Do Animals Have Proper Mustaches? Yes, Here’s The List

Call it a facial hair, moustache, or beard; every name has its meaning. A mustache is a symbol of pride that makes an individual stand above other mates. It is an identity that will justify your presence.

The vintage trends are visible among animals also that is making a big comeback in the world. The significance and unique designs make mustaches among the most unique and beautiful features anyone can ever carry with them. However, can you ever imagine an animals with mustaches on their faces?

Surely, you will be laughing or thinking it’s creepy but the crazy visuals it gives will surely make you admire them for their external beauty factor. 

Mustaches are a sign of sexual maturity and give a glance of puberty. Many kinds of research have been undergone on why beards and mustaches arise yet no significant answer is given to date.

So, here in this article, we have enlisted some animals with mustaches that you will surely like on them. Without further ado, let’s get into this article.

22 Animals with Mustaches

1) Inca tern

Inca tern
Inca tern
Scientific Name Larosterna Inca
Size 39- 42 cm
Color of Mustache White and yellow
Diet Carnivores
Geographical Location South America, Ecuador to Peru and Chile

Have you ever seen a bird with a mustache? If not, the Inca tern will surely blow your mind and imagination with its unusual looks. Inca terns are well-known for their mustaches among birds.

Although, this mustache on their face is a sign of physical health. The longer will be the mustache, the healthier the bird.

However, the shape of their mustache gives them a funny look and their high-pitched crackling sound resembles a cat. You will be fortunate if you see this amazing bird through your eyes.

2) Bearded seals

Bearded seals
Bearded seals
Scientific Name Erignathus Barbatus
Size 82.677- 106.299 cm
Color of Mustache Brown and White
Diet Carnivores
Geographical Location Arctic region

Bearded seals are cute amphibians and among the animals with mustaches that carry a long mustache on their face that enhances their cuteness and innocent look.

They are the largest species found that grows to 7-8 feet in length and weighs up to 800 pounds. The length of their beard makes them adorable.

However, do not go in the flow of their innocent, they are pro-attackers and have the potential to kill a human being if they want to. It is better to adore them from a distance.

3) Catfish

Order Siluriformes
Size Can be of 4-5 cm or upto 4.5 m
Color of Mustache Same as body usually black
Diet Carnivores
Geographical Location Present in every continent water except Antarctica

We have seen catfish most of the time on television or any other platforms. A general question arises in our mind about the long spikes over their mouth.

We always think about those spikes and want to know what are they. So, catfishes are well known for carrying mustaches among fishes.

Those spikes are the mustaches that help them in analyzing the situation in their surroundings. These mustaches are a membrane that runs with maxillary barbels resulting in them looking funny.

4) Tamarin Monkeys

Tamarin Monkeys
Tamarin Monkeys
Genus Saguinuss
Size 15-40 cm
Color of Mustache White
Diet Omnivores
Geographical Location Northwestern Colombia, the Amazon Basin, and Guianas

A squirrel-sized monkey species are found with long mustaches covering their small faces. Here is the tamarin monkey that has become a popular animal by its long mustache.

These mustaches are a result of excessive hair growth on their faces that gives them a unique look among other species.

No doubt, other monkey species also carries mustaches on their face. However, this species justifies the definition of cuteness with a mustache.

5) Schnauzers

Scientific Name Cani Lupus Familiaris
Size 30.4-35.5 cm from ground
Color of Mustache White, brown, and black
Diet Omnivores
Geographical Location Originated in Germany, now found everywhere in the world

Originating from Germany, this breed of dog is popular due to the presence of excessive facial hair present. Not only do they have facial hairs, but they are also present all over their body.

Schnauzers are a breed of dogs well-known for their excessive presence of hairs on their body. This feature makes them adorable yet friendly. They go well with children and love to socialize.

6) Otters

Subfamily Lutrinae
Size 76-152 cm
Color of Mustache Brown, Black, and white
Diet Carnivores
Geographical Location Every continent except Australia and Antarctica

We have seen otters doing interesting things and smart movements. Otters are fun-loving animals that are well-known for their cute look that resembles a big squirrel.

It is an aquatic species that are among the smart hunters on both land and water. They belong to the Mustelidae family means they are carnivores in their diet pattern.

The small white patches on the brown and black body give them a unique appearance that you will surely want to touch. However, do not try to get close to them as they can harm you well.

7) Mandrill

Scientific Name Mandrillus Sphinx
Size 45-65 cm
Color of Mustache White, Brown
Diet Omnivores
Geographical Location West Central Africa and Congo

An old-world monkey that gives you bossy vibes, here is Mandrill a furious species of monkeys that resides in Africa. They are famous for their aggressive nature and moustaches give them a unique look.

