10 Finest Black and Red Flowers for Your Garden (2023)

In the continuation of understanding the beauty and creations of this world, we have for you a list of 10 finest black and red flowers that will make your garden a class apart.

Though very uncommon, red, and black flowers are an attraction for their striking standout color combination, hence seen more as a hybrid. Some of them might not be pure black but look black due to the structure of the flower.

In this article, we’ve tried to cater to your gothic dreams by presenting to you the most magnificent black and red flowers.

10 Finest Black and Red Flowers for Your Garden

1) Dahlia ‘Arabian Night’

Dahlia ‘Arabian Night’
Dahlia ‘Arabian Night’
Scientific Name Dahlia × pinnata ‘Arabian Night’
Geographic Origin Central America and Mexico
Size 36-48 inches
Identification Double flowers with green center

Flowers are warm, deep-red, and almost black in appearance due to the slightly incurved petals.

They grow best under full sun but a little shade is always welcome.

Flowers are highly prized by various cultures for their beauty, and the tubers had both food and medicinal uses.

They can grow at varying pH and need moist but well-drained soil.

Their bold flowers and distinct coloration make them the best choice for gardening enthusiasts.

2) Chat Noir Dahlia

Chat Noir Dahlia
Chat Noir Dahlia
Scientific Name Dahlia × pinnata ‘Chat Noir’
Geographic Origin Central and South America
Size 48 inches
Identification Spiny petals curved inwards

Like Arabian Night, Chat Noir is rich deep-red with spiny petals rolled along their length.

The flowers have a black hue due to their outward or inward curving.

They are a great pick for gardeners or as an indoor plant due to their hardy nature.

They have long-lasting flowers making them a popular choice for cut flower arrangements.

Chat Noir blooms best in full with consistent moisture.

3) Chocolate cosmos

Chocolate cosmos
Chocolate cosmos
Scientific Name Cosmos atrosanguineus
Geographic Origin Mexico
Size 40-60 cm
Identification Dark red ray florets with a center of disc florets

These beautiful flowers have a dark red to maroon-dark brown hue with a center of disc floret that is darker.

The flowers have a distinct vanilla scent resembling chocolate, which becomes more noticeable towards the end of the day.

Although it has a tempting smell, it shouldn’t be consumed.

The plant requires partial or full sun and a frost-free environment.

4) Dark Red Hollyhock

Red Hollyhock
Red Hollyhock
Scientific Name Alcea rosea ‘Black night’
Geographic Origin Asia Minor
Size 150-180 cm
Identification Sturdy spikes of funnel-shaped, deep purple-red flowers

This perennial plant produces funnel-shaped, deep purple-red flowers, sometimes appearing as black with a bright buttery yellow throat.

It’s a gardener’s favorite as it’s known to attract butterflies and hummingbirds.

They grow best when planted against a wall or a fence.

They perform well in full, average, medium moisture, well-drained soils.

5) Black Diamond Crape Myrtle

Scientific Name Lagerstroemia indica
Geographic Origin Southeast Asia and Australia
Size 10-12 feet
Identification Crinkled crepe-like dark red flowers

This species has dark black foliage with vivid pink, white, magenta, red, purple, and lavender colors.

They prefer full sun and well-drained soil.

Because they are found in many places, opinions on their cultivation differ from place to place.

If you are planning to grow this in your garden, get ready to put up a fight with several pests and diseases, most notably, fungus-caused powdery mildew.

6) Dark Red Cornflower

Dark Red Cornflower
Dark Red Cornflower | Credit: edenbrothers
Scientific Name Centaurea cyanus ‘Black Gem’
Geographic Origin Europe
Size 60 cm
Identification Ruffled, dark red/maroon, thistle-shaped flowers.

These ruffled, dark red/maroon flowers sometimes appear black, attracting bees, butterflies, and people alike.

They prefer full sun and light shade with average, medium, well-drained soil.

A great pick for a lazy person as they are easy to grow and virtually pest and disease-free while also being drought-tolerant!

Deadheading spent flowers will prevent undesired self-seeding.

7) Black Knight

Black Knight
Black Knight | Credit: Rhododendrites (commons.wikimedia) (CC BY-SA 4.0)
Scientific Name Scabiosa atropurpurea ‘Black Knight’
Geographic Origin Europe, Asia, and Eastern Africa
Size 12-18 in
Identification Fully double, pin cushion flower heads that are black in color.

These perennial flowers have lovely dark red blooms appearing black at times with contrasting lavender anthers.

When brought from a florist, it can be planted soon after the frost season has passed.

Not just butterflies’ favorite, they are easy to grow and sweetly fragrant making it the humans’ preference too.

Blooming from summer into early autumn, giving your garden a classy touch.

8) Common poppy

Common poppy
Common poppy
Scientific Name Papaver rhoeas
Geographic Origin Africa, Asia, and Europe
Size 28 in
Identification Large and showy flowers with 4 vibrant red petals with a black spot at their base.

Flowering generally in the late springs, the stems hold a single flower with four vibrant red petals and a black spot at their base.

These petals can sometimes overlap and form an inverted cone-shaped flower.

The plant can produce up to 400 flowers in a warm season, that last only one day.

These flowers have been used in the commonwealth as a symbol of remembrance for fallen soldiers.

They are widely grown in gardens for their vibrant colors that attract butterflies and bees.

9) Black Pussy Willow

Scientific Name Salix gracilistyla ‘Melanostachys’
Geographic Origin Europe and Japan
Size 6-7 ft
Identification Deep purple-black catkins with red anthers

They are shrubs with rich black-purple catkins adorned with red anthers. These red anthers turn yellow on maturation.

Thanks to its incredible display of catkins, they are an amazing choice for your garden.

They perform best in full sun and in moderately fertile, moist, well-drained soils.

These flowering branches are high in demand during the early spring.

10) Calla Lily

Red Calla Lily
Red Calla Lily
Scientific Name Zantedeschia aethiopica ‘Odessa’
Geographic Origin South Africa
Size 20-24 in
Identification Trumpet-shaped flowers

This dramatic dark, almost black/purple flower adorns a reddish hue under sunlight.

They grow best in full sun and moist soil.

They can be planted alongside ponds and streams and are great for containers too!

Don’t let the looks deceive you, they are known to cause severe discomfort when ingested.


With this, we have concluded the article on the top 10 black and red flowers for your garden. They might not be naturally available but surely are easy to plant and take care of.

From easy-growing plants for the newbies to intrinsic plants that require extra care, we have it all. Find your favorite and go ahead and make your neighbor jealous with your top choice in flowers, because no one has ever gone wrong with black and red.

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