Are There Any Cats With Brown Eyes? (List 2023)

Mesmerized with the beauty of cats, we humans never failed to get impressed by the presence of a cat. The beauty and look this small animal gives you are enough to make you want to touch them at least once.

Every cat on this earth comes up with beautiful feathers, coat color, and mesmerizing eyes. Moreover, the differences among each breed lie in the differences they show. Cats are unique animals that have a wide range of breeds found on Earth.

Although, if you specifically look for one particular breed of cat, you will find that they possess a wide range of eye colors along with fur coats. Similarly a cat with brown eyes is rare to find.

Similarly, searching for a cat with brown eyes is not an easy task as brown color is not so usual to find.

Sadly, domestic cats with brown eyes are not common but most small wild cats have brown eyes means they have high amount of melanin present. But you can find a plethora of cat breeds possessing green, blue, and orange eye colors.

In this article, we have specifically targeted cats with brown eyes to let you know about the specific breeds of cats. So, without further ado, let’s get into this article.

Why Cats Have Brown Eyes?

As we all know that eye color depends upon the genetics of an individual. Similarly, in animals, it depends upon the genetics of the parent animal that passes on to their offspring.

The brown color in a cat’s eyes is uncommon. It is due to the presence of a pigment responsible for coloration melanin. Melanin is the pigment that is responsible for brown, black, and other colors found in humans and animals. 

Other factors are equally responsible for the different colorations the breeding history and genetic mutation. Different genes influence bringing the desired color to the species. 

Are There Any Cats With Brown Eyes?

Finding a cat with brown eyes is like searching for a needle in a bush. Brown eyes are rare in the cat family which makes it impossible to get better results. However, some cats show beautiful brown eye color which makes it perfect to see. 

1. Serval

Scientific Name Leptailurus serval
Fur Color Gold and black spotting
Size 21-24 inches
Diet rodents, birds, reptiles, frogs, and insects

Serval cats are medium-sized cats that possess beautiful brown eyes. Their eyes are one of the most attractive features you would love to see.

This breed of cat has a small head with large round ears that aid in excellent hearing. Moreover, their long legs are the main contributors to their total height.

2. Asiatic Golden Cat

Asiatic Golden Cat
Asiatic Golden Cat
Scientific Name Catopuma Temminckii 
Fur Color Golden brown to dark brown, pale cinnamon, bright red, or grey
Size 26-41 inches
Diet large rodents, amphibians, insects, birds, leaf monkeys, reptiles and small ungulates

Another breed of cat that shows a beautiful brown eye. Here is Asiatic Golden Cat is a breed of cat that shows a wide range of coats with cinnamon, brown eyes.

This breed is truly mesmerizing as the unique body coloration with mesmerizing eyes they shows makes them adorable. The sturdy body with busty legs makes them look strong.

3. Marbled Cat

Scientific Name Pardofelis marmorata
Fur Color Brownish grey, Yellow, Reddish brown
Size 18-24 inches
Diet birds, tree squirrels, fruit bats, rodents, insects, fish, reptiles

Marbled cats are small-sized breeds of cats that show a unique and beautiful coat pattern. This species is named marbled due to the presence of distinct patterns.

These marbled cats can be easily spotted in southeast asian countries. You will be happy to see this cat and wants to keep them as your pet.

4. Caracal

Scientific Name Caracal caracal
Fur Color Tawny or reddish gold
Size 33-48 inches
Diet birds, rodents and small antelopes

The fierce caracal cat is among those cats that are excellent hunters. Caracals are medium-sized cats that show beautiful greenish-brown eyes with distinct body colors and a robust body type.

Although, adding them as your pet can be quite tricky because caracals are dangerous hunting cats.

5. Ocelot

Scientific Name Leopardus Pardalis
Fur Color Creamy, Tawny-yellow, and reddish grey
Size 15.7-19.7 inches
Diet mice, rats, opossums, raccoons, javelina, deer, doves, lizards, and rattlesnakes

Ocelot is another cat breed that shows a tawny or yellowish-colored fur that helps them in blending with their habitat.

This cat breed is a medium-sized animal that shows a sturdy body with a small tail. Ocelots are skilled hunters that are experts in hunting small animals.

6. Colocolo

Scientific Name Leopardus colocola
Fur Color Gray
Size 22-26 inches
Diet small mammals (fav. Guinea pigs) and ground-dwelling birds

A wild cat species that has a variable coat pattern and color. Here is Colocolo cat that possesses dark spots with reddish and yellowish colored fur.

Also, these cats have slender body with short legs and bushy tails. Moreover, this cat is truly a joy to your eyes.

