20 Different Types Of Green, White, Pink & Purple Lizards

The reptile family is vast in the world among animals. There are a plethora of species of lizards found in every corner of the world. If you try to find different types of lizards, you will get a wide range of options available.

Even the internet shows you as many options as possible. Every reptile has a varied habitat and characteristics that makes them sensible. Similarly, their habitat and regions make them suitable to live in a particular region.

Can you imagine seeing an iguana or a salamander in your home? If not, then definitely you know that these lizards have their environment to stay. They are incredibly unique.

Moreover, thinking about a particular species can reveal a lot about them that makes it quite interesting in every way.

Continue reading this article and reveal the types of lizards, their colors, and their uniqueness. In general, there are a total of 5 subdivisions into which each species of lizard is divided.

Searching for a particular species and getting to know about them in the list of 6000+ species can be interesting yet difficult. This article specifically targets different types of lizards in different colors. So, without further ado, let’s get into this article.

20 Different Types Of Green, White, Pink & Purple Lizards

Types of Green Lizards

1) Jeweled Lacerta

Jeweled Lacerta
Jeweled Lacerta
Scientific Name Timon Lepidus
Size Up to 24 inches
Habitat Woodlands, Scrublands, Olive Groves, Vineyards, and Meadows
Location Southwestern Europe
Diet Omnivores

Probably one of the most beautiful lizards you have ever seen in the world. Jeweled Lacerta is a green-colored lizard that shows extreme beauty just by seeing it. The rosette patterns on the body make this species amazing in every way.

This lizard is active during the daytime. The unique patterns covering their body makes them unique in every way. Also, they are omnivores species among lizards with sharp teeth.

Overall, this lizard can be a beautiful addition to your pet family. However, it is a must to understand them well.

2) Madagascar Giant Day Gecko

Madagascar Giant Day Gecko
Madagascar Giant Day Gecko
Scientific Name Phelsuma Grandis
Size 10 inches
Habitat Tropical rain forests 
Location Eastern Madagascar
Diet Omnivores

Madagascar Giant Day Gecko is another green lizard that shows vibrant green color with red markings. This cute little species of lizard is well known to have the ability to camouflage.

This small lizard is known to have red coloring on their head that makes them perfect to keep as a pet.

They are active during day time and carry a beautiful look evenly distributed on their body that makes them stunning in every way. They can be easily spottable in Madagascar.

3) Plumed Basilisk

plumed basilisk
Plumed Basilisk
Scientific Name Basiliscus Plumifrons
Size 24-30 inches
Habitat Tropical rainforest
Location Southern Mexico and Northern Colombian Rainforests
Diet Omnivores

Have you ever seen a lizard having a crest? If not, the plumed basilisk is one such lizard species that carries a crest on its head with a beautiful green color.

This species of lizard is beautiful and can be a good option to be kept as pets. Their vibrant green color with a crest makes them unique and perfect to be kept as pets.

The crests on their body give them a significant look that makes them easily recognizable. The crests are evenly distributed on their body.

4) Green Anole

green anole
Green Anole
Scientific Name Anolis Carolinensis
Size 5-8 inches
Habitat Swamps, Forests, Wooded Beaches, and humid areas
Location Southern US, Florida, Oklahoma, and Central Texas
Diet Insectivores and Grainivores

The green anoles are another green lizards that are found in Southern US. Talking about the beautiful green color of this species, they are truly a joy to your eyes.

In every way, if you see these species, you will experience an amazing lizard. This lizard species is arboreal and prefers to enjoy the tree.

The bright green color of this species makes them adorable with a cute little size. Overall, they are interesting and cute to be added as a pet.

5) Northern Caiman Lizard

Northern Caiman Lizard
Northern Caiman Lizard
Scientific Name Dracaena Guinanensis
Size 35.8-48 inches
Habitat Swampy Habitats and Flooded woodlands
Location Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Peru, and Guianas
Diet Carnivores

Caiman lizards are beautiful species in the lizard family. This lizard is well known for their beautiful body coloration that makes them easily recognizable.

They are comparatively larger lizards than the regular lizards we see. Moreover, they are well-covered with horn-like scales and sharp claws.

6) Mexican Alligator Lizard

Scientific Name Abronia Graminea
Size 9.8 inches
Habitat Humid canopy of cloud forest and dense vegetation
Location Veracruz and Pueblo
Diet Insectivores

Like the name says Alligator, the Mexican alligator lizard is a species that is covered in a beautiful green color with scales covering all over its body.