Their furious face will surely make you scared as they don’t seem friendly. Mandrills are big that have red stripes on the light blue colored face with long canine teeth.

This species of monkey has been put on the blacklist by the IUCN due to its vulnerability and threat to habitat destruction. 

8) Bornean Bearded Pig

Bornean Bearded Pig
Bornean Bearded Pig
Scientific Name Sus Babrbatus
Size 70-90 cm from ground
Color of Mustache Brown and White
Diet Omnivores
Geographical Location Southeast Asia

We have always seen pigs with brown and pink colored shiny bodies with fewer hairs. We have never seen any pig having mustaches either.

Bornean bearded pigs also known as Sunda Bearded pigs are among the pig species that show moustaches all over their faces.

Their unusual feature makes this species among the rarest and most vulnerable species of pigs present in the world. Indeed, they look dangerous too. 

9) Persian Cats

Persian Cats
Persian Cats
Scientific Name Felis Catus
Size 25-38 cm
Color of Mustache White, brown, black
Diet Carnivores
Geographical Location Everywhere in the world

Cats are cute and strange-looking animals. Their quick wit and smart actions make them unique. Also, the beauty they carry is truly commendable in every way.

Have you ever noticed a cat with a mustache? You have seen it but due to the presence of large facial hairs, we weren’t able to distinguish it.

Persian cats are famous for their extreme beauty and the presence of hairs all over their body. This species carries a hairy mustache that you will find adorable on its face.

10) Walruses

Scientific Name Odobenus Rosmarus
Size 270-360 cm
Color of Mustache Brown and Grey
Diet Carnivores
Geographical Location Arctic and Sub-Arctic regions

As deadly as it looks, walruses are large pinniped marine mammals found on Earth. These animals are known for their long canines that have the potential to kill anyone just by biting them once.

The long canines present on their face makes them furious and aggressive.

Although, they got aggressive during mating season to keep the potential opponents away. Also, they are extremely sociable and friendly mammals in their genus.

11) Bearded Collie

Bearded Collie
Bearded Collie
Scientific Name Cani Lupus Familiaris
Size 50.8-55.8 cm
Color of Mustache White
Diet Carnivores
Geographical Location Scotland

Dogs are known to be a man’s best friend. The presence of large hairs all over their body makes this species of dog cute and adorable to touch.

The bearded collie is a smart choice to keep as a family pet as they are loyal and cuddly.

They are friendly and love to socialize with children and other dogs. Their long hair and mustaches are not a barrier for them to keep others away; in fact, it makes them cute.

12) Loaches

Superfamily Cobitoidea
Size 5 cm to a foot
Color of Mustache White, Grey, and Black
Diet Carnivores
Geographical Location Eurasia and Northern Africa

We have only known catfishes with mustaches. However, there is one more fish on the list having mustaches.

Introducing Loaches, a species of fish found with a small portion of mustache or facial hairs present over their mouth. This species is cute. The unique coloration and design of their body make these species stand out.

13) House Mouse 

House Mouse
House Mouse
Scientific Name Mus Musculus
Size 7.62 -10.16 cm
Color of Mustache White
Diet Omnivores
Geographical Location Everywhere

Many individuals are often confused about the mouse having whiskers or mustaches. The answer is mouse have mustaches on their face.

This facial hair helps these mouse to analyze their surroundings even in the dark time. The mustaches on their face give them a cute look that you will admire.

14) Chinchilla

Scientific Name Chinchilla chinchilla
Size 23-36 cm
Color of Mustache Brown and Black
Diet Herbivores
Geographical Location Southern Peru, Bolivia, Northwestern Argentina, and Northern Chile

Another species of rodents that are well-known for their adorable face and facial hairs. These species are fully covered in hair as it helps these animals in keeping them safe against harsh weather. The long whiskers present on their face makes them adorable to touch.

However, they are poisonous too as they can be infectious to you if they bite you. It is better to take care of yourself before diving into touch with them. Maybe they will attack you in return.

15) Belgian Bearded Rabbit

Scientific Name Oryctolagus Cuniculus
Size 8 cm from ground
Color of Mustache Brown, Black, and white
Diet Omnivores
Geographical Location North America

Belgian rabbits are considered one of the most elegant rabbit species found on earth. These species have a cute appearance with long ears that stand upright.

Not only do their cute size and face make them adorable, but their facial hairs and mustaches also add charm to their appearance.