7. Northern Oncilla

Northern Oncilla
Northern Oncilla | Credit: Groumfy69 (commons.wikimedia) (CC BY-SA 3.0)
Scientific Name Leopardus Tigrinus
Fur Color Pale to dark orderly rows of black color
Size 15-23 inches
Diet small mammals, lizards, birds, eggs, invertebrates, and the occasional tree frog

Northern oncillas are another species of cats that possess brown eyes. Usually, this species has a varied body pattern with different-sized spots covering their body.

Moreover, they are not easily recognizable in the wild until you know them very well.

8. Guina

Scientific Name Leopardus guigna tigriillo
Fur Color Silver to Russet
Size Up to 22 inches
Diet rodents, marsupials, rabbits, birds, lizards, invertebrates

Guina is a small wild cat that can be the best option to keep as a pet. Guina cats show strong bodies with short legs that show a long bushy tails.

Also, the point through which you can easily recognize them is the presence of grayish-brown spots with black stripes that helps them in camouflage.

Although, they are a vulnerable cat breed that can attack you if provoked.

9. Andean Cat

Andean Cat
Andean Cat
Scientific Name Leopardus Jacobita
Fur Color Ashy-Gray
Size Up to 14 inches
Diet small mammals, small birds, waterfowl or lizards

Andean cats are a small cat breed that is commonly found in America. This species shows a muscular body that makes it fierce.

Also, their round face with distinctive facial patterns gives them unique looks. This breed of cat possesses dense fur with spots and stripes. This cat breed shows white patches on its face.

10. Canada lynx

Canada Lynx
Canada Lynx
Scientific Name Lynx Canadensis
Fur Color Silver grey or grey brown
Size 19-22 inches
Diet rodents, fish, birds, and deer

Canada lynx is a medium-sized cat species that has a distinctive appearance with dense fur. The color of their fur helps them in blending with the surroundings along with tufted ears and short-black tails.

You can consider keeping them as pets. However, they are excellent hunters so you should keep them accordingly.

11. Iberian lynx

Iberian lynx
Iberian lynx
Scientific Name Lynx Pardinus
Fur Color Bright yellowish red or Tawny
Size 29.4- 32.3 inches
Diet rabbits

A critically endangered species that are found in southwestern Europe. Here are the Iberian Lynx species of cats that carry tawny coat.

This breed of cat is considered one of the most endangered breeds among cats with brown eyes.

12. Rusty-spotted Cat

Rusty-spotted Cat
Rusty-spotted Cat
Scientific Name Prionailurus rubiginosus
Fur Color Brownish gray and Rusty tinge
Size 14-19 inches
Diet small rodents, small birds, hatchlings, reptiles, toads, and invertebrates

Rusty-spotted cats are the smallest wild cats with brown eyes in the world. This cat breed is commonly spotted in South asian countries.

Although, their appearance makes them unique in every way. From slender bodies with pale tawny coat color, they carry red pots on their bodies. This cat breed has round ears with a smaller tail.

13. Flat-headed Cat

Scientific Name Prionailurus Planiceps
Fur Color Reddish Brown
Size 16-20 inches
Diet fish, frogs, mice, rats, crustaceans, birds, fruits

Like the name says, flat head; this cat breed is well known to have a flat head. This cat breed is well-known to be found in southeast asian countries.

Their face is distinctive and mesmerizing that carries dense fur with dark brown and gray color. 

14. Fishing Cat

Fishing Cat
Fishing Cat
Scientific Name Prionailurus Viverrinus
Fur Color Camouflaged Gray- Brown
Size Up to 16 inches
Diet small mammals and fish

Fishing cats are medium-sized wild cats that are found in southeast asian countries. These cats have sturdy body designs with short legs and tails.

Also, their body carries a distinctive pattern with thick and coarse fur on their body.

15. Sunda Leopard Cat

Sunda Leopard Cat
Sunda Leopard Cat | Credit: ecologyasia
Scientific Name Prionailurus Javanensis
Fur Color Gray- Brown
Size 15.3-26 inches
Diet house mouse, Polynesian rat, ricefield rat and Tanezumi rat

Sunda leopard cat is a wild cat that is commonly referred to as the Java leopard cat. This cat species has a small and compact body with a long tail.

The fur coat of this species varies and is mostly found in yellowish-brown color with black spots. Also, they have rounded ears with white spots on them.


Cats are truly magical. The way they carry their beauty is something to praise. We are often mesmerized by the beauty of them which makes us want to love and keep as pets.

However, many times these cats can be the biggest danger to us due to their hunting ability.

Moreover, cats are wonderful pets that can always keep you happy. You might wonder about the beauty of the cats and how distinctive their bodies are.

On the other hand, if you try to find a cat with brown eyes, it is probably difficult as brown-colored eyes are rare in the cat family. We hope that you liked this article. We will be back with another interesting article super soon. Till then, stay tuned with us.

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