This arboreal lizard shows excellent camouflage within a forest. Overall, this lizard species is quite strong and muscular to see.

The sturdy body of this species makes them fierce. If you see them from any angle, you will get a stunning view.

7) Green Water Dragon

Green Water Dragon
Green Water Dragon
Scientific Name Physignathus Cocincinus
Size 24-30 inches
Habitat Permanent Standing Water
Location Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Burma, and China
Diet Carnivores

Green-colored lizards are beautiful species in every way you see them. These lizard species are also known as the Chinese Water dragon.

You can easily spot these species in southeast Asian countries. Talking about their body design, this species has dark green, black, and blue color patches all over its body which makes it intriguing.

8) Green Iguana

Green Iguana
Green Iguana
Scientific Name Iguana Iguana
Size 47.2- 66.9 inches
Habitat Tropical Rainforest
Location Northern Mexico, America, Caribbean Islands
Diet Herbivores

Iguanas are popular species among the lizard family. This species shows a beautiful body design with an intriguing look. These lizards can be easily spottable in tropical regions of the world.

Green iguana gets its name green because of the green coloration, it has. Also, this species has spikey bac and strong teeth.

Although, you must handle them with care otherwise their bite is sharp enough to harm you.

Types of White Lizards

1) Mediterranean Gecko

Mediterranean Gecko
Mediterranean Gecko
Scientific Name  Hemidactylus Turcicus
Size 4-5 inches
Habitat Coastal Regions and Shrublands
Location Florida, Arizona, California, Louisiana, Alabama
Diet Insectivores

Mediterranean geckos are small lizards that are commonly found in houses. This species of lizard can be spottable almost everywhere in the world.

They are adaptable and sturdy to live. This lizard species has a sleeky body with medium-brown color that is covered in different patterns. This small lizard can be kept as a cute pet.

2) Crevice Spiny Lizard

Crevice Spiny Lizard
Crevice Spiny Lizard
Scientific Name  Sceloporus Poinsettii
Size  5-11.5 inches
Habitat  Semi arid regions
Location  South New Mexico to Central Texas
Diet  Omnivores

Crevice spiny lizards is a popular name under the umbrella of lizards in the world. Here are Crevice Spiny Lizards that show a beautiful white body color with a spikey body that makes them unique yet frightening.

If you ever see any crevice-spiny lizards, you will get to know how adorable they are by carrying the materialistic spines on its body.

3) Leopard Gecko

Leopard Gecko
Leopard Gecko
Scientific Name  Eublepharis Macularius 
Size  2.8-5 inches
Habitat  Arid and Mountainous Deserts
Location  Asia and Middle East
Diet  Insectivores

Leopard Gecko is a small reptile that is commonly found in arid regions of the world. This piece of lizard has a bumpy thick tail with a variety of spots covering its body.

The color of this species varies. Usually, you can see this species of lizard in white, tan, or yellow color. Overall, they are truly a jewel to your eye. Probably, they are one of the best options to be added as your pet.

4) Argentine Black and White Tegu

Argentine Black and White Tegu
Argentine Black and White Tegu
Scientific Name  Salvator Merianae 
Size  up to 60 inches
Habitat  Savannas and varied habitats
Location Brazil, Paraguay, Eastern Uruguay, and Northern Argentina
Diet  Omnivores

Argentine black and white tegu is an impressive lizard with a striking color combination that makes it stand out among other lizards.

This stunning lizard is commonly found in South America that shows a robust body with a thick tail.

Also, this species of lizard has cream-colored bands covering its body. It is truly a delight to your eyes.

5) Horned Lizard

Horned Lizard
Horned Lizard
Scientific Name  Phrynosoma Cornutum
Size  2.5-4 inches
Habitat  Arid and Semi arid habitats
Location  South Central United States to Northern Mexico
Diet  Large bodied harvester ants

Horned Lizard is well known for their unique appearance that carries a spikey appearance with horns on their head. The pointed scales on their body act as a piece of safety equipment against predators.

Also, this feature of this species makes them easily recognizable and unique. Horned lizards can be easily found in arid regions of America.

6) White Throated Monitor Lizard

White Throated Monitor Lizard
White Throated Monitor Lizard
Scientific Name  Varanus Albigularis 
Size  60-75 inches
Habitat  Dry steppe and savanna region
Location  Southern Africa, Northwards to Angola, Zambia, and Mozambique
Diet  Carnivores

White-throated lizard is the largest species among different types of lizards found in America. This species of lizard is probably the biggest lizard you can ever see in white color.

