Top 17 Most Expensive Insects To Keep As Pets (Costliest Bugs)

Everybody needs a companion to spend their lives. It can be in the form of a human, an animal, or anyone who makes you feel the most alive. Either you can take any insect found, or you can look for the most expensive insects found on earth. It’s up to you.

Many ways a pet can support you to become the best and take you up from the bottom of your life. Pets are not just man’s best friend but a life companion. 

Have you ever thought of keeping a bug as a pet? If you are planning to keep a bug as a pet, this article will surely give you a decent idea of the most expensive insects and everything you are looking for in your companion. 

Pets are a jewel in anyone’s life. The idea of this article is to let pet lovers know about the bugs they can add to their lives. The addition of a pet not only improves mental health but improves self-confidence.

There are many ex*tic species of bugs found on Earth. Some of them are excellent pets you can choose to add. A variety of such animals allows you to explore more and choose the best one that fits right to what you are looking for.

Talking about the price of these species can be a pain to your pocket, or they speak your status. Although a pet is never related to money, the love and care you give to them comes to you also.

Here in this article, we have enlisted some expensive insects that you can keep as your pets. The pricing may not resonate with you. However, these species are amazing in their own way.

  • Stag Beetle- $89,000
  • Hercules Beetle– $470-$980
  • Mexican Jade Fuego Tarantula– $1,100- $3,800
  • Birupes Simoroxigonum– $1,200+
  • Brazilian Jewel Tarantula– $900+
  • Gooty Sapphire Ornamental Tarantula– $900+
  • Crown Hairstreak– $3 million
  • Queen Alexandra’s Birdwing– $2.9 million
  • Janetta Forester– $2.7 million
  • Madagascar Sunset Moth– $2.7 million
  • Blue Clipper Butterfly– $2.7 million
  • Amber Phantom Butterfly– $2.6 million
  • Teinopalpus Aureus– $2.6 million
  • Blue Morpho Butterfly– $2.5 million
  • Western Blue Beauty– $2.5 million
  • Rhetus Periander– $2.5 million
  • Ornithoptera Allottei– $1,000+

Note: We are not breeders or sellers of any sort of pets, and this article is completely based on estimated prices shown on Google & Youtube. Prices may vary from region to region and also on the pattern or the morph of the species. This article is only for the educational purpose. 

Most Expensive Insects To Keep Them As Pets

Most Expensive Beetles

2) Hercules Beetles

Hercules Beetles
Hercules Beetles
Scientific Name Dynastes Hercules  
Price $470- $980
Size up to 7 inches
Color Black and Yellow
Geographic Location Southern Mexico, Bolivia, and Lesser Antilles

Another species of beetles that are mesmerizing to see but can be a pain to your pockets.

Introducing Hercules Beetle, the largest rhinoceros species of beetle that can be identified by their ‘Pincer’ shaped horns at front. The unique body coloration is another point that can make them easily identified.

The yellow and black color of this species is enough to make you awe by their beauty. Also, they are among the largest beetles that can be kept as pets.

1) Stag Beetle

Stag Beetle
Stag Beetle
Scientific Name Lucanus elaphus Fabricius 
Price $89,000
Size 1.37-2.95 inches
Color Black or Brown
Geographic Location Western Europe

One of the most expensive insects you can ever discover in the entire world. A perfect showpiece you can add into. Their unique body shape truly depicts what a beetle should look like.

The best part about them being kept as a pet is they are not harmful to humans in any way. So, you can choose them anytime you want.

Most Expensive Spiders

4) Gooty Sapphire Ornamental Tarantula

Scientific Name Poecilotheria Metallica 
Price $900+
Size 2.5- 3 inches
Color Blue, Black, and White
Geographic Location India

A quick-moving spider that lives in holes of tall trees, here is the Gooty sapphire tarantula to the list. This species is truly amazing in every way. From the body color to the design; it is mesmerizing to see them crawling everywhere.

However, one should always take care of themselves when they are around as they are venomous. So, you should be gentle while handling them.

