18 Types of Black And White Bird With Red Chest(2024): Updated

Have you ever encountered a beautiful black and white bird with a red chest? Well, I saw one when I visited the wildlife sanctuary in Sultanpur village. There I saw a beautiful black and white woodpecker with a red chest. On asking the guide, I came to know that it was a crimson-breasted woodpecker.

This made me curious to learn more about black and white birds with red chests. After hours of research, I came across several birds here they are. So through this article, I want to share my experience and research so that you will save your time.

Let’s begin.

15 Types of Black And White Birds With Red Chest

1. Rose-breasted grosbeak

Scientific name Pheucticus ludovicianus
Size 18-22 cm
Geographical location Canada and Northeastern United States

First on the list is the rose-breasted grosbeak,  also known as cutthroat and scientifically known as Pheucticus ludovicianus.

It is generally observed that males are black and white with a red chest, while females are grey and brown with a white chest. This black and white bird with a red chest likes to eat seeds.

Considering their colorful appearance, the males have a large black head, back, wings with two patches of white, and a tail. Also, they had a bright red color on their white breasts.

Their appearance changes a little during their breeding period, like having two red linings on their wings and their underpart getting white as well.

2. Peruvian meadowlark

Scientific name Leistes bellicosus
Size approximately 20 cm
Geographical location western Peru, Ecuador, and northern Chile

Leistes bellicosus, also known as Peruvian meadowlark, is found in western Peru, Ecuador, and northern Chile. The males of this species of bird are like other males of different species.

The male has streaky blackish-brown feathers covering the back, head, and tail of the bird. They also had white brows and a red chest or breast.

This bird can grow up to approximately 20 cm in length. They like to eat seeds and small insects. 

3. Crimson-breasted shrike

Scientific name Laniarius atrococcineus
Size Approx 23 cm
Geographical location Southern Angola, South Africa, and Northern Cape

Another is the crimson-breasted shrike, a southern African bird of black and white color with a red breast. They are also known as crimson-breasted gonolek or crimson-breasted boubou.

The bird has a black upper side, wing, tail, and back, with a white stripe on the wings. The underside of this bird is a bright and beautiful scarlet-red color.

However, some of the birds of this species have also been found with a joyfully yellow-colored breast, but only occasionally. During their younger years, these birds have a mottled brown appearance.

4. Mistletoebird

Scientific name Dicaeum hirundinaceum
Size 9-10 cm
Geographical location Australia, Maluku Island, New Guinea

The mistletoebird, also known as the mistletoe flowerpecker, is a flowerpecker native to Australia and the eastern Maluku Islands in Indonesia. It is small, 9–10 cm long, with a glossy blue-black male and a red chest and undertail.

The male has a black center stripe on its white belly. The bill is slender, slightly down-curved, and sharply pointed. The adult mistletoebird is smaller in the north, and females have lighter underparts in the north compared to the south.

5. Red-capped robin

Scientific name Petroica goodenovii
Size 10.5-12.5 cm
Geographical location Australia

The red-capped robin is a small passerine bird native to Australia, found in drier regions and open woodlands. It is sexually dimorphic and measures 10.5–12.5 cm in length. The male has a distinctive red cap and red breast, a black upper part, and a black tail with white tips.

Also, they had white underparts and shoulders. The male has a scarlet cap and breast, a jet-black upper part with white shoulder bars, and a black tail with white tips.

All colors are sharply delineated from one another. The smallest of the red robins, it has longer legs than other robins of the Petroica genus.

6. Scarlet robin

Scientific name Petroica boodang
Size 12-13.5 cm
Geographical location Australia and Tasmania

Scarlet robins are stocky passerines with large heads, ranging from 12 to 13.5 cm in length. They have a sexually dimorphic plumage, males are different from females.

Males normally have black head, back, tail, and wings. Also, this species bird has a scarlet-red breast, with a white belly. 

7. Painted redstart

Scientific name Myioborus pictus
Size 13-15 cm
Geographical location Central America 

Another black and white bird with a red chest is painted redstart; you can also call it by its name, painted whitestart. The scientific name of this bird species is Myioborus pictus. This bird is spread all across Central America.

This bird has a glossy plumage with a bright red color at the center of the breast and belly. Also, they had white stripes on their wings, which made them look more beautiful. This small bird can grow up to 13–15 cm.

Normally, adult males are bigger than females. And they have a white crescent below their small black eyes.

8. Rose-breasted chat

Scientific name Granatellus pelzelni
Size 12-12.5 cm
Geographical location Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia French Guiana, Guyana, Suriname, and Venezuela

The rose-breasted chat, also known as Granatellus pelzelni, has a black head and blue-grey upper part. The bird has a white throat that is separated by a thin line and a white supercilium.

Other than that, they had a rose-red breast, vent, and belly. The bird has a deep red underside with a white flank. 

9. Pine grosbeak

Scientific name Pinicola enucleator
Size 20-25.5 cm
Geographical location Northern Eurasia and North America

The pine grosbeak, also known as the pinicola enucleator, is a species of bird found in the mountain ranges of the U.S., Canada, the Palearctic, Siberia, and across subarctic Fennoscandia.

You can see that the adults, as shown above, had long black tails joined with black wings. Also, they had white stripes on their black wings. Adult males have a conical beak with a rose-red head, back, chest, and rump.

10. Red-breasted chat

Scientific name Granatellus venustus
Size 14.5–16 cm
Geographical location Mexico 

Granatellus venustus, or red-breasted chat, is a species endemic to Mexico. This small bird can reach up to 14.5–16 cm in length.

