas, Scorpions, Spiders, Frogs, Newts, and Salamanders
Colors Dark Brown
Weight 0.07-70 grams
Life Span Up to 1.5 years
Price $4.4 to more

A tropical species of cockroaches that are probably easier to take care of. Dubia Cockroaches belong to a species of cockroaches that has the potential to adjust in every weather condition.

They are similar to regular cockroaches in every way as their body consists of six legs and two antennae with a divided body. Like every other cockroach, this species of cockroach looks similar to every variety of cockroach.

However, certain differences make this species different from others. You will be able to judge this species from domestic cockroaches just by its appearance.

How White Albino Dubia Roach different from Dubia Roaches?

Certain differences will help anyone to distinguish properly between a dubia roach to an albino dubia roach. The differences in both species are something that will make your questionnaire much lesser and more precise in every detail you encounter.

The game changer revolves around two different species the melanin pigment in their body. Let’s see further how these two species are different from one another.

1) Appearance

Dubia roach and albino dubia roach are entirely two different species found on Earth. Certain differences help you in identifying them easily including their relatively short antennae with a structured leg that makes them easy to climb on smooth surfaces also.

Their body coloration depends upon the amount of melanin present in their body. If they contain a certain amount of melanin, they show brown to reddish shade. If the pigmentation is almost zero, they come under the albino cockroach category. 

2) Rarity

Dubia roaches are a popular species in the world amongst cockroaches. However, most of us have witnessed white-colored roaches as well. These white colored-roaches are none other than albino dubia roaches.

White or albino dubia roaches are not at all rare. It is well-known that cockroaches spend most of their time of their lives as white or albino. So, you will always end up finding one in a group of different cockroaches.

Although, the count of albino dubia roaches is minimal. Still, you must put them in separate areas to increase their population.

3) Care

Unlike every other cockroach species found on this planet, Dubia roaches are the easiest to take care of. Dubia roaches are experts in hiding to maintain minimal human contact and exposure.

Introducing a cardboard or an egg crate can be a decent idea to give them the space, they need. Also, the most important point to notice is to maintain the temperature for their survival.

Although, dubia roaches can adjust to 90-95 Fahrenheit temperature with 60% humidity. The excess of this range can kill your dubia roaches instantly. 

Apart from their housing, it is a must to monitor the food and water being fed to them. A nutritious diet is a must for these roaches. They can eat a variety of food items offered to them.

It can be plant-based or animal based. Also, after feeding them; make sure to clean their surroundings to maintain their health and hygiene.

4) Price

Unusual things are more pricey than the ones you get in common. This reason leads to the price difference in both variants of the cockroaches.

However, there is less information available on the internet regarding the price variation. Still, for reference, you can find a $70-$80 price difference in both species.

What to Feed White or Albino Dubia Roach

White Dubia Roach
White Dubia Roach | Credit: u/obese_iguana (Reddit)

The foremost thought anyone can have white keeping an albino dubia roach as a pet is what thing to feed them? Like every bug, cockroaches are known for eating anything offered to them.

Dubia roaches can survive without food for a long time to sustain themselves during scarcity. Have you ever heard of cockroaches eating paper or cotton? If not, Dubia roaches are experts in eating these two well.

The presence of special bacteria in their gut allows them to digest such food items easily. Also, this helps them to eat anything with zero nutritional value too. Dubia roaches can eat anything offered to them to keep them alive.

There are certain food items that you can feed to your roaches such as Grainy food items, squishy fruits such as apples, oranges, and some vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, broccoli stalks, and more.

However, if you are assuming to feed anything you find, then you are wrong. Always make sure to add nutritious food items and consult the vet for any change or a proper diet chart.


There is nothing more important to keep a healthy pet. It can be anyone you like. However, you must ensure that feeding animals must complement their body requirements.

So, if you are someone who tries to feed animals, try to make a proper diet chart before adding anything. In this article, we have emphasized White Dubia Roach and its comparison with Dubia Roach.

We have covered every point to judge these two variants on different levels. We hope that you like this article. We will be back with another article soon.


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