Uncovering The World Of Fish Without Eyes, Bones, Scales, Or Teeth

The world we are living in consists of a wide variety of species of fish found in every corner of the world. These water buddies rule marine life. Their morphs and subspecies justify a clan in the best possible way. Many times we have seen fishes without fins, teeth, and eyes.

However, there is a lot more to discover. Aquatic life is probably the most mysterious life you can ever see. Anyone who decides to dig into it has returned with a bulk load of unique information. Aquatic life is full of different kinds of species that are intriguing and sometimes weird to look at.

An appropriate count of these aquatic species is around 240,000 marine aquatic species found on Earth. The classification of each species found depends upon their varied characteristics and appearance along with the family they belong.

You can find a wide range of fishes found in different regions of the world. There are certain fishes appears in different body color, design, and sometimes sizes also. 

We all are well aware of Fish can’t live without water. Their primary source of breathing is water. However, there are various characteristics on which fishes are classified. All these justifications are based on the research and data found across the web.

The aquatic life is surely full of underlying mysteries that one can never hide in any way. Many fishes possess fins, gills, bones, and a lot more. Although, certain fish species failed to possess some essential senses.

So far, many fishes have been discovered without eyes, scales, teeth, and bones. Here in this article, we have enlisted various fishes across the world that lag in some features yet they are ruling in their way. So, without further ado, let’s get into this article.

24 Fish Without Eyes, Bones, Scales, Or Teeth

I. Fishes without Eyes

1) Somalian Cavefish

Somalian Cavefish
Somalian Cavefish | Credit: Hectonichus (commons.wikimedia) (CC BY-SA 3.0)
Scientific Name Phreatichthys Andruzzii
Size Up to 2.4 inches
Location Somalia and in Deep water within the underground caves
Diet Omnivores

Have you ever thought of a creature not having eyes? Eyes are one of the most important things one can have in their lives. It is something that will drag you towards the world and life exists.

Somalia Cavefish is a species of fish without eyes. These little creatures are an expert at sensing the nature around them. This eyeless fish evolved three million years ago and since then some mutants are discovered in different regions of the world without eyes.

2) Mexican Cavefish

Scientific Name Astyanax Mexicanus
Size Up to 4 inches
Location Mexico and in Deepwater under caves
Diet Omnivores

One of the most popular eyeless fish one can discover through their eyes. This species of fish appears in a back color with a slight reddish hue on their gills.

This fish is also an expert in sensing the surroundings with their scales and air passing through their body.

Moreover, they are found in the late 1930s in the world. This species is mostly used for research purposes and can evolve in different environments.

3) Tinaja Cavefish

Tinaja Cavefish
Tinaja Cavefish | Credit: discovermagazine
Scientific Name Trogloglanis pattersoni
Size Up to 2 inches
Location United States in the deep underground water system
Diet Omnivores

A sudden genetic change in the DNA has caused this fish species to be left without eyes. Here is Tinaja Cavefish, a species of eyeless fish found on earth.

It is an omnivore fish that munches on the surroundings with its major sensory organs that helps in analyzing the surroundings well enough.

This fish species is probably one of the best swimmers in the list of eyeless fishes in the world.

4) Hoosier Cavefish

Hoosier Cavefish
Hoosier Cavefish
Scientific Name Amblyopsis Hoosieri
Size 2.4-3.1 inches
Location Southern Indiana of unites states and in deep water cave system
Diet Carnivores

Hoosier cavefish is another blind fish that you can discover through your eyes. This completely blind fish species is commonly found in darker areas in the sea.

However, the range of this species is restricted to certain regions and is mostly found in the United States. You will surely feel uncomfortable when you see this fish due to its unusual appearance but are a good attacker too.

5) Southern Cavefish

Scientific Name Typhlichthys Subterraneus
Size 2- 3.5 inches
Location United States and in complete darkness region
Diet Piscivorous

Like every other member of the fish species in the world, cavefishes are known for being eyeless. This cavefish species is commonly found in Arkansas.

It is also on the list of fishes without eyes. This species of fish has extraordinary features you will love to see.

6) Pacific Hagfish

Scientific Name Myxine Circifrons
Size Up to 25 inches
Location Pacific Ocean and in shallow to deep water
Diet Scavengers

A creepy-looking fish that resembles a snake-like structure with a smooth body. Myxine circifrons is a fish that also possesses no eyes in its body.

This marine species is commonly found in Southern California. Their look is the only reason why individuals consider it as a dangerous snake due to which they got killed too.

7) Blind Electric Ray

Blind Electric Ray
Blind Electric Ray
Scientific Name Typhlonarke Aysoni
Size 24-48 inches
Location Shallow coastal water
Diet Carnivores

One of the best examples of fish having no eyes is none other than the electric blue ray. This little species is known to have no eyes and are found in the deep ocean.

