15 Eye Catching Green Butterfly Species (With Identification & Location)

Have you ever wondered about emerald-colored butterflies? I stumbled and discovered several green butterflies in the suggestions while reading review articles. These green butterflies are both bright and enthralling. That’s why I went looking for it and compiled an amazing collection of these creatures. So let’s jump on the list of green butterflies, which are surely going to amaze you, whether it’s their hue and, behavior, etc. So let’s start with the list of 15 green butterfly species.

What is the spiritual meaning of Green Butterfly?

Aside from their physical beauty, these extraordinary insects have great spiritual importance in many cultures and belief systems. Green butterflies generally symbolize growth, transformation, and rebirth.

The green butterfly inspires us to embrace change and have faith in our own change. Apart from that, they also symbolize abundance, fertility, and prosperity.

15 Eye Catching Green Butterfly Species

1. Juniper Hairstreak

Juniper Hairstreak
Juniper Hairstreak | Credit: ALAN SCHMIERER (@flickr)
Scientific name Callophrys gryneus
Identification Deep brown wing color with an olive-green luster
Geographical Location Texas, Montana, North Dakota, Nebraska south, Southern California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Baja California

The first butterfly on the list of green butterflies is the Juniper hairstreak. Juniper hairstreak is known for its striking green appearance.

Bright green wings with a variable amount of brown scaling are characteristic of these creatures. Bluffs, open fields, barrens, and dry or rocky open places are the places where they prefer to live. They got this name because they lay their eggs in juniper.

2. Lyside Sulphur

Lyside Sulphur
Lyside Sulphur | Credit: ALAN SCHMIERER (@flickr)
Scientific name Kricogonia lyside
Identification have a yellow patch on their yellowish-green wings
Geographical Location North America, the Caribbean, and  South America

With captivating hues of green and yellow, Kricogonia lyside, or lyside Sulphur, is commonly found in North America, the Caribbean, and South America.

Known as the Lyside Sulphur or the Guayacan Sulphur, because it feeds on plants in the genus Guaiacum.

Massive migrations are also seen in these captivating yellow and green butterflies.

3. Malachite

Scientific name Siproeta stelenes
Identification Bright green wings with black markings
Geographical Location Central and northern South America and North America

Have you ever seen a malachite mineral? If not, then you must have seen the malachite butterfly. Their name indicates this dazzling butterfly with wings that shimmer.

These brush-footed butterflies are commonly found in Central and Northern South America, as well as in North America. They are sometimes mistaken for the Philaethria dido due to their same coloration.

These green and black butterflies have black and brilliant green hues on the upper sides of their wings.

4. Yellow-angled Sulphur

Scientific name Anteos maerula
Identification have a black spot in the forewing
Geographical Location Central, Southern, and Northern America

Did you know that there is a butterfly that resembles the sail of a ship? Then meet Anteos maerula, or Yellow-angled Sulphur.

Known as yellow-angled Sulphur because of its greenish-yellow color and distinctive wing shape, it feeds on the nectar of Bougainvillea, Poinsettia, Caesalpinia, Bidens, Cordia, Ageratum, Antigonon leptopus, and Lantana.

People believe the black spot present on their wings represents a portal to another realm.

5. Paris peacock Swallowtail

Paris peacock Swallowtail
Paris peacock Swallowtail
Scientific name Papilio paris
Identification dark green in color with two pinkish-red spots on their hindwings near the tail
Geographical Location Southeast Asia and the Indian Subcontinent

Meet this Paris peacock, an alluring swallowtail butterfly that makes the skies of Southeast Asia and the Indian Subcontinent captivating.

The shimmery appearance of their black wings is adorned with green scales. The blue patches on their hindwings are made up of small scales, which is the characteristic feature of this enchanting butterfly.

Males of these species are often seen absorbing mineralized moisture from damp ground.

6. Tailed Jay

Scientific name Graphiugrm agamemnon
Identification Black forewing with green markings
Geographical Location Southeast Asia and Australia

Have you ever heard of Graphium agamemnon or Tailed Jay Butterfly? This incredible animal is found in Southeast Asia and Australia and is fascinating to us with its unique features.

With a wingspan of 85 to 100 mm, the tailed jay butterfly makes its place in a group of large butterflies.

Talking about their appearance, they have a black body and wings with striking green markings.

This stunning butterfly is named after Agamemnon, the legendary king of Mycenae who led the Greeks in the Trojan War. You can find them flying on the tops of trees.

7. Gaudy Baron

Scientific name Euthalia lubentina
Identification Dark greenish brown with some white spots from costa to interspace
Geographical Location South Cambodia and Southeast Asia

This colorful butterfly from Southeast Asia and Cambodia is known for its beautiful, multicolored wings.

Their dark brownish-green wings with white and crimson markings make them more appealing. However, upon closer inspection, you’ll notice a number of intriguing details.

This species of butterfly also exhibits sexual dimorphism on the basis of its wing color pattern.

8. Macleay’s Swallowtail

Scientific name Graphium macleayanus
Identification green wings with white markings and black edges
Geographical Location Australia

Another species on the green butterfly list is the Macleay’s Swallowtail. One can find these enchanting butterflies flying across the skies of Australia from August to March.

