10 Gorgeous Pink and Orange Flowers for Your Garden

I love some colorful flowers but why settle for two flowers in your two favorite colors when you can have both in one? It was only recently that I discovered there are, indeed, gorgeous pink and orange flowers you can plant in your garden.

Today, I’ve compiled a list of 10 beautiful pink and orange flowers for your garden, saving you the time of searching through multiple websites like I did. Get your gardening tools ready as we introduce the best orange and pink flowers.

10 Gorgeous Pink and Orange Flowers for Your Garden

1) Orange Minami

Scientific Name Dianthus caryophyllus
Geographic origin Ecuador
Size 50-60 cm
Identification Big orange and pink carnations

Orange Minami also called the bicolor carnation has light pink edges and orange tones in the center of its petals.

It is one of the 8 varieties of the exclusive “Minami Series”.

This Minami Series is regarded for its longevity, and flower head size that’s comparatively larger than the normal carnation.

The Orange Minami and the other flowers in the Minami Series are exclusively grown in Ecuador by known florist – Florequisa

2) Clove pink

Scientific Name Dianthus caryophyllus
Geographic origin Mediterranean countries
Size The plant grows up to 80 cm
Identification Fragrant pink petals with an orange center

Clove pink or carnations are one of the widely grown species of flowering plants.

The scent of carnations is often described as a spicy, clove-like smell that resembles a combination of cinnamon and nutmeg hence the name.

Many of its hybrids are of the desired pink and orange coloration with large flower heads.

Thanks to science, many anti-bacterial plants have come into the market. However, the flowers from these plants are not very aesthetically appealing and crossing needs to be done to improve the flower.

3) Dahlia

Genus Dahlia
Geographic origin Mexico and Central America
Size 30 cm – 1.2 meter
Identification Pink petals with orange-yellow center

Dahlia is a genus of bushy, herbaceous perennial plants native to Central and South America.

There are currently 49 identified species of Dahlia, with hybrids commonly grown as garden plants.

They are brightly colored and can be found in a variety of hues except blue.

4) Peach Mayra

Genus Rosa
Geographic origin Asia, Europe, North America, and northwestern Africa
Size 40-60 cm
Identification The inner petals are orange while the outer petals are pinkish

As the name suggests, the Peach Mayra has a peach-ish hue.

Peach Mayra is a garden-type rose developed for cut flower and commercial purposes.

It has a comparatively large flower head with the inner petals being orange and the outer petals primarily light pink.

Peach Mayra has a very strong floral scent like most species in the genus Rosa.

When kept in a vase, they are known to last about 10-12 days.

5) Canna lily

Genus Canna
Geographic origin Neotropical regions
Size 2-3 meter
Identification Flowers have 3 sepals and 3 petals

Canna lily is the only genus of flowering plants in the family of Cannaceae.

Traditionally canna lily is red, orange, or yellow but cross-breeding has resulted in different combinations of colors.

One such is the Canna (Crozy Group) ‘Alberich’ developed by Pfitzer in the year 1949 which has peach-pink petals and a light orange hue in the center.

They are mostly free of pests but in the US slugs, snails, red spider mites, and Japanese beetles can feed on their foliage if left unsupervised.

6) Rock trumpet

Genus Mandevilla× amabilis
Geographic origin Southwestern United States
Size 3-10 feet
Identification Pink and orange bulb-like flowers

Rock trumpet belongs to the genus of tropical and subtropical flowering vines from the family of Apocynaceae.

It is an evergreen climbing plant with prominent venation.

It is known to be a cross between Mandevilla splendens and another, unknown species.

M.× amabilis has bright pink flowers with dark yellow to orange throat.

7) Pink Delight Butterfly bush

Scientific Name Buddleja davidii
Geographic origin Sichuan and Hubei provinces in central China, and Japan
Size 6-16 feet
Identification Fragrant pink blooms with an orange center

Pink delight butterfly bush is a fragrant flower bloom that has bright pink flowers with a dark orange center.

This bloom grows to a considerable size and has a scent that attracts bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds.

It has also earned the prestigious Award of Golden Merit of the Royal Horticultural Society in the past.

8) Mǔdān

Scientific Name Paeonia × suffruticosa
Geographic origin China, Tibet, and Bhutan
Size 3 to 5 feet
Identification Multi-petal flower with pinkish-peach petals and orange center

Mǔdān is a species exclusively belonging to the subsection Vaginatae.

In Chinese culture, the skin of its roots is traditionally used as medicine.

Also known as the Chinese tree peonies, it can survive longer than the rest of the peonies.

It is known as the “king of flowers,” symbolizing honor, wealth, love, affection, and feminine beauty.

9) African Daisy

Genus Arctotis
Geographic origin South Africa
Size 1-3 feet
Identification Annual plant with orange inner corners and pink edges

African daisies don’t require a very saturated substrate, they can easily grow in garden beds, borders, or even containers.

The ‘Pink Sugar’ African daisy has a sunset-like hue featuring bright orange-yellow petals with vibrant pink edges and a black center.

It can produce 100s of blooms throughout the season.

10) Stargazer lily

Scientific Name Lilium orientalis
Geographic origin California
Size 36 inches
Identification Blooms face upwards unlike the lilies grown in the wild.

Stargazer lily is a hybrid lily belonging to the ‘Oriental group.’

These Oriental lilies are widely known for their fragrant blooms.

Stargazer Lily was created by Leslie Woodriff in the year 1974 to get rid of the common lily’s downward appearance.

These flowers are bright pink with red spots on the petals and white edges outlining them with vibrant orange stamen.


With this, we’ve come to the end of another article in our series on colorful flowers you can buy or, even better, grow in your garden! This article was written with the hope of providing readers with comprehensive information about the various orange and pink flowers they can purchase.

Stay tuned, as we have fresh articles coming for you every single day!


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