The electric word here refers to their capability of giving shocks to any kind of threat.

II. Fishes without Bones

1) Jellyfish

Scientific Name Xiphias gladius
Size 72-168 inches
Location Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian oceans in deep to shallow water
Diet Carnivores

jellyfishes are commonly known fishes without bones that look like a polybag floating in the water. They are a delicacy to your taste buds that you will enjoy every time you taste them.

This species of fish seems quite dangerous but is not. The reason why they are called jellyfish is due to their jelly-like structure and floating appearance.

2) Portuguese Man O’ War

Portuguese Man O' War
Portuguese Man O’ War
Scientific Name Physalia physalis
Size 3-12 inches
Location Atlantic Ocean and in shallow water
Diet Carnivores

There are many fishes present n the world that possess no bones in their bodies. Such fishes are enjoyed all over the world. Portuguese Man O’ War fishes are commonly found species of fish without bones in the aquatic world.

This energetic jellyfish is known to have no bones, scales, or brains. They mostly look like polythene.

3) Mobula Ray

Mobula Ray
Mobula Ray
Scientific Name Mobula Hypostoma
Size 6-9 feet
Location Pacific Ocean, Mexico & Sea of Cortez in deep water
Diet Omnivores

Mobula rays are exclusively bone-free fishes that are known to have zero bones in the body. This is the exclusive reason why these fish are chosen to be eaten every year

The stunning body color attracts other predators toward them. They are dangerous yet cute to touch.

4) Giant Manta Ray

Giant Manta Ray
Giant Manta Ray
Scientific Name Mobula Birostris
Size up to 30 feets
Location Tropical & Subtropical Water and in shallow water 
Diet Carnivores

Giant Manta Ray is one of the most popular fish species found on earth without bones in it. The skeleton is the result of cartilage deposits that build the structure of the body.

They are the largest group of fishes found on Earth with different morphs and species. Mostly the fishes who have no bones are found to be active throughout their lives.

5) Great White Shark

Great White Shark
Great White Shark
Scientific Name Carcharodon Carcharias
Size 6-8 inches to over feets
Location Oceans in shallow and deep water
Diet Carnivores

Many of us are well aware of the sharks and how dangerous are they. However, do you know that sharks don’t have any bones in their body?

If not, sharks are those fishes found in the marine world that possess no bones in their entire body.

This special type of fish is known as Elasmobranchs which means their body is built up of cartilage tissues. In short, they have a skeleton that is made from cartilage rather than bone.

6) Ghost Shark

Scientific Name Callorhinchus Milii
Size 12-49 inches
Location Australia, New Zealand in Deep sea
Diet Carnivores

Every fish that doesn’t possess bones in their body, they have a cartilaginous structure in their body composition.

This cartilaginous body structure gives these fishes a proper body type. Boneless fishes are amazing in every way.

III. Fishes without Scales

1) Yellowfin Sole 

Yellowfin Sole
Yellowfin Sole
Scientific Name Pleuronectes Asper
Size Up to 30 inches
Location Pacific Ocean and in Shallow and deep water
Diet Carnivores

The sole is another species of fish that lack scales in their body. This aquatic species of fish are known to have unique body structures with an exotic skin type that makes them subtle yet terrifying if you see them for the first time.

Sole fish are primarily caught off in Europe coast. They tend to live in sand and muddy bottom of the sea. In simple words, it is a type of flatfish.

2) Bullhead Catfish

Bullhead Catfish
Bullhead Catfish
Scientific Name Amerirus Melas
Size 8-10 inches
Location Lagras in shallow water
Diet Omnivores

Catfishes are commonly found fish species without scales on their bodies. Catfishes are unique fishes that have strong mouth grip and have the potential to hurt a human with their fierce bite.

This fish doesn’t possess any scales on their body. Also, the most attractive part about catfish is they carry mustaches on their faces.

3) Moray Eels

Moray Eels
Moray Eels
Scientific Name NA
Size Up to 4.5 inches to some feets
Location Western Atlantic Ocean in deep and shallow water
Diet Carnivores

Like every other fish species without scales, moray eels also don’t possess scales on their body.

To protect themselves from any parasitic attack, these fishes ooze out a slimy coating of mucus on their skin to sustain themselves against any harsh problem.

Morays are opportunistic, carnivorous predators and feed primarily on smaller fish, crabs, and octopuses.

4) Paddlefish

Scientific Name Polyodon Spathula
Size Up to 84 inches
Location Mississippi River Basin
Diet Omnivores

Similar to the shark, paddlefishes are not behind in the list of making their name the first. Paddlefishes are other fishes with long sword-like noses and fin tails.