In terms of body features, the adult male has a black face with a blueish-grey upper side. Further, they had a large white supercilium, while its lower breast, chest, belly, and vent parts are red.

11. Crimson-breasted Woodpecker

Scientific name Dryobates cathpharius
Size 17-20 cm
Geographical location Bhutan, China, India, Myanmar and Nepal

Another species of bird with black and white stripes is the Crimson-naped Woodpecker, or you can say the Scarlet-breasted Woodpecker, or Crimson-breasted Woodpecker.

This species is commonly seen in the landscapes of Bhutan, India, China, Myanmar, and Nepal. They have black wings and feathers on their backs, with some white spots and one large patch.

The center of the breast is scarlet-red. And the rest of the breast and belly are white. Also, its buff and crown are black, and the forehead of this bird is white.

12. Eurasian bullfinch

Scientific name Pyrrhula pyrrhula
Size Approx 15 cm
Geographical location Europe and Asia

Another bird on our list is the Eurasian bullfinch. This is a bulky bullheaded bird; the upper part of the bird is gray; other than that, the flight feathers and bills are black.

Also, the head and cap of this bird are black and the rump is white, with a striking white color bar on the wings. The underpart and chest of the bird are red.

13. Scarlet honeyeater

Scientific name Myzomela sanguinolenta
Size 9-11 cm
Geographical location Australia

The scarlet myzomela, a small honeyeater native to Australia, is a strikingly bright red bird with black wings. The male is bright red with a narrow black stripe from beak to eye and a thin black eye ring.

The red plumage extends as a central stripe down the back and rump. The adult male has a bright red head, nape, and upper breast, with a grey-white belly and flanks.

The mantle and scapulars are black, while the upper wing is dull black with white edges. The tail is black above and dark gray below.

14. Red-breasted goose

Scientific name Branta ruficollis
Size 53–56 cm 
Geographical location Eurasia

Unlike other goose species, this one has a striking appearance because of its dark red breast. The red-breasted goose, a small species in the genus Branta, is characterized by its combination of brick red, white, and black plumage.

As the goose grows older, its plumage becomes darker. The short bill is also black, and their legs are gray.

15. Norfolk robin

Scientific name Petroica multicolor
Size 11.5-13.5 cm
Geographical location Norfolk Island, Australia, and New Zealand

The Norfolk robin, also known as the Norfolk Island scarlet robin or Norfolk Island robin, is a small bird in the Australasian robin family. It is endemic to Norfolk Island, an Australian territory in the Tasman Sea.

The adult male is distinctive, with black upper parts, a large white spot on the forehead, white bars on the wings, and vestigial white tips to the tail. The breast and upper part of the belly are red, and the lower belly is white.

16. Lewis woodpecker

Scientific name Melanerpes lewis
Size 25-27 cm
Geographical location United States, Canada, Mexico, South Dakota, Michigan, Illinois, Minnesota, and Wisconsin

Lewis’s woodpecker is a large North American species of woodpecker, named after Meriwether Lewis, an explorer who surveyed the Louisiana Purchase areas. Do you know this black and white bird with red chest is one of the largest American woodpecker species, measuring 10-11 inches in length and mainly reddish-breasted. It has a black rump, gray collar, upper breast, pinkish belly, and red face. Its wings are broader than other woodpeckers, and it flies at a sluggish pace with slow flaps. Its calls have a harsh sound and may use multiple phrases. It is one of the three largest Melanerpes woodpeckers.

17. Red breasted sapsucker

Scientific name Sphyrapicus ruber
Size 20-23 cm
Geographical location Alaska and United States

The red-breasted sapsucker is a medium-sized woodpecker found in the forests of the west coast of North America. Adults have a red head and upper chest, white lower belly, and rump, and black back and wings with bars. The northern race has yellow bars on the back and upper belly, while the southern race has white bars on the back and a pale belly. This species of black and white bird with red chest make various noises to establish territory and attract mates, including drilling holes for feeding and excavating nest cavities.

18. American Robin

Scientific name Turdus migratorius
Size 23-28 cm
Geographical location North America, Alaska, Canada, Florida and Mexico

The American robin is a migratory bird in the thrush genus and Turdidae family, named after the European robin due to its reddish-orange breast. It is found throughout North America, wintering from southern Canada to central Mexico and along the Pacific coast. The eastern subspecies is 23 to 28 cm long and has a wingspan ranging from 31 to 41 cm. The species weighs about 77 g and has a brown back and reddish-orange breast. The bill is mainly yellow with a dark tip, with the dusky area becoming more extensive in winter


As we saw different species of birds having black and white bodies with red breasts, these tiny friends are scattered across many regions. If you want to learn more about these kinds of animals, then keep looking with us on this journey on How It See.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. Are red-breasted grosbeaks rare?

Ans. Not at all, the Red-breasted grosbeak also known as rose-breasted grosbeak is not rare.

Q2. What bird is black with a red breast?

Ans. Red-breasted Meadowlark is a black bird with a red breast.

Q3. Where do Rose-breasted Grosbeaks migrate to?

Ans. In winter the Rose-breasted grosbeak migrate to tropical America.

Q4. What bird has a red chest?

Ans. Red-breasted grosbeak, Red-breasted chat, and Red-breasted goose are some of the species with red chests.

Q5. What is a red-breasted sparrow?

Ans. Common Rosefinch is a red-breasted sparrow.

Q6. What is a black and white bird with a red?

Ans. Red-breasted grosbeak, Red-breasted chat, Red-breasted goose, Scarlet robin, and Norfolk robin are some of the black and white birds with red chests.

Q7. What kind of bird has a redneck?

Ans. The red-necked grebe is the bird having a redneck.


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