3) Brazilian Jewel Tarantula

Scientific Name Typhochlaena Seladonia 
Price $900+
Size Up to 2.5 inches
Color Green, black, and brown
Geographic Location Brazil

Another species of spider that can instantly make you attracted to its looks, Here is the Brazilian Jewel Tarantula, one of the most colorful and expensive spiders you can see in the world.

This species of spider is non-venomous and can be a good pet for you. If you are someone who is fond of spiders, this species will be a delight in your life.

2) Birupes Simoroxigorum

Birupes Simoroxigorum
Birupes Simoroxigorum | Credit: Science
Scientific Name Briupes Simoroxigorum 
Price $475.00 -$1,393.00 (depends)
Size Up to 5 inches
Color Metallic blue and brown
Geographic Location Malaysia

Have you ever seen a spider that shows metallic body coloration? If not, Birupes Simoroxigorum is a unique species of spider that can surely make you awe with its stunning and breathtaking looks.

This amazing species of spider shows blue metallic hairy legs with a brown hairy body. However, the size of this species is quite big. So, you must take care of yourself while handling them.

1) Mexican Jade Fuego Tarantula

Scientific Name Aphonopelma Mooreae
Price $1,100- $3,800 (depends)
Size Up to 0.5 inches
Color Bright green and blue
Geographic Location Mexico

We have always been scared of spiders. A dream of them crawling on our bodies can shiver us. However, for tarantulas, it is not always true. Tarantula is big-sized spiders with hairy body.

The coloration of their body makes them scary yet adorable. However, some tarantulas are venomous, but you can keep them as a pet by putting them in a container. They can live till 25 years of age and become affectionate pets to you.

Most Expensive Butterflies

11) Ornithoptera Allotei

Scientific Name Ornithoptera Allotei 
Price $1000+ (estimated)
Size NA
Color Green, black, and brown
Geographic Location Bougainville Island and Malaita Island 

A birdwing butterfly that is well-known for its amazing appearance. Here is Ornithopetra Allotei butterfly, a rare butterfly found in the world.

You can choose to add them as pets, but their rare appearance can’t make this possible. Overall, this butterfly species is a good choice if you are planning to add any.

10) Rhetus Periander

Rhetus Periander
Rhetus Periander | Credit: Paulo Neis (commons.wikimedia) (CC BY-SA 3.0)
Scientific Name Rhetus Periander 
Price $2.5 million (estimated)
Size Up to 4.5 inches
Color Blue and Black
Geographic Location Central and South America

The metalmark beauty of Rhetus Periander is the most common butterfly found in the world. However, their unique design and wing-cut pattern makes them more attractive to see.

Also, body coloration is something that will drag your mind toward them in every sense. So, Rhetus Periander is a good choice for you if you are planning to add a butterfly.

9) Western Blue Beauty

Scientific Name Protogoniomorpha Cytora 
Price $2.5 million (estimated)
Size NA
Color Blue, Black, and White
Geographic Location Guinea, Sierra, Liberia, Ivory Coast, and Benin

A small little creature that has the potential to divert your mind for a few minutes with its extreme beauty.

Here is Western Blue Butterfly commonly known as Western Pygmy Butterfly which is amongst the most expensive butterflies ever discovered in the world.

This species of butterfly is amazing in every way. The unique body coloration and design on the wings make them attractive.

Overall, this species is commendable and will be a perfect addition to your home.

8) Blue Morpho Butterfly

Blue Morpho Butterfly
Blue Morpho Butterfly
Scientific Name Morpho Melenaus 
Price $2.5 million (estimated)
Size 5-8 inches
Color Blue and Black
Geographic Location Mexico, Central and South America

The color of the Blue Morpho Butterfly is the only thing that will drag your mind toward them. If you want to see this species then always find butterflies having a blue and black colored body.

This butterfly is truly a gem to your eyes. Just a look at them is enough to make up your mind about purchasing them.