The beautiful body coloration makes you want to touch them once. However, do not try it without knowing about them as it can be dangerous to you. Also, their dominating size can harm you super well.

Types of Pink Lizards

1) Palmato Gecko

Palmato Gecko
Palmato Gecko | Credit: Stefan.Kuemmel (commons.wikimedia) (CC BY-SA 3.0)
Scientific Name Pachydactylus Rangei
Size Up to 6 inches
Habitat Arid areas
Location Africa
Diet Insectivores

Have you ever seen a lizard or a reptile that resembles an unusual-looking species? If not, the Palmato gecko is the answer to this question.

This cute little species of lizard is perfectly covered with pink color along with distinct body lines. The texture of their skin is rough that carries different patterns.

Palmato Gecko has big bulgy eyes with a shiny pink color that looks adorable.

2) Galapagos Pink Land Iguana

Scientific Name Conolophus Marthae
Size Up to 18.5 inches
Habitat Slopes of Wolf Volcano on Isabela
Location Ecuador
Diet Herbivores and Frugivores

Galapagos Pink Land Iguana is a unique pink lizard with a striking appearance that is commonly found in arid and rocky areas. This lizard can survive in lava fields and volcanic regions with vegetation.

This species of lizard is herbivores that rely on plants and vegetables for food and shelter. Galapagos pink land iguanas show a beautiful pink body coloration making them recognizable among different types of lizards.

3) Mwanza Flat-Headed Agama

Scientific Name Agama Mwanzae
Size 6-9 inches
Habitat Deserts
Location Tanzania, Rwanda, and Kenya
Diet Insectivores

A flat-headed species of lizard that has a beautiful pink body coloration. Mwanza Flat-headed agama is a species of lizard that has a distinctive appearance with a slender body.

This lizard is commonly found in rocky regions and prefers to stay in dry regions. This species of lizard climbs well even on rocky surfaces. Moreover, they are active during day time.

This flat-headed look in the name describes the flat head of the species. This feature makes them easily recognizable in a bunch of different types of lizards.

4) Florida Worm Lizard

Worm Lizard
Florida Worm Lizard
Scientific Name Rhineura Floridana
Size 7-15 inches
Habitat Sandhills and Oak Forest
Location Florida
Diet Insectivores

Florida worm lizard is a species of worm lizard that appears to be legless but is not a true worm. This species of lizard has an elongated cylindrical body with smooth and shiny skin.

Also, they are pink or reddish with tiny scales covering their body. They can adjust in sandy areas and munches on small vertebrates.

This lizard can give you a confusing look. However, it is better to see them properly before touching them.

Types of Purple lizard

There are no known lizards that are naturally purple. However, some lizards can appear purple due to their coloration. For example:

1) Female Panther Chameleon

Scientific Name Furcifer Pardalis
Size 9-21 inches
Habitat Coastal Areas
Location Madagascar
Diet Insectivores

A subtle and understated species of lizard that shows a beautiful pink body color. Here is Female Panther Chamaeleon that comes in beautiful earthy tones that help in blending with nature.

Also, this species is less territorial and comparatively less active. The beautiful purple coloration evenly distributed on the unique pattern makes them mesmerizing.

2) Purple Iguana

Scientific Name Iguana iguana
Size Up to 60 inches
Habitat Ground and Shrubs
Location NA
Diet Herbivores and Frugivores

Purple iguana is specifically iguanas that show beautiful hues of purple color. This species of iguana blends well with the nature and patterns that secures them from others.

Additionally, iguanas are bulky species that has thick tail with spikes on it. Overall, you will surely find this species among different types of lizards that are unique and interesting. Also, they are perfect to be kept as pets.


Lizards are unique in every way. From seeing its body shape to the beautiful color it shows, you will find them fascinating in every way. Lizards are known for their sticking nature to the wall which makes them unique yet fascinating. Also, there is a diverse range of lizards found in every region of the world.

Lizards are arboreal reptiles that can be a beautiful addition to your family. Lizards are truly amazing if you discover them deeply. We have discovered different types of lizards to date. However, the colorful lizards grab your attention instantly.

This article covers a spectrum of lizards that are truly amazing in their way. We hope that you like this interesting article. We will surely be back with another article super soon. Till then, stay tuned with us.

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