10 Best Purple Snakes Morphs That You Can Buy In 2023

The world of reptiles offers us a plethora of species varying in colors and sizes; one among them is the purple snake.

As a fanatic of the color purple, I once dreamed of everything I owned, literally EVERY SINGLE thing, to be purple. And for a significant part of my childhood, I had it my way.

So, it wouldn’t be surprising if I said I once wished for every creature to be purple too.

And here I was, scrolling through numerous websites, only to find a handful of purple snakes. While most of them appear to have a dark hue, they appear purple-violet under sunlight.

To save you time, we have compiled a list of the 10 best purple snake morphs that you can buy!

What are snake morphs?

“Snake morph” is a widely used term in the world of the pet trade. While some may consider it a violation of natural processes, scientists have found cures for several diseases and a greater variety of species by mutating specific genes.

Pet traders operate in a gray area, as they often breed snake species to obtain a certain desirable characteristic or trait.

The most common snake likely to be morphed for its features is the Python. Considered to be docile and friendly, pythons come in various colors and sizes, making them a desirable pet.

Is it legal to buy morphs?

The legality of buying a snake morph depends on the country and its state laws and regulations. Therefore, doing your own research before making a purchase is advisable.

Note: We are not breeders or sellers of any sort of pets, and this article is solely based on online sales. Prices may vary from place to place and on the pattern or morph of the animal. For the prices, we have used Underground Reptiles for reference.

10 Best Purple Snakes Morphs

1) Ball Python – 4P Morph

Scientific Name Python regius
Identification Pale purple small-medium sized Python
Estimated Price Over $2K

It was in the year 2014 that the world of reptiles was blessed with yet another marvelous and beautiful python morph.

Jens Ströhlein introduced the eye-catching yet serene-looking Pastel Purple Passion Pinstripe, nicknamed the “4-P” Python Morph.

Talking about the genetics of this snake morph, they are the result of crossing the Mojave, Pastel, and Phantom with incomplete dominance, along with the dominant character of the Pinstripe.

This morph is a result of ethical breeding and it is our responsibility to make sure our actions don’t harm nature.

2) California Kingsnake – Lavender Morph

Scientific Name Lampropeltis californiae
Identification Lavender blotches on a greenish-yellow body
Estimated Price Up to $200k

Snake enthusiast, Jack Dyre in the 1970s came across a wild-caught albino California kingsnake in La Habra Heights, California which he carefully bred with a John Ruiz line San Diego banded albino California kingsnake, resulting in the birth of all albino offspring.

Among the many offspring produced, a little lavender snake snuck his head out giving rise to the snake of our interest!

As babies, they start off as mild pastel lavender, gradually deepening in color as they mature into adults boasting a pair of ruby-red eyes.

3) Crossi File Snake

Scientific Name Mehelya crossi
Identification Mid-sized 3-4 feet snake with scale-like skin
Estimated Price Around $59.99 to $169.99

Belonging to the genus Mahelya, the magnificent dark Mahelya crossi is a dark scaly snake with a captivating purple hue running down its body.

Crossi File Snake is known for its friendly nature, making it an ideal choice for snake enthusiasts looking for a snake that’s both captivating and easy to handle.

But hold on, bonus points if you were looking for a food buddy as these snakes are known for their voracious appetite and are not even picky eaters as they can eat appropriately-sized mice throughout their lives and eagerly accept frozen-thawed prey.

4) Big-Headed Snail-Eating Snake

Scientific Name Aplopeltura boa
Identification Small-medium sized non-venomous purple snake
Estimated Price Approximately $250 to $425

This species of boa has a peculiar-looking head on a medium-sized lavender-colored scaled body.

In the wild, they play a major role in maintaining a balance of the ecosystem by controlling snail populations.

These arboreal lavender boas are here to steal the spotlight with their unique and standout characteristics.

5) Reticulated Python – Lavender Albino Morph

Scientific Name Python regius
Identification Pale lavender background with golden scales
Estimated Price Around $500 to $7,500

The Lavender Albino Python is a prized snake as their rarity makes them expensive.

It is known for its stunning pastel coloration of lavender background scales adorned with shiny golden markings with ruby-like eyes.

Lavender Albino Python’s babies and juveniles often display lavender or pastel markings, which gradually fade as they mature.

6) Western Hognose – Lavender Morph

Scientific Name Heterodon nasicus
Identification Small and stout-bodied pale purple snake
Estimated Price $200 – $230

The Lavender Western Hognose is known for its unique behavior and is kind of a drama queen when threatened.

They are not much of a picky eater as their diet can vary from small amphibians, including tree frogs and toads, as well as the occasional small lizard and even the occasional rodent.

Western Hognose is oviparous, which means it lays eggs that hatch in about 60 days, giving birth to hatchlings that are 13–23 cm (5–9 inches) long.

7) Boa Constrictor – Moonglow Morph

Scientific Name Boa constrictor
Identification White-purple medium to large-sized boa
Estimated Price ~$540

The Lavender Boa Constrictor is known for its chameleon-like abilities and having a great sense of heat thanks to the special cells in their lips.

It is also a great addition to your reptile collection as they are well adapted to captivity and often become quite tame in there.

They can be lifelong companions or a lifetime responsibility as they can live as long as 40 years like Popeye, a boa constrictor who lived a grand life of 40 years, 3 months, and 14 days in the Philadelphia Zoo!

8) Mangrove pit viper

Scientific Name Trimeresurus purpureomaculatus
Identification Small to medium-sized olive, grayish, to dark purplish brown snake
Estimated Price Pairs come up to $49 and $119

As the name suggests, Mangrove pit vipers are adapted to mangrove forests and coastal areas.

They are known to have a nasty bite as their venom is hemotoxic, meaning it can cause severe damage to blood vessels and tissues.

Mangrove pit vipers are known to have very unpredictable behavior and may not display warning signs before attacking.

Keeping a venomous snake as a pet requires specialized knowledge and precautions to ensure both the owner’s and the snake’s safety.

9) Corn Snake – Charcoal Lavender Morph

Scientific Name Pantherophis guttatus
Identification Silvery purple medium-sized snake
Estimated Price ~$350

The Charcoal Lavender Morph is the result of a cross between two recessive genes – Charcoal and Lavender.

While the Charcoal morph lacks the yellowish hue, the Lavender morph has dark purple markings on a pinkish background.

You can also find a variety of other purple-lavender corn snake morphs, such as the Plasma Corn Snake, Opal Corn Snake, Ghost, Pewter, and Lava.

10) False Water Cobra – Lavender Morph

Scientific Name Hydrodynastes gigas
Identification Pale purple-lavender snake with hints of yellow.
Estimated Price Prices can go up to $5,000

Except for a faint marking behind the eye, the Lavender False Water Cobra is completely pattern-less.

A False Water Cobra is named so because of its striking resemblance to the venomous Water Cobra.

Instead of the common False water cobra that has browns and blacks, these Lavender False Water Cobras sport mesmerizing purples, and whites.


This concludes another article where we explored the fascinating world of purple snakes available for purchase.

Stay tuned for upcoming articles that will continue to share knowledge and stimulate your intellect


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