10 Uncommon Reptiles That Start With N

With a wide range of species found on every corner of the earth, there are many animals that you will find intriguing. From their appearance to the characteristics they show. Everything is worth the minute you see them. So why not explore as many animals around the world?

There is a collection of names of reptiles that starts with N. There is a wide range of animals found on Earth that you will find interesting in every way.

Most of the animals in this world carry unique identities that make them stand out among the bunch of other animals. Similarly, the species of these animals vary as per the category they fit into. 

It might be quite confusing at first to remember every species you see through your eyes. However, in this article, we have specifically targeted species whose name starts with N.

Let’s discover some name of reptiles that starts with N. So, without wasting any more minutes, let’s get into this enlightening article.

10 Uncommon Reptiles That Start With N

1) Namaqua Chameleon

Namaqua Chameleon
Namaqua Chameleon
Scientific Name Chamaeleo Namaquensis
Size Up to 25 inches
Habitat Arid and Semi arid areas
Location Western desert regions of Namibia, South Africa, and Angola
Diet Insectivores

Beyond the beauty of a reptiles that starts with N to put in words, this species of chameleon is beautiful in every way.

This species is well known for its unique appearance with an ability to change its body coloration. Namaqua chameleon has a flattened body with a short tail. Also, the coloration of this species varies as per the mood and surroundings.

2) New Caledonian Crested Gecko

New Caledonian Crested Gecko
New Caledonian Crested Gecko
Scientific Name Correlophus Ciliatus
Size Up to 14 inches
Habitat Low Shrubs and Small Trees
Location Islands of New Caledonia and Australia
Diet Omnivores

New Caledonian Crested Gecko is a species of lizard that is known for having beautiful eyelashes that you have never seen before in any lizard.

With its striking appearance and uniqueness, this species has a large head with a crest on its body till its tail. Like every other lizard, this species can regrow its tails.

3) Nelson’s Milksnake

Nelson's Milksnake
Nelson’s Milksnake | Credit: WilliamKF (commons.wikimedia) (CC BY-SA 3.0)
Scientific Name Lampropeltis Triangulum Nelsoni
Size 42 inches
Habitat Semi arid and deciduous forests
Location Mexico from Southern Guanajuato
Diet Carnivores

Nelson’s Milksnake is a colorful snake that appears to be covered with red and white bands. This cute little species of snake is easily recognizable due to its unusual appearance.

This species is quite popular in the pet trade. Moreover, this species is non-venomous and constricts before they swallow their food.

4) Neotropical Rattlesnake

Neotropical Rattlesnake
Neotropical Rattlesnake
Scientific Name Crotalus Durissus
Size Up to 71 inches
Habitat Arid environments and tropical scrub forest
Location Southwestern Mexico
Diet Carnivores

Rattlesnakes are well known for their unusual tail that holds value in making noises. This species of snake belongs to a category including pit vipers too.

However, rattlesnakes are venomous that can be potentially harmful to humans and other animals. The rattles present at the end of the tail of this species are a sign of threat.

5) New Mexico Whiptail Lizard

New mexico whiptail lizard
New mexico whiptail lizard
Scientific Name Aspidoscelis Neomexicanus
Size 6.5- 9.1 inches
Habitat Semi arid areas
Location Southwestern United States in Mexico and Arizona
Diet Carnivores

The New Mexico whiptail lizard is a species of lizards that are medium-sized lizards showing a distinctive appearance.

This species of lizard is commonly found in the Southern United States and Mexico that grows up to 6 to 8 inches in length.

Although, the body coloration of this species varies per gender. You can always find these species in a mixture of black, brown, and gray colors with stripes covering them.

6) Nile Crocodile

Nile Crocodile
Nile Crocodile
Scientific Name Crocodylus Niloticus
Size Up to 192 inches
Habitat Freshwater lakes, Rivers, Freshwater Swamps, and Mangroves
Location Sub Saharan Africa
Diet Carnivores

Like every other crocodile found on earth, Nile Crocodiles are reptiles that starts with N are large and more powerful than others. This species of crocodile shows a muscular body with a varied body coloration.

The young crocodiles have light body coloration with dark colored marking covering their entire body. Moreover, they are found in freshwater and are excellent predators.

7) New Guinea Crocodile

New Guinea Crocodile
New Guinea Crocodile
Scientific Name Crocodylus Novaeguineae
Size Up to 132 inches
Habitat Freshwater Swamps
Location Islands of New Guinea
Diet Carnivores

New Guinea Crocodiles are small crocodile species that are commonly found in the New Guinea region in the world. The fierce-looking crocodiles are truly distinctive in every way.

From the fierce look to the masculine body, they are harmful in every way. If you are someone who is trying to get closer to them, please stay back.

8) Neotropical River Turtle

Neotropical river turtle
Neotropical river turtle
Scientific Name Cistoclemmys Flavomarginata
Size Up to 27.5 inches
Habitat Freshwater and Amazon river system
Location China, Taiwan, and the Ryukyu Islands of Japan
Diet Carnivores

The neotropical river turtle is another species of reptile whose name starts with N. This species of turtles are known to survive in freshwater.

Moreover, this species of turtle are large with a compelling body coloration. Their carapace usually appears to be in dark brown and the plastron appears to be in yellow. 

9) Night Snake

Night Snake
Night Snake
Scientific Name Hypsiglena Torquata
Size 12- 26 inches
Habitat Rocky areas of grassland, chaparral, desert scrub, and thornscrub
Location United States and British Columbia
Diet Carnivores

Night Snakes are small and non-venomous species of snakes that can be easily spottable in North and Central America.

As the name says— Night snakes are nocturnal that tend to attack more actively at night time. The coloration and body patterns of this species vary as per the region they belong to. 

10) New Guinea Crocodile Skink

Scientific Name Tribolonotus Gracilis
Size Up to 7.2 inches
Habitat Humid and Tropical Forest
Location New Guinea
Diet Carnivores

New Guinea Crocodile Skink is a fascinating reptile that shows a stocky body covered with textured scales all over its body.

Moreover, they are arboreal species that are also excellent climbers possessing strong limbs and are nocturnal. However, they are not on the list of threatened species but can become due to habitat loss.


Every species of reptile in this world has something amazing that makes them stand out among others. You might discover some common things between a particular species.

However, every individual belonging to a species has been given a separate name that makes them worthy in every way.

This article has enlightened us about a wide range of reptiles that starts with N. We are well-versed with the species that focus on their name, lifestyle, habitat, and how they look like. Reptiles are unique animals in every way.

From the way you get to see them, you might fall for them. They are adorable and a perfect animal species you would love to add as your pet.

We hope that you liked this article. We will surely be back with another interesting article soon. Till then, stay tuned with us.

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