10+ Animals that start with “at” (Pictures & Facts 2023)

Here, we are back with another interesting post, a list of animals that start with “at.” Yes, you read it right. Along with it, we will also mention some fascinating facts and pictures of the 10 best animals. So, without any further delay, let’s begin the list.

1) Atlantic Bamboo Rat 

Atlantic Bamboo Rat
Image Source | Roadnottaken (Wikipedia)

Atlantic Bamboo Rat is the first animal on the list of “Animals that start with at.” These bamboo rats are nocturnal and live nearby water in trees and bamboo.

They can reach a total body length of 32cm (12.6in) with an overall weight of 1lb.

Atlantic Bamboo rats are primarily in brown to gray colors. They are also known as southern bamboo rats.

Interesting Fact: Atlantic Bamboo Rats are highly arboreal means they spend their lives living in trees.

Scientific Name: Kannabateomys amblyonyx

Type of Animal: Mammal

Location: Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay

Diet: grasses, leaves, shoots, fruits, and tubers

2) Atlantic humpback dolphin

Atlantic Humpback Dolphins
Image Source |
Whale and Dolphin Conservation

Atlantic Humpback Dolphins are the second member of the list. They are species of humpback dolphins and are currently listed as critically endangered by the IUCN.

The main reason behind the decline of their population is human involvement. They can reach the maximum body length of 2.8m with an overall weight of up to 280kg.

Atlantic humpback dolphins are very rare to witness and are commonly found on the subtropical west coast of Africa in the eastern Atlantic Ocean.

Interesting Fact: Like other dolphins, Atlantic Humpback Dolphins also use echolocation to catch their prey.

Below, in the article, we have explained more about how dolphins see the world.

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Scientific Name: Sousa teuszii

Type of Animal: Marine Mammals

Location: coastal areas of West Africa.

Diet: small bays, mullet, grunts, bongo fish

3) Atlantic spiny rat

Atlantic Spiny Rat
Image Source | Guilherme Garbino (Wikipedia)

Atlantic Spiny Rats are from the Family Echimyidae. There is a total of 11 known species of Atlantic Spiny Rats.

Some of the species of Atlantic Spiny Rats are White-spined Atlantic spiny rat, Soft-spined Atlantic spiny rat, Elias’s Atlantic spiny rat, Gracile Atlantic spiny rat, Dark-caped Atlantic spiny rat, and many others.

They commonly live in a habitat of forest and dry lands. Most species are nocturnal.

Interesting Fact: Like other rats, Atlantic Spiny Rats can also easily navigate in complete darkness with the help of their whiskers.

Scientific Names: Trinomys albispinus, Trinomys dimidiatus, Trinomys eliasi, Trinomys gratiosus, Trinomys iheringi, Trinomys mirapitanga, Trinomys moojeni, Trinomys myosuros, Trinomys paratus, Trinomys setosus, Trinomys yonenagae

Type of Animal: Mammals

Location: Atlantic Forest of south-eastern Brazil

Diet: insects, leaves, fruits, vegetables

4) Atoll Fruit-Dove

Atoll Fruit Dove
Image Source | lagunitas_ouzel (Wikipedia)

Atoll Fruit-Dove is a beautiful bird from the family Columbidae. It has light green feathers, a blue shade on its wings, and a yellow beak.

The current population status of these birds is near threatened, and their population is declining due to habitat loss. Atoll Fruit-Dove’s natural habitats are moist lowland forests and plantations.

Interesting Fact: Atoll Fruit-Dove is not a migrant bird and is the only fruit dove in the tropical Pacific that abandoned coconut plantations, feeding on insects and seeds.

Scientific Name: Ptilinopus coralensis

Type of Animal: Birds

Location: Tuamotu Islands

Diet: Beetles, mites, larvae, worms, seeds

5) Atlantic Salmon

Atlantic Salmon
Image Source |
Natural Resources Council of Maine

Atlantic Salmon is the third largest fish in the family Salmonidae and is found in the North Atlantic Ocean. The overall weight of this salmon is nearly around 7.9 to 12 pounds and can reach up to 32in long.