They are medium-sized, with a wingspan of 53 to 59 mm. Females tend to be larger than males. The appearance of this butterfly is very intriguing, having green wings with white markings and black edges.

9. Christina Sulphur

Scientific name Colias christina
Identification slight orange-red margins
Geographical Location Western North America

This Western North American native, Colias christina, was found from Yukon to Utah. This butterfly is totally green in color with orangish-red to brown margins, which makes it very captivating.

Through coloration, one can easily differentiate between males and females. Females are pale white in color with dark margins.

They are considered one of the largest butterfly species in North America, with a wingspan of 35 to 52 mm.

10. Sandia Hairstreak

Scientific name Callophrys mcfarlandi
Identification reddish-green wings with black-bordered edge
Geographical Location North America

Callophrys mcfarlandi, sometimes known as the Sandia Hairstreak, is a Riodinid butterfly native to North America. This state insect of Mexico is relatively uncommon.

The wings of these little butterflies are reddish-green with a short black border. These green and red butterflies have some polymorphism as well.

11. Glass Bluebottle

Scientific name Graphium cloanthus
Identification Glass like greenish-yellow wings
Geographical Location India and Nepal

As the name suggests, the glass bluebottle is a butterfly species belonging to the family Papilionidae and is known for its striking, translucent wings that appear like glass when the light strikes them.

Found in the lush forests and vibrant gardens of Southeast Asia, this ethereal creature enchants all who are fortunate enough to witness its flight. There is no such difference between males and females in this species.

12. Constable

Scientific name Dichorragia nesimachus
Identification have white spots or Ziggy zag patterns on their wings
Geographical Location India, Japan, and Vietnam

Dichorragia nesimachus The constable is a beautiful butterfly found in Asia. White spots or the Zig Zag pattern give them an enchanting look on their olive greenish blue wings.

One can easily find the male of this species mudpuddling near water and sometimes visiting animal droppings as well.

This green and blue butterfly is often seen in forested areas and gardens and is known for its slow and steady flight.

13. Sheridan’s Hairstreak

Sheridan’s Hairstreak
Sheridan’s Hairstreak
Scientific name Callophrys sheridanii
Identification have dark green to black veins on their dark green wings
Geographical Location Western North America

Sheridan’s Hairstreak or Sheridan’s Green Hairstreak are some of the common names of Callophrys sheridanii, which is commonly found in North America.

This species is known for its incredible appearance. The wings of this species are dark greenish brown in color, with a characteristic straight white line crossing the underside of both wings. Recently, it was adapted as the US state insect of Wyoming.

14. Blue Duke

Scientific name Bassarona durga
Identification have green wings with white and black streaks
Geographical Location Southeast Asia

The next species we have on our list of green butterflies is Bassarona durga. Bassarona durga, or blue duke, is an enchanting butterfly species found commonly in the Himalayas, from Sikkim to Nagaland.

Recently, in 2022, they were declared the state butterflies of Sikkim. They are adorned with greenish-blue wings with black and white streaks.

Not only its appearance but also its significance in the Himalayan ecosystem, makes it special.

15. Common Nawab

Common Nawab
Common Nawab | Credit: Shyamal (commons.wikimedia) CC BY 2.5
Scientific name Polyura athamas
Identification black upper side with a broad yellow band across the forewing and hindwing
Geographical Location Tropical Asia

The last green butterfly we have is Polyura athamas, and it’s commonly known as the common nawab. It got its nickname because of its regal appearance and graceful flight.

They often mimic the foliage due to their similarity in appearance. Their wings are yellowish-green in color with black or brown broad bands on the periphery.

Here we conclude our article on green butterflies. These green butterflies remind us that nature is full of surprises and beauty, and we need to explore more about it. I hope you like this article, a list of 15 enchanting green butterflies. We will be back soon with some other articles.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1) What is the green butterfly called?

Ans. There are a lot of green butterfly species in the world, like juniper hairstreak, malachite, etc.

2) What does it mean when you see a green butterfly?

Ans. The green butterfly generally symbolizes good luck, prosperity, transformation, and renewal.

3) Are green butterflies rare?

Ans. No, Green butterflies are not very rare except few species.

4) What kind of butterfly is big and green?

Ans. Malachite is the biggest green butterfly.

5) Is a green butterfly good luck?

Ans. Especially in the matter of love and wealth, green butterflies are considered good luck.

6) What is the rarest butterfly color?

Ans. Blue is the rarest butterfly color.

7) What butterflies are lucky?

Ans. Depending on your personal beliefs, preferences, and intuition, butterflies are considered lucky.

8) What butterfly is good luck?

Ans. Monarchs, swallowtails, painted ladies, and white and blue butterflies are considered good luck.

9) What is a spiritual butterfly?

Ans. The spiritual butterfly is a symbol of transformation, hope, and new beginnings.

10) What is the rarest butterfly in India?

Ans. Kaiser-i-Hind is the rarest butterfly in India.

11) Which color is best for butterflies?

Ans. There is no such thing as the best color for butterflies. The color of butterflies depends upon their habitat.

12) What is the most legendary butterfly? 

Ans. The most legendary butterfly is the Monarch butterfly.

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