24 Different Finding Nemo Fish Species (& Creatures Too)

The colorful and tropical world attracts many individuals out there. From the depth of the water and the mysteries hidden in the ocean, we always push ourselves to explore the greatest depths possible.

As a human, the tropical world always excites us. Moreover, we never know what aquatic life is all about and how things happen there.

Finding Nemo is a movie that emphasise the life of a young boy named Nemo who was curious and always wants to explore the sea world in depth.

This animatic movie comprises a wide range of aquatic species that have undoubtedly added stars to the whole movie. Truly, the movie depicts an impressive storyline with an addition of a message that every young viewer will prize the most.

Finding Nemo is not just an animated movie, it is a perfect theme that comprises a perfect story along with different species of fish and sea creatures.

So, in this article, we are pointing out the wide range of fishes that played a specific role in finding Nemo along with the other sea creatures in real life. So, without further ado, let’s get into this article.

Finding Nemo Fish Species

1) Blenny


Blenny is one of the most popular characters in Finding Nemo. This cute green-colored fish can swim like any other fish. Although, this cute character is a perfect resonance of blenniformes which are small aggressive fishes that can even hurt any other species.

Moreover, blennies refer to a collection of fishes that contributes to a total of six aquatic families. Talking about the body and color combination, they show a distinct dotted pattern with a combination of colors.

You can also discover a line pattern running through their entire body making them unique in every way. Also, they appear in different body colors like brown and in some shades of blue.

2) “Mr. Ray”- Spotted Eagle Ray

Spotted Eagle Ray

Like the never ending wondering of Nemo about My Ray. Spotted Eagle Ray is truly one of the most beautiful fish species you can ever discover.

The spots covering their entire body make them mind-blowing. Truly, their combination of patterns along with body color makes them fascinating.

However, one should not go with the flow of this species as they are potentially dangerous because they are venomous and can cause serious wounds on the human body. It is always suggested to keep a certain distance from them.

Truly, the beauty of this fish is mind blowing yet terrifying characteristics of this species can scare you to depth.

3) “Anchor”- Hammerhead Shark

hammer head shark

Like the name says Hammerhead, hammerhead sharks are a critically endangered species that carries a unique appearance on their face. As their name says Hammerhead, this fish can be easily recognizable with the presence of a hammer on their face.

Their oddly shaped heads allow them to hunt very well. Moreover, these sharks are quite harmful to humans if they are provoked. They are grey to olive green in color which makes them unique among other shark species.

4) “Tad” & “Bill”- Longnose Butterflyfish

Longnose Butterflyfish

In the movie, you have cam across the Nemo’s classmates? They are none other than Tad and Bill. Longnose butterflyfish is quite an intimidating and beautiful species of fish found in the deep ocean. This species of fish has a long nose that makes them distinct as compared to other species of fish.

Also, their bright yellow color gives them a unique appearance. Also, they carry dorsal, anal, and pelvic fins that makes them evenly divided and interesting.

If you want to see these creatures, you can choose to see them in lagoon reefs. The best part about them is they are always seen in pairs.

5) “Nemo’s Mom Eater”- Barracudas 


Quite scary right? Barracuda is the big scary fish that kills the Nemo’s mom. Barracudas is a saltwater fish that can be a bit harmful to humans if they are provoked. This carnivore saltwater fish has a pointed snout that has a wide range of sharp teeth along with a small fin.

This streamlined-shaped fish can be easily found in tropical and subtropical regions. They are excellent predators and always love to hunt at night time. Their razor-sharped teeth are sufficient enough to pierce the flesh out of the organism within seconds.

6) “Deb” & “Flo”- Black and White Damselfish

Black and White Damselfish

Have you ever thought of seeing a zebra pattern in a fish? If not, here is the black and white damselfish that you have seen in the Finding Nemo series. This amazing species of fish carries a vivid zebra pattern that makes them unique in the aquatic world.

Generally, three alternate black and white stripes cover their entire body. The tail carries a large brown spot that quickly makes you understand the species type.

7) “Bloat”- Porcupine Pufferfish

Porcupine Pufferfish

Getting curious about pufferfish is not a big deal as this creature is full of mysteries. Porcupine Pufferfish is a sea creature that is considered one of the most weird fishes out there.

This fish is called a Porcupine because its whole body is covered with spikes that are sharply pointed. This feature helps them in escaping from predators.