This fish doesn’t have any scale on its body. They protect themselves against any harsh problem by oozing out a coating that keeps them safe.

5) Combtooth Blennies

Scientific Name NA
Size 3-5 inches
Location Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian Oceans in shallow water
Diet Piscivorous

Combtooth blennies are commonly found species of fish without scales on their body. This fish is well-known for their body without scales on it.

However, it was also recorded that some blennies have scales while others don’t.

IV. Fishes without Teeth

1) Seahorse

Scientific Name Hippocampus Guttulatus
Size Up to 11.8 inches
Location Pacific Ocean in shallow tropical water
Diet Omnivores

A fascinating small creature that resembles a perfect blend of a horse with a fish. Seahorses are small sea creatures found in deep oceans that possess no teeth.

Although, you can easily discover their structured digestive system and their activities. However, they are not at all harmful to humans in any way.

2) Banded Pipefish

Banded Pipefish
Banded Pipefish | Credit: Hectonichus (commons.wikimedia) (CC BY-SA 3.0)
Scientific Name Doryrhamphus dactyliophorus
Size Up to 7.4 inches
Location Tropical and subtropical regions
Diet Piscivorous

An unusual-looking species possessing no teeth in their entire structure. Here is pipefish that has made its name to the list of fishes without teeth.

These species have evolved in such a way that they tend to suck up food directly without keeping anything extra. They are often found in shallow waters.

3) Blue Whale

Blue Whale
Blue Whale
Scientific Name Balaenoptera Musculus
Size 960-1080 inches
Location Arctic Ocean
Diet Omnivores

The largest mammal on this earth doesn’t have teeth to feed itself. Blue whale fishes are enormous and magnificent creatures that can grow up to 100 feet in length.

However, whales swallow everything they found suitable to eat without any need of chewing it.

These are some fishes that have no teeth in their mouth. Yet, they enjoy every second of their lives doing what they love. They have fibrous ‘baleen’ plates in their mouths instead of teeth.

Other Fish Without Having Two or More of them (Teeth, Scales, Bones, Eyes)

1) Atlantic Hagfish

Without teeth, bones, eyes, and scales

Scientific Name Myxine Glutinosa
Size 12-18 inches
Location North Atlantic Ocean in relatively deep water
Diet Scavengers

A virus-looking species found in the deep ocean without eyes. Atlantic hagfish are fishes that don’t have any eyes. They move in the water with their senses that analyze the situation to move forward. This is one such species without teeth, bones, eyes, and scales.

This species of fish analyzes the situation and reacts to it to protect itself from predators. Their eel-like shape makes them fierce.

However, hagfish can easily find food by using their carcasses. They bury their face over the food and consume it.  This unique species of fish do not have eyes, jaws, and scales.

2) Lamprey

Without bones, scales, and eyes

Scientific Name NA
Size 14-24 inches
Location Atlantic ocean
Diet Omnivores

Another species of fish that do not have bones, scales, and eyes. Lampreys are intriguing animals. Their look is sufficient enough to scare anyone. An exotic fish species found in deep oceans with a unique look, there is lamprey species on the list.

Lampreys are well known for their exotic body type that allows them to look fierce yet adorable. The unique body color is the only thing that holds you up to know them more. This fish lacks scales, fins, and grill covers.

3) Starfish


Without teeth and scales

Scientific Name Asterias Rubens
Size 4-12 inches
Location North Sea, Delta Waters, and the Wadden Sea in deep water
Diet Omnivores

Starfish are exclusively living species without teeth and scales that are known to be brainless in the marine world.

This is the exclusive reason why these fish are widely not researched well. The stunning body color attracts other predators toward them. They are petite yet cute.


There are a plethora of species found on earth in different regions and possessing different characteristics. The thorough research of fish without eyes, teeth, and scales has landed us on a variety of fish species found on Earth. You can never imagine that they even exist! Each species has something interesting in them which makes them unique.

So far, we have discussed every kind of fish lagging in any special feature. Although there will be surely some difficulties these fishes have to face as they lag in various crucial features.

However, as they are born without it, they know how to survive in the most competitive environment fighting for their lives. We have covered various species and got to know a lot about them.

The different kinds of fish are no less than a miracle to the eyes. Everybody who heard about them wants to see them once through their eyes. Moreover, if you encounter any of them, do not take them lightly and start touching them. Always make sure that you know about the fish before touching them as they can even harm you.

However, if you are someone planning to add any species to your aquarium. Always make sure to consult the breeder before adding any of them. We hope this article was interesting for you. We will be back with another interesting article soon. Till then, stay tuned with us.

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