7) Teinopalpus Aureus

Scientific Name Teinopalpus Aureus 
Price $2.6 million (estimated)
Size NA
Color Green, black, and brown
Geographic Location Southern China and Vietnam

Butterflies are a mesmerizing and soothing animal that signifies a unique contrasting color with the ability to fly as much as they want. The happy go-to species of butterflies makes them a perfect pet that you can keep in your home.

However, they are quite pricey that might not suit your pockets. So, take care of them gently with love and affection.

6) Amber Phantom Butterfly

Amber Phantom Butterfly
Amber Phantom Butterfly | Credit: Charles J. Sharp (commons.wikimedia) (CC BY-SA 4.0)
Scientific Name Haetera Piera 
Price $2.6 million (estimated)
Size 1.5-1.9 inches
Color Light pink, Brown, and Yellow
Geographic Location Brazil, Guiana, Ecuador, Peru, and Venezuela 

If you like a beautiful butterfly with a unique body pattern creature that gives fresh vibes, an amber phantom butterfly is arguably the most beautiful pet for you.

This species can be a decent choice for everyone looking for a fun-loving pet. However, they are calm and gentle animals that don’t like to disturb anyone. They can be a good option as a pet.

5) Blue Clipper Butterfly

Blue Clipper butterfly
Blue Clipper butterfly
Scientific Name Parthenos Sylvia 
Price $2.7 million (estimated)
Size Up to 4 inches
Color Blue, black, and brown
Geographic Location Southeast Asia

Butterflies  are amongst the most common insects that can be kept as pets. However, a butterfly doesn’t require a good amount of care and attention as they are delicate but fun to watch.

Slight mistakes in your handling can kill them. Moreover, butterflies require less care but more attention.

4) Janetta Forester

Scientific Name Euphaedra Janetta 
Price $2.7 million (estimated)
Size NA
Color Yellow, black, and blue 
Geographic Location Coral Islands

If you like seeing your butterfly roaming here and there every time then Janetta Forester is a perfect choice for you in the most expensive insects.

The beautiful body color with a unique pattern makes you feel their divine presence that you will surely enjoy. Adding them into your house is a wonderful idea, go for it.

3) Madagascan Sunset Moth

Scientific Name Chrysridia Rhipeus 
Price $2.9 million (estimated)
Size 2.5 to 4.3 inches
Color Black and brown
Geographic Location Madagascar

Who doesn’t like the beauty of butterflies roaming on your head and nearby? Surely, the best option among bugs that can be kept as pets is a Butterfly.

The mesmerizing creature is a perfect addition to make your life bloomy. So, without any thought, get them into your house.

2) Queen Alexandra’s Birdwing

Scientific Name Ornithopetra Alexandrae  
Price $2.9 million (estimated)
Size 3 inch wingspan of 10 inches
Color Green, black, and brown
Geographic Location New Guinea

Seeing bugs as a pet can be intriguing. Ever thought of keeping a butterfly as a pet? It can be an awesome idea as seeing a butterfly is fun. They are cute pets that are easy to handle and can be adjusted to every environment.

However, they are not one of those pets that can be with you forever, their lifespan is only up to 2 years if taken care of. Otherwise, they can only live up to 6 months.

1) Crowned Hairstreak

Scientific Name Evenus Coronata 
Price $3 million (estimated)
Size 0.75- 1.5 inches
Color Blue, Black, and White
Geographic Location Mexico and Central America

The innocent-sounding insect that will keep you engaged throughout the day. Here is a crowned hairstreak, among the most expensive butterfly species found in the world.

This unusual-looking species can be an excellent choice to be kept as a pet. However, they are slightly expensive but are worth every penny.


Bugs are not a good choice for everyone. The reason behind them is most people don’t like bugs at all. If you are among those individuals who are fond of small insects and bugs, choosing anyone from these options can be a demanding choice for you. 

Here in this article, we have listed some of the most expensive insects you can choose to introduce in your lives. Like every pet, they can be a decent choice for you.

Before adding them to your house, always make proper research about their habitat, diet, and more to avoid any casualties. We hope that you liked this article. We will be back with another article.


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