Also, this small fish can be easily spottable in open waters. They can swell up to 3 times their original sizes. That’s why they are known as pufferfish.

8) “Gurgle”- Royal Gramma Basslet

Gramma Basslet

A burst of colors that shows a wide range of body coloration giving a beautiful hue to see. Here is Royal Gramma Basslet which is well known for its exotic color combination.

This fish carries purple, orange, yellow, and some portion of blue that can make you mesmerize with its exceptional beauty. Moreover, you will be glad to see this amazing creature in Finding Nemo. Overall, this species in the ocean acts as a rainbow.

9) “Chum”-Mako Shark

Mako Shark

Friendship is clearly seen in the entire movie. Bruce’s friend Chum is another shark you will discover in Finding Nemo. Mako Sharks commonly known as Shortfin Mako Sharks are also known as blue pointers.

Although, it is very well known that sharks are never friendly with humans. Similarly, this species of shark has already attacked many other humans in the past.

Moreover, they are the fastest species of sharks that attack their prey as soon as possible. Also, this shark can be easily found in warm water. They migrate from hot regions to cooler regions with time.

10) “Bubbles”-Yellow Tang

Yellow Tang

Can you ever imagine seeing a beautiful yellow-colored fish that likes bubbles? If not, Yellow Tang is the right answer for you. Many of us have already seen yellow tang in Finding Nemo and wondered whether this fish is hypothetical or not.

The yellow tang is a surgeonfish that makes a wonderful addition to the aquatic world. Although, there are more than such species found in the ocean.

They are saltwater fish species that act as the most popular marine aquarium fish. Moreover, they are oval-shaped species and carry a bright yellow body coloration.

11) “Nemo & Marlin” -Clownfish 

Nemo & Marlin

Another clownfish species that are well known for carrying a bright orange body color with black and white stripes on its body. Clownfish is a perfect aquarium fish that lives in groups. Also, this clownfish comes in a wide range of species that shows distinct colors.

So, if you are planning to add this fish to your aquarium, clownfish is the perfect option you can choose as they are easy to care for and human-friendly. The frilled tail also gives them ease in moving with the water without putting much effort into it.

12) “Dory”- Royal Blue Tang

Royal Blue Tang

We have always been fascinated with the bright-colored fishes in the world. Royal Blue Tang is one of the most popular fishes in the world that carries a bright blue color with black linings covered on the entire body.

Royal Blue Tangs are small fishes that are easy to spot and show a clear pattern on its body. Blue Tang is an extremely popular fish species you can ever see that also contributes to a beautiful cartoon character in the famous Finding Nemo series.

Likewise, they also carry a yellow body color that makes them interesting to see. Henceforth, their coloration is the only thing that gives them recognition in the entire aquatic world.

13) “Gill”- Moorish Idol

Moorish Idol

Gill is that fish who carries a scar on its face. Moorish Idol is an exotic species of fish that shows a wide range of curves and a distinct body pattern covered on its body. This species of fish carries a beautiful body pattern with a peaceful nature.

This tropical reef fish is unique and has a long white-colored dorsal fin that has a disk-like body. This feature of them allows anyone to easily identify them.

14) “Bruce”- Great White Shark

Great White Shark

Quite intimidated by big teeth and scary face? Bruce is a biggest predator in Finding Nemo. Sharks are quite popular in the whole Finding Nemo series. This Great White Shark is a harmful creature ever found in the ocean.

The reason why they are called great white sharks is due to the presence of a white-colored underbelly that gives them an intrusive look.

Anyone can discover them in cold coastal areas. Moreover, they can grow up to 15 feet in length so you don’t need to think about the danger by them. They are one of the most harmful fish species anyone can encounter with.

15) “Chuckles”- Goldfish


Many of us have already added Goldfish to our aquarium. Goldfish is a small freshwater fish that shows a vibrant orange color with a shiny appearance on it. We have already seen goldfish quite a few times in the Finding Nemo series.

Moreover, they are real in the world. This fish can deal with temperature fluctuations that makes them suitable to sustain for the longer run.

Mostly, this fish is commonly found in China and several other southeast Asian countries. The frilled fish contributes to a major portion of beauty in the sea world.

16) Fish With The Light Bulb- Anglerfish


Have you ever seen a fish depicting a zombie-like appearance? Anglerfish is the perfect answer to this zombie-like appearance of fish. Anglerfish is a teleost bony fish that can transmit light on its own.

