15 Most Colorful Grasshoppers In the World (2023)

Although grasshoppers are famous for their ability to blend in with their environment, certain species take it to a whole new level with their brilliant colors. These brilliant colors have a variety of functions, from attracting partners to warning predators to their toxicity or unpalatability.

The incredible diversity of colors in grasshoppers highlights the vast array of adaptations and strategies they have evolved to survive and thrive in their environments. In this article, we will explore 15 most colorful grasshoppers that showcase nature’s remarkable palette.

15 Most Colorful Grasshoppers in the World

1. Rainbow Grasshopper

Rainbow Grasshopper
Rainbow Grasshopper | Credit: Stellarkid (commons.wikimedia) (CC BY-SA 3.0)
Scientific Name Dactylotum bicolor
Habitat Prairies, grasslands
Size 0.8-1.4 inches
Diet Various plants
Colorful Feature Multicolor bodies; comprising of yellow, black, green and red

The first grasshopper species in this list of Colorful Grasshoppers is the Rainbow Grasshopper.

As the name suggests, Rainbow Grasshoppers display a vibrant coloration, comprising red and black prothorax with yellow and black abdomen and pale green wing pads.

This phenomenon of using bright colors to warn predators of their toxic or unpalatable nature, is called Aposematism.

2. Painted Grasshopper

Painted Grasshopper
Painted Grasshopper
Scientific Name Poekilocerus pictus
Habitat Grasslands, open fields, agricultural areas
Size 6 centimeters
Diet Aak plant
Colorful Feature Blue and yellow bands, orange and green wings

The Painted Grasshopper gets its name from the striking patterns and colors on its body. The vivid colors act as a signal to predators that the grasshopper can be poisonous or unpleasant to taste. They can chew and digest plant stuff effectively thanks to their powerful jaws.

3. Red legged grasshopper

red Legged Grasshopper
Red legged grasshopper
Scientific Name Melanoplus femurrubrum
Habitat Agricultural fields, grasslands
Size 1 inch
Diet Soybean, Dandelions, Alfalfa and various other vegetation
Colorful Feature Multicolor bodies comprising of green, black, red and yellow

Next up, on this list of Colorful Grasshoppers, we have the Red Legged Grasshopper a common bug found throughout North America.

It is distinguished by its distinct legs, bright red or golden hind legs with a black herringbone pattern. In scientific research, this grasshopper is commonly employed as a model organism.

When a swarm of red-legged grasshoppers passes over a field of crops, it can destroy the field, leaving the farmer with nothing to harvest.

4. Lichen Grasshopper

Lichen Grasshopper
Lichen Grasshopper | Credit: pictureinsect
Scientific Name Trimerotropis saxatilis
Habitat Rocky areas and hilltops
Size Up to 1 inch
Diet Lichens
Colorful Feature Covered in a pattern of speckled green, gray, and brown

The most striking features of the lichen grasshopper are its coloration. Its body is coated in a green, grey, and brown speckled pattern that mimics the appearance and color of the lichen it lives on.

The grasshopper’s extraordinary camouflage enables it to blend in with the lichen-covered rocks, branches, and dirt, effectively shielding it from predators.

5. Large Banded Grasshopper

Large Banded Grasshopper
Large Banded Grasshopper | Credit: Hectonichus commons.wikimedia (CC BY-SA 3.0)
Scientific Name Arcyptera fusca
Habitat Grasslands, alpine meadows
Size 1.3-1.7 inches
Diet Grasses, herbs etc.
Colorful Feature Yellow and Black alternating bands, on the legs and abdomen

Though the large-banded grasshopper does not show as much vivid coloration as the previous species, its yellow body color with alternating black bands is quite a standout.

With a bright red color hindleg, the Large Banded Grasshopper is undoubtedly one of the most colorful grasshoppers.

This species exhibit sexual dimorphism, with males having functional wings and females with rudimentary ones.

6. Pink Meadow Grasshopper

Pink Meadow Grasshopper
Pink Meadow Grasshopper
Scientific Name Pseudochorthippus parallelus
Habitat Grasslands, vegetated areas
Size 0.65-0.75 inches
Diet Grasses
Colorful Feature Bright pink coloration

Next up, on this list of Colorful Grasshoppers, we have the Pink Grasshopper which has been in the recent news for the past couple of days. Being a very rare spotting, it has taken the internet by a swirl.

The pink coloration is caused by a genetic mutation, called erythrism. Meadow grasshoppers come in several morphs, wherein brown and purple-red variations have also been sighted.

7. Rainbow Bush Grasshopper

Scientific Name Erianthus versicolor
Habitat Forested areas
Size Unknown
Diet Unknown
Colorful Feature Striking black, green and yellow coloration

Despite having the name Rainbow, this species is quite different from the first species on this list, the Rainbow Grasshopper.

Discovered in Southeast Asia, there is not much information about this genus. However, captured images show a grasshopper with a bright yellowish-green body, speckled with black markings and brown limbs and eyes.

8. Green Milkweed Grasshopper

Scientific Name Phymateus viridipes
Habitat Areas with milkweed plants
Size 2.8 inches
Diet Poison arrow plants, Yellow Oleander etc.
Colorful Feature Strikingly beautiful wings

At first sight, the Green Milkweed Locust might look exactly like any other grasshopper, with its common green body. However, when it spreads its hind wings, the Green Milkweed Grasshopper becomes one of the most colorful insects.

