20 Mesmerizing Animals With Blue Eyes (2023)

Animals are the main subject to question every time. The variation in body design, habitat, nature, and everything you see on earth makes them stand at a different level on the comparison board.

There are millions of animals and their species found on earth, everyone having some slight changes in their bodies. If we talk about animals with blue eyes, it is truly mesmerizing to see. 

The blue color is no doubt one of the most beautiful and vibrant you can assume as an eye color. With the slight change in the coloration, you can witness the enhanced beauty of the animal.

The blue eye color makes such species stand out in the crowd of other animals. With so many points of comparison, in this article, we have enlisted animals with blue eyes found in the world. Without much ado, let’s dive into this article.

What Animals Can Have Blue Eyes And Why?

Every animal present on earth can have blue eyes. It can be a dog, cat, horse, fish, bird, or any animal you can see that can bear beautiful blue eyes. The reason behind the blue eye color is the below presence of melanin pigment in the body that is responsible for body coloration. 

The low count of melanin pigment can result in blue eye color. The blue color is also not abundant in nature. There are many animals with blue eyes present on earth. Blue eyes can be a result of a sudden genetic mutation.

20 Mesmerizing Animals With Blue Eyes

1) Siberian Husky

Siberian Husky
Siberian Husky

Dog lovers will find this species one of the most beautiful and fierce together. Siberian Husky is a breed of dog that carries a genetic coding of the Spitz family and is mostly found in cold regions of the world.

Due to their fierce appearance, this species is often confused with a wolf. However, they are different and gentle animals that will add charm to your lives. 

Siberian husky has thick furry coat with erect ears and black markings all over their body. So, you will be frightened by them if you are seeing them for the first time.

2) Akhal Teke

Akhal Teke
Akhal Teke | Credit: u/9999monkeys (@reddit)

Have you ever seen a horse with a blue eye? If not, here is Akhal Teke, an animal found on earth with mesmerizing blue eyes, a species commonly known for their mesmerizing blue eyes among the breed.

Akhal Teke are often compared to other breeds, however, they are different from them in every aspect. Although, this breed is considered as one of the most beautiful horse breed in the world.

3) White Vienna Rabbit

White Vienna Rabbit
White Vienna Rabbit

Well known for its mesmerizing blue eyes, the Vienna rabbit is non-other than a miracle to the world. Their easy-going temperament makes them cute and easy to handle.

This little furry companion makes a perfect mood throughout the day with their little chirping activities.

Mostly, we have seen rabbits with bright red eyes but the Vienna rabbit has beautiful blue eyes. This species has a cylindrically shaped body with erect ears and a short neck. Their pure white and soft coat makes you want to cuddle them.

4) Alaskan Klee Kai

Dogs are said to be a form of a loving god, Alaskan klee kai is one of the most adorable and loving species found on earth. With a gentle attitude and fierce body, they make it to the hearts of dog lovers.

They are used as hunting dogs due to their fast running ability. This super affectionate dog is well devoted to his family and showers them with love and care.

This species of dog is super active and exercise daily. So, it is advised to all those trying to introduce this pet, to make sure you have a free space for them.

5) Siamese Cat

Siamese Cat
Siamese Cat

Have you ever seen a cat with blue eyes, if not, a Siamese cat is here for you. This beautiful cat species has raised the bar of beauty. The long-haired Siamese cat is one of the common breeds to have blue eyes.

With a slim body of white color with black patches all over the body, this species has aced the name of beauty with class.

Although you can add this beautiful species into your home, you should be careful about their diet and overall health as they need extra care and attention.

6) Blue-eyed Black Lemur

One of the most frightening yet beautiful species you can ever witness on Earth. Here is the Blue-eyed black lemur, a species of lemurs that are the most threatened primates.

They are on the verge of getting listed as extinct species yet their beauty is immense.

Although, if you at this creature at midnight, surely you will be frightened at first as their vibrant blue eyes give you chills. However, their cute face will make your day.

7) White Tiger

White Tiger
White Tiger

A leucistic pigmentation in tigers is responsible to give birth to a white tiger. One of the endangered species found on earth, this species is very mesmerizing even though it is frightening for everyone.

The beautiful black stripes on white fur make this animal more attractive than the ordinary tiger you see on earth. The chances of seeing them are 1 in 10,000 births happening on this planet. Although, they are the result of genetic mutation, still their beauty will make you mind-blown.

8) Pacific Blue Eye Fish

Pacific blue eye fish is a little species of fishes found on deep in the ocean. It is a delicate animal with vivid blue eyes that will make you want to see them more.

Their petite body makes them unique and fast as they are quick swimmers and can’t be caught or touched easily. This species loves to munch on water-borne insects and can adapt themselves easily

9) Blue-Eyed Leucistic Ball Python

The unique blue-eyed leucistic ball python is a rarely found species having designer blue eyes.

This snake suffers from a skin condition named Leucism due to which their skin shows white large patches all over its body.