They carry a bulbous-like feature making them unique and fascinating in both ways. If you want to see this fish in real, you need to dive deep down in the ocean. They are well adapted to the dark lifestyle and their bulbous feature helps them to survive.

17) Blue Whale

Blue Whale

We have already come across a wide range of fish species in the whole list of finding Nemo creatures. Blue Whale is another species that is a marine mammal that can grow up to 98 feet. This whale shows a long slender shaped body with a blue-grey color.

They are well known to be the largest living animal found on earth. Moreover, a blue whale is commonly seen in Finding Nemo as a character in the entire movie. So depicting it in the real world is quite tricky.

18) “Mr. Johannsen”- Flounder Fish

Flounder Fish

Nemo’s confusion about decoding the species of the particular fish he met and to find out about what type of fish they are. Flounder fish is a flatfish species found in saltwater.

This fish is commonly seen in the deep ocean making them unique and exotic. The presence of a frilled-like structure around its body makes them unique and fascinating.

Though, they don’t possess a fixed body shape they are entirely flat in shape. There are many more flounder fishes present in different parts of the world that will be decoded anytime soon.

Other Species

1) “Crush”- Sea Turtles

Sea Turtles

We have already understood about different characters in Finding Nemo fish category. Apart from fish in the movie, turtles and other sea creatures are also there which contributes to the theme of the movie quite well.

The green sea turtle is a large sea turtle that shows a beautiful green-colored body with a distinct shell pattern. Also, green sea turtles love to eat sea grass and algae. This species of turtle can be easily found in tropical and subtropical waters and can be found in approximately 80 countries of the world.

2) “Jacques”- Pacific Cleaner Shrimp

Pacific Cleaner Shrimp

Pacific Cleaner Shrimp depicts the character Jacques in finding Nemo a small character that holds value in the whole movie. Pacific Cleaner Shrimp shows a beautiful body coloration that carries a red and yellow color combination.

Though the size of this species is quite small, they can only reach up to 2.5 inches in length. The reason they are called cleaner shrimp is that they munch on dead tissues and other parasites found in the deep ocean.

3) “Peach”- Ochre Sea Star

Ochre Sea Star

Peach played a cute and calm role in Finding Nemo. Ochre Sea Stars are mesmerizing creatures with a slight variation of colors.

The body of this species is squishy and can drag your mind toward its untamed beauty. Ochre Sea Star shows a vivid body coloration due to which they are commonly known as Purple Sea Star.

Moreover, they are an excellent species in showing camouflage as per the surroundings. Similarly, their sticking nature of them gives a unique body design and characteristics to this species.

4) “Pixar”- Flapjack Octopus


You have probably seen a cute octopus in the Finding Nemo fish movie. Many individuals often consider a flapjack octopus as a hypothetical creature. However, this is not the case. The Flapjack octopus is a unique octopus that is known for its cute look.

Also, the most interesting thing about them is their red parachute kind shape that helps them in hunting also. Moreover, their distinct body coloration makes them interesting as the bright red color is quite noticeable in the deep ocean.

5) “Sheldon”- Seahorse


So everyone who has watched finding nemo has seen sheldon also. This main character in finding nemo fish holds much value in the entire movie. If we talk about its real appearance, it is cute and mesmerizing to see.

Seahorse resembles the brilliant combination of a fish with a horse which makes them unique yet fascinating. They move in every direction but are super delicate sea creatures. Moreover, male horse carries the babies instead of female seahorses.

6) “Nigel”- Brown Pelican

Brown Pelican

Like the majority of fishes you can see in Finding Nemo, there are other fishes that you can also see in the movie. Brown Pelican is an elegant bird that carries a strange face look with an iconic long beak.

Moreover, this bird carries a stretched throat which only opens whenever these birds pour their beaks into the water to feed themselves. They have an elongated neck with a sinus neck that gives them a unique appearance. They like to munch on fish and other aquatic animals.


Here we come to the end of the amazing and enlightening article about Finding Nemo and its real-life creatures. Finding Nemo is truly an amazing animated movie that depicts the beautiful life of the curious Nemo.

Moreover, we have decoded the doubt about the originality of the species found in the movie. More than 50 species participated in the movie, and we have covered quite a few of them.

No such creature is hypothetical; they all are real and have their own significance in the aquatic world. We hope that you like this article. We will be back with another article soon. Till then, stay tuned with us.

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