The wings display a bright blue color towards the base that slowly merges with bright red and with black spots all over. The dietary preferences of the green milkweed grasshopper are among its fascinating characteristics.

This species mostly consumes milkweed plants, as its name indicates. The poisonous cardiac glycosides found in milkweed plants are unpalatable and might be dangerous to a variety of animals.

However, the green milkweed grasshopper has evolved the ability to tolerate and even sequester these toxins, using them as a defense mechanism against predators.

9. Koppie Foam Grasshopper

Koppie Foam Grasshopper
Koppie Foam Grasshopper
Scientific Name Dictyophorus spumans
Habitat Light woody areas
Size 3.1 inches
Diet Milkweed, Aloe Flowers
Colorful Feature Bright black and orange body; Strikingly beautiful nymphs

Despite having several color variations, the overall black coloration with bright orange sub-parts is the most common. Even the nymphs of this species exhibit a fantastic coloration of yellow, white, and black in their abdomen.

Quite like the Green Milkweed Grasshopper, the Koppie Foam Grasshopper too feeds on milkweed plants. They derive their name from the toxic foam it secretes from their thoracic glands.

10. Elegant Grasshopper

Elegant Grasshopper
Elegant Grasshopper
Scientific Name Zonocerus elegans
Habitat Grasslands
Size 4-5 centimeters
Diet Grasses, agricultural plants, milkweeds
Colorful Feature Multicolored bodies

Next up, on this list of Colorful Grasshoppers, we have the Elegant Grasshopper, that despite being an agricultural pest deserves recognition for its body color.

The antennas are brightly colored with alternating black, orange, and white bands, yellow and green thorax and pro-thorax, and a segmented abdomen, with each segment displaying black, blue, orange, and yellow colors slowly transitioning into each other.

It won’t be surprising to declare this species as one of the most colorful insects in the world.

11. Leichhardt’s grasshopper

Leichhardt's grasshopper
Leichhardt’s grasshopper
Scientific Name Petasida ephippigera
Habitat Grasslands and woodlands of Australia
Size 8 centimeters
Diet Grasses and herbaceous plants
Colorful Feature Bright Orange, blue and black coloration

The body displays a bright orange coloration, with black spots all over. The head and thorax bear a characteristic blue patch. One of the most notable features of Leichhardt’s grasshopper is the presence of eversible vesicles on its thorax.

These vesicles, located just behind the head, can be inflated and released to produce a strong-smelling and distasteful secretion. This serves as a defense mechanism against potential predators.

12. Lubber Grasshopper

Lubber Grasshopper
Lubber Grasshopper
Scientific Name Romalea microptera
Habitat Weedy vegetation areas
Size 3 inches
Diet Shrubs. weeds, herbs, etc.
Colorful Feature Bring orangish red coloration

Lubber grasshoppers exhibit a range of colors that vary depending on their life stage. When they first hatch from eggs, the young nymphs are mostly black with a few hints of yellow or red.

As they grow, their colors become more pronounced and defined. The nymphs go through several molts, with each instar displaying different color patterns.

The most common color variation observed in adults is a combination of black, yellow, and red. The overall reddish-orange coloration with tints of green creates quite a striking coloration.

13. Blue Winged Grasshopper

Blue Winged Grasshopper
Blue Winged Grasshopper
Scientific Name Oedipoda caerulescens
Habitat Dunes, limestone rocks, sandy grasslands
Size 2-3 centimeters
Diet Grasses
Colorful Feature Vibrant wings

Th last animal on this list of Colorful Grasshoppers is the Blue Winged Grasshopper. At first glance, the grasshopper might not be visible, thanks to its fantastic camouflage against its rocky habitat.

The Blue Winged Grasshopper gets its name from its striking blue wings, which come into sight while the insect is in flight.

14. Ghost Grasshopper

Ghost Grasshopper
Ghost Grasshopper | Credit: Crisco 1492 commons.wikimedia (CC BY-SA 3.0)
Scientific Name Aularches miliaris
Habitat Trees, gardens, forests, etc.
Size 3.5-5.2 centimeters
Diet Tree leaves
Colorful Feature spotted wings, colorful body

Though the term ghost is mostly associated with scary-looking creatures, the Ghost Grasshopper is quite an exception to it.

The dark green thorax, with a broad canary yellow lateral band, blue legs, and green wings with yellow spots make this species one of the most colorful grasshoppers in the world.

When threatened the Ghost Grasshopper secretes a toxic mucous-like foamy substance, covering the insect and thus helping to deter predators.

15. Liladownsia fraile

Scientific Name Liladownsia fraile
Habitat Mexican forests
Size Unknown
Diet Unknwon
Colorful Feature Multicolored bodies

The Liladownsia fraile is a recent inclusion to the family of grasshoppers. The insect displays a multicolored body, comprising of bright yellow prothorax, red and black head, and thorax and limbs with yellow, orange, and black markings.

There isn’t much information about this species, and further researches are yet to happen. Liladownsia fraile derives its name from the famous Mexican singer Lila Down.

Now it’s time to conclude this article bearing the title, Most Colorful Grasshoppers. From the vibrant reds and blues to the striking yellows and greens, these colorful insects captivate our attention and showcase the beauty of nature’s diversity.

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