9 Magnificent Blue And Black Fish Worldwide (2023)

Fishes are marine animals that are not only mesmerizing to see but also bloom in everyone’s heart. The quick and witty movement of these limbless creatures is enough to grab your mind instantly.

If you look closely at the design of the fish, you will get to know how beautiful these marine animals are. Moreover, in the marine world, there are millions of species of fish found. There can be blue and black fish or any other color. They can be easily found in shallow, medium, or deep water. 

Although, the characteristics of these fishes vary individually that can bring you understandable differences in the world. Likewise, fishes are widely classified as per their size and level of danger.

Mostly fishes also contribute to the food world. They support a wide range of delicacies around the globe. Specifically talking about pointing out the color of the fishes, you will surely be mesmerized by their beauty.

If you see the bright combination of colors, you will easily recognize the species of fish. Do you know any fish carrying blue and black colors? If not, continue reading this article to uncover the blue and black fish found worldwide.

9 Blue And Black Fish

1) Black Damsel Velvet Fish

Black Damsel Velvet Fish
Black Damsel Velvet Fish | Credit: Drow male (commons.wikimedia) (CC BY-SA 4.0)
Scientific Name Neoglyphidodon Oxyodon
Size 4.7- 6.3 inches
Location Pacific Ocean
Diet zooplankton and filamentous algae

Black Damsel Velvet Fish is truly a beauty you can never witness through your eyes. This beautiful fish is commendable due to the presence of bright blue colored stripes on its black body.

They are commonly known as Japanese Damselfish which carries a large white colored vertical stripe on its body.

With an attractive body coloration and unique design, this fish likes to munch on benthic algae and other planktonic that contribute to the major portion of the aquatic world. They are truly the most beautiful blue and black fishes found on earth.

2) Red-tailed Black Shark

Scientific Name Epalzeorhynchos bicolor
Size Up to 6 inches
Location  endemic to Thailand
Diet plant matter, worms, crustaceans, small insects

The red-tailed black shark (Epalzeorhynchos bicolor) is a freshwater fish native to Thailand. It is a popular aquarium fish, prized for its deep black body and vivid red or orange tail.

Red-tailed black sharks can grow up to 12 inches long, and they are relatively hardy fish. However, they can be aggressive towards other fish, so they should be kept in a tank with other large, aggressive fish.

3) Blue Tang

Blue Tang
Blue Tang
Scientific Name Paracanthurus Hepatus
Size Up to 12 inches
Location Western Atlantic Ocean
Diet marine algae, brine shrimp, bits of seaweed, other small microorganisms

Blue Tang is another cute species of fishes that are well known for its beautiful and unique appearance. This fish is poisonous. So, never take them lightly as their bite can cause vomiting, diarrhea, and other severe symptoms that can become deadly if uncured.

Moreover, they are small in size but are easily spottable due to their beautiful and unique body colorations. The electric blue color with black markings makes them suitable to add to your aquarium.

4) Blue Devil Damselfish

Blue Devil Damselfish
Blue Devil Damselfish
Scientific Name Chrysiptera Cyanea
Size Up to 3 inches
Location Indo Pacific Ocean
Diet zooplankton, worms, brine shrimp, copepods

Blue Devil Damselfish is a bright blue-colored fish found in the saltwater. This popularly known blue fish carries a bright blue body color with black spots present on its body.

This species of fish seem to be delicate. Their underbelly portion shows a hue of yellow color making them easily recognizable.

5) Blue Marlin

Blue Marlin
Blue Marlin
Scientific Name Makaira Nigricans
Size Up to 144 inches
Location Indian, Pacific, and Atlantic Ocean
Diet squids, dolphin, tunas, mackerels, and flyingfish

A blue-colored shark that is native to tropical and medium-temperature waters in different oceans of the world. Blue Marlin are sharks that emirate from one place to another.

Moreover, blue marlins are one of the fastest and largest fish in the world which can be recognized by their appearance and considerable size.

6) Black Phantom Tetra

Scientific Name Hyphessobrycon Megalopterus
Size 1.4 inches
Location South America and Western Brazil
Diet insects, worms, and crustaceans

The Black Phantom Fish is a small-sized fish that are peaceful by nature. This fish is native to south America that are likely to live in freshwater only.

Talking about the appearance of this specie, the black phantom tetra shows a vibrant hue of black, blue, and sometimes purple shades with frilled fins and tail.

Moreover, they are calm fish that likes to swim peacefully. They can be a perfect fit for your aquarium.

7) Black Triggerfish

Black Triggerfish
Black Triggerfish | Credit: u/SPF_Infinity (Reddit)
Scientific Name Melichthys Niger
Size Up to 12 inches
Location Hawaii and Polynesia and in Indian Ocean
Diet dead fish, algae, coralline algae, fish carcasses

A truly mesmerizing fish that can make you awe just by seeing it. Black Triggerfish is a dark blue colored fish that carries a unique designated body shape with white markings around its tail. This species of fish is truly mindblowing.

Just a look at them is enough to fascinate you with their extreme beauty. They are also one of the least aggressive triggerfish as compared to other similar ones. 

8) Frontosa

Scientific Name Cyphotilapia Frontosa
Size Up to 12 inches
Location Northern Half of Lake Tanganyika
Diet  Live and dead fish, chopped shellfish, mussels, shrimp, and worms

Frontosa is a unique species of black and blue fish that depicts a look similar to a zebra. Frontosa fish are common and looks stunning in their way.

They are an east African species that can blow your mind as they don’t seem real. This majestic fish is large and covered with bold patterns. These patterns make this species to be easily recognisable.

9) Asfur Angelfish

Scientific Name Pomacanthus Asfur
Size 16 inches
Location Western Indian Ocean including Red Sea
Diet sponges with small amounts of algae, tunicates, hydroids, and bryozoans

Introducing Asfur angelfish are commonly known as Arabian fish that can be easily found in the Red Sea. Marine ray-finned fish carries a beautiful body coloration includes blue and black colors with yellow shade.

These magnificent colors can make you fall for it instantly. You will be delighted to see it in every way as they are extremely mesmerising.


Here we come to the end of this article highlights the concept of blue and black fish found worldwide. This article specifically emphasize on blue and black colored fishes that show specific characteristics with an untimely beauty of it. We hope that you like this article. We will be back with another article soon. Till then, stay tuned with us.

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