Although there is not much information available about them they are different from albino snakes.

10) Blue-eyed Anglehead Lizard

A genetic fault that introduces wonderful eyes in lizards. It is just a wonder to see this amazing lizard showcasing its beautiful blue eyes. This little species of dragon is found in tropical islands with a bottle green color.

These species are well-known for their big heads and bright colored body. Overall, they are one of the most beautiful species that you can find among lizards.

11) Northern Gannet

Northern Gannet
Northern Gannet

Northern Gannet is a popular species of bird from America. This bossy-looking bird is tall with a decent height from the level.

The decent coloration of their fur and eyes makes this species unique and threatening even though they are calm and gentle.

They are deceptively large as compared with an albatross due to which they seem dominant. With a massive head and a narrow body shape, they have got decent looks that make them suitable to rule out anyone they want.

12) Blue-Eyed Scallop

The water world is seriously mind-blowing in every way you see it. The presence of different creatures makes it one of the most mysterious things to be looked upon.

Scallops also possess blue eyes in their body. The bright blue eyes of these scallops make them different and fantastic creatures to be observed.

13) Piebald Camels

Camels in the animal kingdom also has blue eyes. The piebald camels are well-known for their distinctive blue eyes among other breeds. They are good animals and loves to socialize. 

However, they are gentle and super caring towards little ones and are not at all aggressive until provoked. They can have complete heterocromia or can have differences in their eye colors.

This breed has white fur and blue eyes making them mesmerizing and adorable both at the same time. You will surely enjoy seeing them as they are cute and lovely to touch.

14) Blue-eyed larval crab

Blue-eyed larval crab
Blue-eyed larval crab Credit: u/dorsal_morsel (@reddit)

Similar to the other larvae, the crab larvae look like aliens with blue eyes. During the formation or birth of a crab into an adult, the mid-phase is of larvae where we can see the beautiful bright blue eyes.

Overall, crab larvae are unique and turn out to be a beautiful crabs/crustaceans in the ocean.

15) Paska’s Blue Eye

A beautiful fish with a unique body coloration and blue eyes. Introducing paska’s blue eye, a species of fish found in Kiunga. This blue-eyed species is perfect for adding to your aquarium as they are gentle and calm.

They are also intriguing and adjust well with other fishes in the same place. They grow up to 1.4 inches in total and have semi-translucent bodies. This fish is mesmerizing to see.

16) Blue-eyed Aquatic Treefrog

An ex*tic species of frog found in cloud forest with a distinctive blue eye. This species is among those animals present on earth that has blue eye in their group. Although, there is not much information available over the internet.

Still, this species has aced its name into ex*tic blue-eyed animal list. They are truly mesmerizing and small in size. Usually, their body color is olive-green with tiny yellow spots all over their body.

17) Turkish Angora

Turkish Angora
Turkish Angora

Have you ever seen completely white animals with blue eyes? If not, Turkish Angora is here to blow your mind with its extreme beauty. This cat breed is adorable and one of the ancient cat breeds found on Earth.

They elicit and are medium in size with a long fur coat all over their body. The graceful Turkish Angora has a muscular body that is not thin but sturdy. So, adding them as pets is one of the best decisions.

18) Weimaraner

A special breed of dog referred to as Gray Ghost is a beloved companion of hunters all over the world. Weimaraner is a breed of dog that is a large dog for hunting. They are loyal, friendly, and obedient to their masters.

This dog species has a super loving and friendly nature that you will admire. Although, every dog is adorable this breed despite having cold looks will make you fall in love with it.

19) Blue Eyed Pleco

A medium-sized fish found deep in the ocean with a length of 30 cm, this unique species of fish is a perfect alien creature you can see.

This species has vibrant blue eyes that make this species one of the best among other fish species found in the world.

This species of fish is intelligent and munches on driftwood for survival. So, you will surely be happy by introducing this fish into your aquariums.

20) Blue-Eyed Shag

Blue-eyed shag are another beautiful species of birds with blue eyes. If you are fortunate enough to see this bird, you will definitely see it diving with other birds.

This elegant tall bird has a long neck and a dark body covered with white and black feathers. This species lives nearby the sea, unlike birds in their nest.

Blue-eyed shag are commonly discovered in America and are awesome divers too.

What’s the Rarest Eye?

In animals, the blue color is rare to show. There are many animals in the world that show slight variations of eye color combinations with differences in all of them.

The variation is due to the low melanin count in the body. Due to this issue, the light gets away from the eyes. Apart from blue, green is the rarest to find in the world.

That’s why blue and green colors are rare to find in animals.


Judging an animal based on eye color can be intriguing when it is rare to find. There are many animals present on earth that show a deadly eye color combination to make them among the rare species. However, the blue color in the eyes is a result of a genetic mutation that causes different eye colors in living beings. 

We have enlisted several animals with blue eyes. This eye color is mesmerizing to look at and makes them more attractive.

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