You will surely become happy just by seeing this adorable creature. Their long-deer-like face is something to admire for. Truly, this animal is the most wanted in the list of animals with mustaches.

16) Lhasa Apso

Lhasa Apso
Lhasa Apso
Scientific Name Cani Lupus Familiaris
Size 22.8-27.9 cm
Color of Mustache White and Cream color
Diet Omnivores
Geographical Location Tibet

You have seen many kinds of dogs with hair. However, have you ever seen a dog with a mustache and their bodies covered with long hair? If not, the Lhasa apso is a breed of dog that is well-known for its adorable look and long hair covering all of its body.

It looks like they have worn a cute hairy cloth on their body. This cute little animal has a mustache that gives them a different look compared to other dog breeds. They are small in size but are famous for floor lengths.

17) Brown Huntsman Spider 

Scientific Name Heteropoda Venatoria
Size 2.2- 12 cm
Color of Mustache Brown
Diet Carnivores
Geographical Location Cuba

We have seen many hairy spiders. One of the best examples is a tarantula, a species of spider covered with hairs all over its body. Although, there are other species of spiders found on earth having mustaches and body hairs.

Introducing the brown huntsman spider, a species found on earth showcasing its straight mustache. This golden-brown colored species shows a dense mustache on its face covering its mouth. Indeed, it makes them scary yet unusual.

18) Ferrets

Scientific Name Mustela Putorius Furo
Size Up to 50 cm
Color of Mustache White
Diet Carnivores
Geographical Location Wyoming, South Dakota, Montana, and Arizona

Ferrets are small domesticated species that are covered with a blanket of hairs all over their body. This small species belongs to the family of Mustelidae and has the potential to be kept as pets.

Talking about their facial features, they have small mouths covered with hair and white-black patches all over their body.

The small mustache on their face enhances their cuteness to the next extent that you will surely admire. They are sociable and cute pets. So, adding them as a pet is one of the best decisions you can ever take.

19) Tiger

Scientific Name Panthera Tigris
Size 182-304 cm
Color of Mustache White
Diet Carnivores
Geographical Location Everywhere except Antarctica

Tiger is an active and aggressive species that are among the largest living cats on earth. This furious species is dominant and is a harsh killer.

Tigers show a unique pattern on their body with black stripes on golden-yellow skin. They also have a cute little mustaches of white color on their face adding a bossy look to their personality.

20) Blue Nile patas Monkey 

Scientific Name Erythrocebus poliophaeus
Size 60-87 cm
Color of Mustache White
Diet Omnivores
Geographical Location Africa

Blue Nile patas monkey is a species of monkey found on earth. These species belong to the African continent and are discovered 150 years before.

Patatas monkey has a black face with golden-brown body colored hairs on their body. This species of monkey is well-known for its quick wit and furious actions if they are in attack mode.

Below their nose, there is a distinctive white handlebar moustache that is visible This moustache gives these species a unique look among other species.

21) De Brazza’s Monkey

De Brazza’s Monkey

Scientific Name Cercopithecus Neglectus
Size 40-63.5 cm
Color of Mustache Brown
Diet Omnivores
Geographical Location Central Africa

Among the unique species that you have probably never seen in your lives. Here is De Brazza’s monkey, an old endemic species found in Central Africa.

This species of monkey is unusual and rare to see. Like their name, you have probably, never seen them before.

This species shows a unique body color with an orange diadem and a white mustache with a beard on its face. They show a beautiful pair bonding but are aggressive to other rivals.

22) Moustached Guenon

Scientific Name Cercopithecus Cephus
Size 49-58 cm
Color of Mustache Brown, White, and Grey
Diet Omnivores
Geographical Location Angola, Cameroon, Central Africa, and Congo

Mustached guenon also known as Moustached monkeys, a native to a diverse range in West Africa. This is also among the list of animals with mustaches of monkeys found on Earth.

Although they are small in size they are aggressive. Guenon monkeys show a beautiful brown body coloration with red eyes and a blue face.

You will also notice a small white mustache present on their small face giving them an adorable yet smiley facial look. 


After going through the article, we have increased our knowledge of animals with mustaches present on Earth. It can be any animal that has a beautiful mustache present on tier face enhancing its overall look. You won’t be short of words when someone asks you to enlist animals with mustaches.

Although many of the animals are rare to find still, their beauty is admired by all. An addition of a mustache on their face makes them rare in the bulk of different animals present on earth. 

Here, we conclude our article Do Animals have big mustaches? We hope that you like this informative article and we are open to any suggestions. We will be back with another interesting yet informative article. Till then, stay tuned with us.