The known preys are invertebrates and other large fish. Atlantic salmon are also known as bay salmon and outside salmon.

Interesting Fact: When Atlantic Salmons migrate to spawn, they change their color and appearance.

Scientific Name: Salmo salar

Type of Animal: Fish

Location: northern Atlantic Ocean

Diet: plankton and other small fish

6) Atlantic Sturgeon

Atlantic Sturgeon
Image Source |
NOAA Fisheries – National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Another fish in our list of “Animals that start with at,” is Atlantic Sturgeon. The average lifespan of Atlantic Sturgeon is around 5 to 60 years, where it attains an average length of 5 to 14 feet with an overall weight range of 300 to 800 pounds.

The scales of Atlantic Sturgeon can be of blue, black, white, and olive colors. Atlantic Sturgeons are classified as Endangered species, and the main reason behind their declining population is overfishing.

Interesting Fact: Atlantic Sturgeon can live up to 60 years in some regions.

Scientific Name: Acipenser oxyrinchus oxyrinchus

Type of Animal: Fish

Location: New Brunswick, Canada, east coast of Florida

Diet: Crustaceans, mollusks, sea worms, smaller fish

7) Atlas Moth

Atlas Moth
Image Source | Quartl (Wikipedia)

Atlas Moth is the second largest species of moth in the world, with a wingspan of up to 24cm (9.4in). Its average life span is around 1 to 2 weeks.

Atlas Moths are herbivores, and their predators are birds and lizards. They are herbivores. Atlas Moth’s natural habitats are dry tropical forests and shrublands.

Interesting Fact: Female Atlas Moths stay in one place and show the beautiful markings on their wings to attract a male.

Scientific Name: Attacus atlas

Type of Animal: Insect

Location: Asia

Diet: Citrus, evergreen, cinnamon, and guava trees

8) Atlantic Spotted Dolphin

Atlantic Spotted Dolphins
Image Source | NOAA Southeast Fisheries Science Center (Wikipedia)

The most popular dolphins in the Gulf Stream of the North Atlantic Ocean are Atlantic Spotted Dolphins. They can grow up to 2.2 to 2.5m in length and weigh around 200 pounds.

They look similar to the Common Bottlenose Dolphin and the Pantropical Spotted Dolphin. Their common predators are sharks.

Interesting Fact: Unlike other dolphins, Atlantic Spotted Dolphins can dive up to 200 feet and hold their breath for up to 10 minutes.

Scientific Name: Stenella frontalis

Type of Animal: Marine Mammals

Location: Atlantic Ocean

Diet: squids, mullet, grunts, small fish

9) Atoll Starling

Atoll Starling
Image Source | Lars Petersson (ebird)

Atoll Starling is a medium-sized bird with black feathers and a purple-bluish sheen. Their habitat is forests and coconut groves. These birds have a very soothing call, and it sounds like “weee-weee.

Interesting Fact: Atolli Starling’s current status is Near Threatened by IUCN.

Scientific Name: Aplonis feadensis

Type of Animal: Bird

Location: Atoll

Diet: Beetles, mites, larvae, worms, seeds

10) Atherton Sericornis

Atherton Sericornis
Image Source | JJ Harrison (Wikipedia)

Let’s end our article on “Animals that start with at,” with another common bird, the Atherton scrubwren. The natural habitat of these birds is subtropical or tropical moist lowland forests.

They are commonly brown in color from above and have grayish-yellow feathers. Atherton Sericornis are very small birds, and their known predators are big birds and snakes.

Scientific Name: Sericornis keri

Type of Animal: Bird

Location: Queensland

Diet: Beetles, mites, larvae, worms, seeds

Other List:

  • 11) Atlantisia podarces
  • 12) Atlapetes blancae
  • 13) Atherton antechinus
  • 14) Atlantic white-sided dolphin

Here, we conclude our article on “Animals that start with at.” We hope you like the post and it is only for educational purposes. We will be back with another article. Till then, stay tuned and read the articles below.

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