Top 5 Most Dangerous Wasps in the world (Deadliest Wasps Species)

Wasps, a common name among stinger insects, are often feared among people for their painful stings. These insects are primarily nectar feeders but may sometimes feed on other insects and spiders. Wasps have a wide distribution and come in various colors and sizes, each with its characteristics. Among the spectrum of species, a common question that keeps surfacing is, Which are the deadliest wasp species. Therefore, in this article, we bring you the Top 5 Most Dangerous Wasps in the world.

5) Western Yellow Jacket 

Western Yellow Jacket

With a Pain Level of 2 on the Schmidt’s Pain Index, The Western Yellow Jacket is a dangerous wasp species found in the Northern Regions of America. 

They tend to sting repeatedly, causing immense pain. The pain is described as sudden, causing redness and swelling around the region. These wasps come in a size range of 0.4- 0.6 inches and are considered a pest in Hawaiian regions.

Genus- Vespula

Scientific name– Vespula pensylvanica

Location- North America

4) Red Paper Wasp

Red Paper Wasp

In the 5th position on our list of Deadliest Wasp Species, we have the Red Paper Wasp. With a rating of 3 in the Schmidt’s Pain Index, their sting is said to cause excruciating pain that can be compared to a drop of hot heated oil in hand.

With a body length of 0.9- 1.2, they get their name from their distinctive red color. The pain from their sting may last up to 10 minutes or sometimes even more.

Genus- Polistes

Scientific name Polistes carolina

Location- Eastern United States

3) Executioner Wasp

Executioner Wasp

The third wasp on our list of Most Dangerous Wasp is the Executioner Wasp. A sub-species of the deadly Paper Wasp, the Executioner Wasp has a non-aggressive behavior but possesses an extremely potent sting. These wasps have an average length of around 30 mm.

The Executioner Wasp is known throughout South American Rainforests for its extremely painful sting, and the venom can cause tissue necrosis, resulting in the rotting of the tissues around the sting.

Genus- Polistes

Scientific name– Polistes carnifex

Location- South American Tropical Rainforest

2) Warrior Wasp

Warrior Wasp

Next up, we have another wasp species whose sting is extremely painful, with the pain being highly traumatizing. The sting of a Warrior Wasp bears a rating of 4 on Schmidt’s Pain Index.

The famous entomologist, Justin Schmidt, describes the pain to be “explosive and long-lasting.” These deadly bear a body length of 0.7 inches.

The sting of this wasp is most feared due to the immense pain it causes, while the venom is comparatively less toxic and a non-lethal one. The pain may last up to 2.5 hours, in some cases even up to a day.

Genus- Synoeca

Scientific name– Synoeca sp.

Location- Central and South America

1) Tarantula Wasp

Tarantula Wasp

On the first position on this list of the deadliest wasps on the planet, we have the Tarantula Wasp. Recognized for having one of the most poisonous and deadliest stings, this species of wasp gets its name from the prey they hunt, tarantulas. 

Researchers describe the pain to be instantaneous, electrifying, and can make the body go numb in a few minutes. Measuring 2 inches in length, with a rating of 4 in the Schmidt’s Pain Index, the Tarantula Hawk Wasp is undoubtedly the most dangerous wasp. So, if in case you cross this living terror, make sure you leave it undisturbed.

Genus- Hemipepsis

Scientific name– Hemipepsis acer

Location- Southeast Asia, Australia, Africa.

Here we come to the end of our article on the Top 5 Most Dangerous Wasp Species. We will be back with more informative articles, so stay tuned until then.

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